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Freedom of Speech and Assembly — It’s A Privilege If You Support Trump; A Right to Riot If You Don’t

California, that hotbed of liberal, socialism, communism, progressive idiocracy with colleges and universities disguised as indoctrination and brainwashing centers, has a small conservative population, but, their voices are drowned by the larger population centers that direct the policy of the … Continue reading

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Trump Responds to Women Accusing Him of Sexual Harassment

After the New York Times interview article with two women who claimed Donald Trump sexually harassed them, Donald Trump and his campaign responded to these accusations by filing a libel lawsuit against the New York paper and issuing a statement.  … Continue reading

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How Corrupt is the Media? — One Former Journalist Tells All

In writing the previous article for today, another article title was viewed that sounded rather interesting.  It deals with the corruption of the media and one journalist’s experience while working as a writer for an internet publication.  The author of … Continue reading

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There Is Substance to the Mantra “Different Sides of the Same Coin”

Many times, citizen journalists, bloggers, and average citizens here in the united States, will call both political parties “different sides of the same coin” or more colorfully “different cheeks of the same butt.”  However, some are not quite sure what … Continue reading

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