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Graham and McCain Appear on NBC’s Meet the Press — Both Cling to False Russia “Hacked” Election

With all the frenzy occurring about “fake news,” one would think that two united States Senators would not further a false rhetoric.  However, Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) both held tight to the false Obama administration … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Declares Federalization of Election Process

A signature characteristic of a republic is a free, fair, decentralized election process.  It is a misnomer to say we have “democratic” elections as the united States is not a democracy.  Former communist nations who engage in “democratic” elections have … Continue reading

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What Happens to Hillary Clinton Now that Trump Has Won the Presidency

“The Donald” has won the election to be the 45th president of the united States.  In several speeches, he has vowed to prosecute/jail Hillary Clinton.  Yet, the FBI, under director James Comey, has declared, “yes, she violated the law,” but, … Continue reading

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FBI Reopens Investigation into Clinton Email; Biden Defends Clinton Saying, “She was unaware of the gravity of it.”

The alternative news media has lit up over the announcement that the FBI is reopening its investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email.  Even the news media outlets are forced to cover this announcement after obfuscating and almost refusing to air any … Continue reading

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DNC Chair Donna Brazile Claims WikiLeaks Emails Altered; IT Website Proves Claim False

As WikiLeaks continues its email dumps, all involved parties are flailing about trying to blame someone.  Hillary and Podesta are blaming the Russians of hacking the emails.  Obama is playing Sergeant Schultz saying, “I know nothing.”  And, now DNC Chairman Donna Brazile accuses … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media MIA When It Comes To Hillary Campaign’s Violations

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action released another video yesterday documenting additional violation of Federal Election Commission regulations by Hillary Clinton and her campaign.  You can watch below. This is the third video in a series on “rigging” elections.  While O’Keefe’s … Continue reading

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