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Liberals and Democrats Professionals When It Comes to Hypocrisy; They Know What They’re Doing

In watching the reaction of liberals and Democrats on a multitude of issues, one can conclude they are professional hypocrites.  What is even more apparent is they know exactly what they are doing and their opposition takes the bait every … Continue reading

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Joy Behar Again Has Moment of Idiocy in Declaring Trump Win “Illegitimate”

If there is one television show that should be scrapped, it is ABC’s The View.    Between Whoopi Goldberg, Raven Symone, and Joy Behar, ABC might as well change the title to The Vile.  These “women” spew vile rhetoric toward anyone … Continue reading

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DNC Chair Donna Brazile Claims WikiLeaks Emails Altered; IT Website Proves Claim False

As WikiLeaks continues its email dumps, all involved parties are flailing about trying to blame someone.  Hillary and Podesta are blaming the Russians of hacking the emails.  Obama is playing Sergeant Schultz saying, “I know nothing.”  And, now DNC Chairman Donna Brazile accuses … Continue reading

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The Democrat Dog and Pony Show Focuses on Character, Integrity & Mudslinging — In The End, It’s Really About Communism

This presidential election cycle is turning out to be quite entertaining. Look at any national media outlet/publication/TV or alternative sites and the pages are filled with dozens of stories surrounding all candidates.  There is certainly no shortage of issues to … Continue reading

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1,155 Examples of Obama’s documented lies

Dan from Squirrel Hill Dan from Squirrel Hill started this list in August 2013 and continually updated it each time Barack Hussein Obama lied, engaged in an activity that could be considered criminal, engaged in hypocrisy, cronyism, corruption and a … Continue reading

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