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Everything and Everyone Getting Blamed for Rape of Maryland 14 year-old Girl Except Illegal Alien Invader Criminal

The “open border welcome all without accessing the system” has resulted in tens of thousands pouring into the united States without anyone knowing anything about the types of individuals entering.  One cannot hardly access any news that doesn’t include a … Continue reading

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EU Official’s Daughter Raped and Murdered by Afghan Illegal “Refugee” — Family Request in Lieu of Flowers Disgusting

The surge of illegal alien invaders into Europe is turning European Union (EU) countries into rape and murder capitals.  From the massive Cologne New Year’s Eve incidents of mass sexual assault to the United Kingdom’s 1400 incidences of gang rape … Continue reading

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Joy Behar Needs a Brain

There is almost nothing worse that can happen to a woman than rape, except maybe other women who make inane comments that actually support rape and blame the victim.  This is exactly what Joy Behar of ABC’s The View did … Continue reading

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German Feminists Give Roses to Muslim Men Who Possibly Participated in the Mass Sexual Assault of Women on New Year’s Eve

In an action that can only be called a stellar display of collective mental illness, the women of Cologne Germany “handed out” roses to predominantly Muslim migrants, who possibly were perpetrators of  the mass molestation of German women on New … Continue reading

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Feminists Blame Victims for Sexual Assaults Suffered at Hands of Muslims in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve

Feminism and Feminists — both are enough to give real women a bad name.  This “movement” has done more to castrate men, degrade men and remove much of the respect for women men once held.  “Equal rights for women” was … Continue reading

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Immigration — Part of the Tool for Destruction

A controversy surrounding illegal immigration, acceptance of refugees, and the expansion of legal immigration mixed with foreign guest workers grows larger in the united States each time the topic arises.  If one wants to know how these issues affect our nation, look at … Continue reading

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