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Obama’s EPA Exerts Concern Over “Climate Change” Yet Fails at Cleaning 302 Sites of Pollution

  The outgoing administration has pushed hard on attempting to get the public to accept the farce known as “climate change” in order to decimate the coal industry, remove reliable sources of energy to maintain a stable electrical grid, favored … Continue reading

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California Legislation Addresses Bovine Methane Emissions for Regulation; Dairy Farmers Will Need “Methane Digesters” to Comply

On July 19, 2013, this article I wrote, “Obama’s Climate Change Iron Is In The Fire & Gets Consumed By The Facts,” appeared in Freedom Outpost. The article contained a small paragraph concerning cow belches and farts as being the … Continue reading

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China Issues Warning to Trump — Don’t Defy Rest of World on Climate Change

Not only has the election of Donald Trump as the president of the united States sent shock waves through the anarchist alt-left authoritarians here at home, the remainder of the world is shocked and worried.  In his campaign platform, Donald … Continue reading

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Kids to Sue President-elect Donald Trump over Climate Change Once He Takes Office

Climate Change is the one lie perpetuated by Al Gore, his “greenie” followers, Hollyweirdo Leonardo DiCaprio, the Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah administration, and the left, socialist, communist, liberal progressive Democrats that just won’t die despite an overwhelming amount of … Continue reading

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Left Liberal Progressive Democrats Change Meanings of Words When Those Words Conflict with their Ideology

Everyone knows what Pizza is without having to define it.  It is the same with a tornado and a hurricane.  Everyone knows what a tornado and hurricane is without having to use a meteorological definition.  Well, that may not be … Continue reading

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Poster Boy of Climate Change Opines “Climate Deniers Should be Denied Public Office”

While not truly the “poster boy” for the climate change hoax/farce, Leonardo DiCaprio sure comes off as one since he is frequently in the news for some type of comment, appearance, or support related to climate change and his disdain … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Places Hold on EPA’s Climate Control Fraud Against States

What is it that keeps getting pushed down the throats of conservatives, Christians, Constitutionalists, libertarians, Republicans, and in general, non-Democrats again — the Supreme Court rulings become the “law of the land?”  It is the Democrat/Liberal/progressive stance when it comes … Continue reading

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Democrats Defy Dictionary Definition of “Climate” to Promote Climate Change Farce

Some people will go to any extreme to prop up their lies or push an agenda.  Obama is the master.  Now, it seems the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is following in his footsteps.  To continue to snow the American public … Continue reading

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Obama Confident Looking to Last Year as POTUS; More Focused on Agenda than Issues

Hussein Obama is pretty confident since he received everything he was looking to gain in the $1 trillion omnibus bill.  According to the Washington Times,  Obama “has never been more optimistic” than now and actually indicated that 2016 could be … Continue reading

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Over 200 Nations Adopt Pact on Climate Change Farce

The gathering of world leaders in Le Bourget, France, for a symposium on climate change constituted the largest gathering of idiots in the history of nations.  In an infinite display of utter stupidity, idiocy, ignorance, and down right witlessness, these … Continue reading

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