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If House Fails to Pass “RyanCare,” Public Stuck With Obamacare

It appears that politicians are ignorant when it comes to “keep it simple stupid,” or the “KISS” principle.  For the past eight years, all Americans wanted was for Republicans to repeal Obamacare and return to the free market system with … Continue reading

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Obama Declared He Won’t Publicly Support GOP Repeal and Replacement of ACA unless GOP Plan Better

The atrocious Obamacare legislation passed both chambers of Congress without a single Republican vote nor the opportunity of any member of Congress or the public to read it.  Remember Nancy Pelosi’s infamous statement — “we have to pass it to … Continue reading

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Charlatans Out To Become President; Vote Wisely

As they say, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.”  The GOP presidential nominee contenders are out and about appearing on every alphabet news agency campaigning on one platform or another.  The latest topic GOP hopefuls have pounced on is the unconstitutional, … Continue reading

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Congressional Democrats Kill E-Cigarette Portion of Omnibus Bill; Rather Favor Cancer Causing Big Tobacco

Electronic cigarettes and vaping have become an acceptable alternative to those who use tobacco products to decrease the harmful effects of smoking.  While companies who manufacture and sell e-cigs and vaping products do not claim the devices as a smoking … Continue reading

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