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Red Alert; Shields Up — Left Liberals in Full Meltdown Mode

If you have ever watched Star Trek and/or any of the sagas inspired by the original production, Capt. Kirk, Picard or Janeway would initiate a red alert, put the shields up on the Enterprise, and prepare to counter whatever attack … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media MIA When It Comes To Hillary Campaign’s Violations

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action released another video yesterday documenting additional violation of Federal Election Commission regulations by Hillary Clinton and her campaign.  You can watch below. This is the third video in a series on “rigging” elections.  While O’Keefe’s … Continue reading

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Obama Campaigning for Hillary or Organizing Dissent — Either Way, He’s not Performing Presidential Duties

Once again, Obama is organizing dissent against conservatives and Republicans as he continues his constant campaign trail, this time for Hillary Clinton.  He is complaining about conservative media and accusing that outlet of creating Donald Trump as a candidate for … Continue reading

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Trump Responds to Women Accusing Him of Sexual Harassment

After the New York Times interview article with two women who claimed Donald Trump sexually harassed them, Donald Trump and his campaign responded to these accusations by filing a libel lawsuit against the New York paper and issuing a statement.  … Continue reading

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Most Important Video to Watch on Muslim Invasion of Europe

The lamestream enemedia, what I term mainstream media, does not always show the Muslim invasion of Europe in a disparaging light.  Instead, the propaganda arm of the Obama administration shows only the positives, which are few and far between.  Even … Continue reading

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