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Corrupt Department of Justice Refuses to Protect Electoral College Voters by Ignoring Threats Made to Electors

As the Hussein Soetoro administration comes to a close, it will be remembered as the most lawless, corrupt and criminal presidency in US history among the fact bearers and truth seekers.  Time and again, Hussein Soetoro appointed corrupt, criminal and … Continue reading

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China Issues Warning to Trump — Don’t Defy Rest of World on Climate Change

Not only has the election of Donald Trump as the president of the united States sent shock waves through the anarchist alt-left authoritarians here at home, the remainder of the world is shocked and worried.  In his campaign platform, Donald … Continue reading

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Maryland Files Paperwork to Ignore State Electoral College

And so it begins.  With this presidential election following eight years of an administration that ignores, dismisses and maligns the Constitution, the willingness of politicians and States to further engage in unconstitutional behavior, continuing a trend toward corrupt, tyrannical government, … Continue reading

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FBI Reopens Investigation into Clinton Email; Biden Defends Clinton Saying, “She was unaware of the gravity of it.”

The alternative news media has lit up over the announcement that the FBI is reopening its investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email.  Even the news media outlets are forced to cover this announcement after obfuscating and almost refusing to air any … Continue reading

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Obama and his Administration Treat the Public as Stupid While Media Backs his Lies

It didn’t take long for a media outlet to push the White House narrative that Obama did not lie about knowing Hillary Clinton had a private email server.  Yesterday, The Washington Times ran a story with the headline, “Obama ‘factual’ … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media MIA When It Comes To Hillary Campaign’s Violations

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action released another video yesterday documenting additional violation of Federal Election Commission regulations by Hillary Clinton and her campaign.  You can watch below. This is the third video in a series on “rigging” elections.  While O’Keefe’s … Continue reading

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Comey Threw FBI Agents Under the Bus; Now, They Are Returning the Favor

FBI Director James Comey has been in the center of the mix in the investigation into the use of a private email server against State Department policy by Hillary Clinton.  Comey appeared at House investigation hearings involving the incident and … Continue reading

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How Corrupt is the Media? — One Former Journalist Tells All

In writing the previous article for today, another article title was viewed that sounded rather interesting.  It deals with the corruption of the media and one journalist’s experience while working as a writer for an internet publication.  The author of … Continue reading

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1,155 Examples of Obama’s documented lies

Dan from Squirrel Hill Dan from Squirrel Hill started this list in August 2013 and continually updated it each time Barack Hussein Obama lied, engaged in an activity that could be considered criminal, engaged in hypocrisy, cronyism, corruption and a … Continue reading

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