With the climate in the united States and the world today, it’s time for people everywhere to “wake up,” get involved, and learn what’s going on.  Hopefully, those who visit are given the opportunity to view events and news reports from a different perspective geared from the understanding of the Constitution of the United States of America and the writings of the founding fathers.  At times, visitors will witness the “rant” or eruption of Mt. Hamner that occurs in response to outrageous statements or positions taken by various politicians, groups or entities.  It matters not which party a politician associates, how popular the person or the controversial nature of the group.  No one and no group is off-limits as both political parties and politicians associated with the parties are criticized equally.

As indicated, there is no political correctness here and certainly no apologies for opinions, posts or content.  If this is not your cup of tea, read a bit and look at things from another viewpoint.  Frequently, as I have found, reading a differing perspective broadens your view, takes the blinders off and provides insight that otherwise might be missed.  Who knows what can happen?