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Megyn Kelly Headed to Liberal Network NBC — No Surprise There

Last month, I penned the article, Megon Kelly Comes Out of the Closet — Exposes Herself as Liberal, where I had stated that Kelly engaged in an attempt to snare Donald Trump with “gotcha” questions, exposing herself as willing to … Continue reading

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Republicans Opposing Obama Indicative of Racism Says CNN Documentary

Since Hussein Soetoro began his occupation of the White House, lamestream enemedia, some political pundits, and liberal Democrats have over looked any missteps, praised failed policies and toted the proverbial water bucket for the man.  It mattered not whether a … Continue reading

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Trump Accuser Mindy McGillivray Plans to Leave Country

All the women who have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual harassment/assault remained silent for all the years since the incidences because of fear of “backlash” or being tried in the “court of public opinion.”  It is interesting … Continue reading

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Hussein Obama’s Mental Illness Has Scary Consequences

The news media has buzzed, exchanged rhetoric, criticism and examination of Hussein Soetoro’s executive actions on gun control. It’s quite a circus to see these clowns juggling the executive actions against already unconstitutional gun legislation and unconstitutional government agency “rules” … Continue reading

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