Posting Suspended for Life Events

Due to life events, there hasn’t been a posting here for a couple of months.  A couple of family events have required my time.  Moreover, I have been working on learning about horticulture — growing food items, herbs, and other items — that would be useful in the future should food become an issue.  I have also doubled my fitness training in order to be as physically fit as possible.  These changes have left little time to post commentary on national and international events in order to try and open eyes to the problems the united States and other nations of the world face that could alter western culture as we know it.

It will more than likely be the onset of fall or winter before I get back to providing commentary since the growing season will be in full blast until then.

The problems facing all of us today come from varying sources including our own local, state, and national governments.  When truth becomes offensive, lies become truth, and upholding our values, principles and returning to our republic form of government is labeled as “intolerant,” “subversive,” and “phobic,” it falls upon each individual to take whatever action is necessary to ensure their safety and survival.  To do this, priorities are made and followed.  Taking the time to dissect the news, comment from a constitutional standpoint, and help individuals find their way through the muck has taken a back seat.

At this point, I question whether anyone is truly interested in saving what is known as western culture — freedom, liberty and a less intrusive government that does its duty to protect its citizens from outside threats while honoring the covenant between the people and government — The Constitution for the united States of America.  There are always excuses to burying one’s head in the sand — having to work, having children, maintaining a household and the partridge in a pear tree of reasons to keep getting information from the news media owned by six corporations.  It is daunting and almost overwhelming to think about combing through hundreds of internet sites to find information, especially reliable information.  But, all it takes is one individual in a family to research and provide the information to others.  One.  I have done it for my family and expanded it to include others through writing on internet media.

It only takes one to read the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers and provide those concepts to other family members.  It only takes one to understand it and be able to educate others in its meaning as given to us by the founding fathers. One.  And, it only takes one to be able to identify the dysfunction pervading throughout all levels of government at this point in time to relay it to others in the family.  One.  Not all family will agree with you.  Not all will believe what you tell them, even with verifiable and written documents to support what is said.  But, they will hear it and store it in the back of their mind.  Some will even give a defeatist response.

The information is out there for all of those who choose to seek it.   I continually take time to seek the information, keep up with events, and process the information.  The dissemination to others has taken a back seat in order to expand my personal skills that would be helpful to me and others in my family in the future.  In the near future, that knowledge will expand to include chickens and goats.

For now, the spring/summer/fall season means days spent in the garden and yard, time at the gym, and keeping up with current events as well as researching about chickens and goats.  Until I return to blogging in my politically incorrect manner, keep an open mind, remain inquisitive, and don’t believe everything you see on corporate media TV or read in corporate news print.

God Bless you all!


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