Politicians Just Don’t Get It; Trump Faltered on Backing Ryan

Everyone knows the story of the Republicans begging and pleading for citizens to elect their party a majority in both chambers of Congress in order to “stop Obama” and “repeal Obamacare.”  Americans responded, placing their trust in these politicians to do their duty by upholding their oath of office while making good on campaign promises.  Despite citizens being continually shafted by both parties, citizens have responded to the politicians’ “call to action.”  But, time and again, these politicians fail to do their duty by upholding their oath of office and back peddling on campaign promises.

The repeal of Obamacare is a perfect example.  Politicians just don’t get it.  When the people elect them to office, it is not for these hacks to “follow the party plan,” stand with the status quo, or violate the Constitution, their oath of office, and implement unconstitutional legislation while ignoring duly passed constitutional law.  But, that is exactly what these hacks do while treating the American public as stupid.

For the past three weeks, Americans have been bombarded with rhetoric and press conferences on “Ryancare.”  Yesterday, the bill was ditched due to lack of support within the Republican members of Congress — as well it should have been.  Any government-controlled health care and health care insurance is unconstitutional since Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution for the united States of America does not contain authority for such.  It is beyond mind blowing that politicians just don’t get that.  Moreover, politicians still don’t get that Americans do not want government involved in their health care nor health care insurance.  If there is a lack of understanding why, all one has to do is look at the Veteran’s Administration, Medicare, and the rampant corruption and criminality prevalent in all federal government agencies/departments.

Granted, the text of “Ryancare” was only 123 pages long.  However, it relied on two additional steps and left much of Obamacare tenets in place.  This was unacceptable because no one trusted the establishment/RINO Republicans to make good on actually following through on the additional steps and much of Obamacare, with its poor policies, remained.  But, the biggest issue is its unconstitutionality.  Yet, no one in Washington, DC, truly gets it.  In addition, the one man who shook up the political sphere because of “out of the box” thinking and policy fell into the establishment/RINO quagmire by backing the snake in the grass, House Speaker Ryan.

Trump faltered in supporting the piece-mill establishment RINO health care insurance legislation introduced by Ryan and his ilk.  However, Trump can still save face by letting Obamacare implode upon itself then let the market reset with a full repeal of Obamacare.  It will require that politicians dig their head out of their backsides long enough to understand their duty is uphold, support, defend and protect the Constitution — not violate it and the individual God-given unalienable rights protected by the Constitution.

The question that has not been answered by anyone in Washington, DC, is “why does government have to involve itself in health care and health care insurance when adjusting laws already on the books could produce what many Americans are wanting?”  Nor has anyone inside the Beltway explained why it is the responsibility of working, taxpaying Americans to supplement others in order for those individuals to purchase government controlled health care insurance.  If the mindset of politicians and liberals is that society should help those who are not as fortunate, then these individuals need to explain why illegal alien invaders/non-citizens can access social programs and how these illegal alien invaders/non-citizens receive more benefits from social programs than a citizen who needs help just as much.  And, why should some Americans be “punished” through working to support not only themselves but others as well?

These are the pitfalls when left liberal progressives begin to push government to care for those in society who are needy.  The way government cares for these individuals is to spend taxpayer money to do so.  Charity is one thing.  Forced charity is another.  What these programs do is create an inequality in society that breeds resentment, anger, and instability.  But, I digress.  Back to Ryancare.

Politicians need to start to “get it,” especially Republicans.  Democrats are mostly lost meaning they will rarely “get it.”  One place that Americans do not want government involved is their health care and health care insurance.  But, with government continually usurping power, violating the individual God-given unalienable rights protected by the Constitution, and trying to silence the opposition to despotic, tyrannical government, it matters not who is elected to Congress because they will become corrupt in one term.  Politicians have a silver tongue and know what to say to win elections.  But, once in office, the attitude becomes “the people put me here to do what I want so they voted for this.”

With Trump bursting onto the scene tapping into the resentment and frustration of a forgotten citizenry, it didn’t take long for Republicans to “hang on his coattails” to oust Democrats at the State and federal levels.  But, these Republicans cannot just “ride on the Trump wave.”  They will have to back up their campaign rhetoric instead of doing a “bait and switch” that Americans have become accustomed to bearing.  Politicians need to “get it” that Americans should not have to endure a “bait and switch” or become accustomed to that tactic to the point it is expected.

While Trump may have faltered in supporting the Ryancare disaster, he can recover from it.  The American public can allow those in government to make legitimate mistakes and falter from supporting the wrong individual.  But, the American public is beginning to swell with anger because they receive nothing for their efforts in responding to the “call to action” by Republicans.  It doesn’t help that House Republicans continue to choose a Speaker of the House like Lyin’ Ryan.  It is the lack of true leadership in the House that has produced an incompetent House majority.  Add to this the Democrats “jumping off the platform onto the crazy train” and all ingredients are complete in the recipe for disaster.

Both parties need to “get it.”  But, if they don’t, the time is right for the emergence of a third and fourth parties that could send the entire establishment packing.  It might not even require the emergence of new parties.  An out of the box thinker ran as a Republican and secured the White House, much to the chagrin of both parties.  The same thing could happen across the nation where non-political type individuals begin to take seats in both chambers of Congress.  Politicians just don’t get it that the establishment status quo is being rejected.  They should “get it” or get out of the way.


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