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Rep. Tim Ryan Declares “We’re Never Going To Be Back in the Majority If We Don’t Win Back Flyover States”

It comes as no surprise that establishment, out of touch with the real world and the real people Democrats selected Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as House Minority Leader, again.  Somehow, both Republicans and Democrats of the establishment have sunk down into … Continue reading

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Maryland Files Paperwork to Ignore State Electoral College

And so it begins.  With this presidential election following eight years of an administration that ignores, dismisses and maligns the Constitution, the willingness of politicians and States to further engage in unconstitutional behavior, continuing a trend toward corrupt, tyrannical government, … Continue reading

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Project Veritas Action Videos Reveal FEC Violations; Will Violators be Punished?

It has been a week since James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action released videos that reveal the Democratic National Committee, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and pro-Democratic third party groups may have violated rules set by the Federal Election Commission concerning collusion.  The … Continue reading

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Cruz Uses Obama Tactics In Answering Question Regarding His Eligibility To Hold Presidential Office

Normally, writing in the first person is something one is discouraged from when drafting articles for the public.  Even in writing opinion – editorials, one tries to refrain from first person viewpoint.  However, there are times when first person cannot … Continue reading

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