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Everything and Everyone Getting Blamed for Rape of Maryland 14 year-old Girl Except Illegal Alien Invader Criminal

The “open border welcome all without accessing the system” has resulted in tens of thousands pouring into the united States without anyone knowing anything about the types of individuals entering.  One cannot hardly access any news that doesn’t include a … Continue reading

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Sanctuary Cities Across Republic Prepare to Resist Trump Administration; Should Lose Funding in Process

The existence of sanctuary cities for illegal alien invaders all across the republic provide “safe haven” against deportation for those who cross the border illegally.  Officials in these “sanctuaries” claim that turning illegal alien invaders over to federal authorities that … Continue reading

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US Citizens Should Realize the United States is Lost – Unless …

If you keep up with the events happening in Washington, DC, you would realize that the united States, as it was founded, is lost unless more individuals educate themselves about our founding and read and understand our founding documents.  While … Continue reading

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