Trump Will Disappoint Supporters If He Continues Pushing “Ryancare”

Many conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians, Republicans and independents cringed the day Obamacare was implemented.  Seeing the writing on the wall, these voters knew Obamacare was designed to fail.  Time after time, the American public was lied to by Obama and his administration regarding the “Un”Affordable Care Act.  Now, these voters who were vehemently excoriated are now vindicated by the withdrawal of the majority of health care insurance providers from the “program.”

Before the election of Donald Trump, Republicans attempted to fully repeal Obamacare.  However, it was struck down by Obama through refusing to sign the bill;  in essence, a veto.  Unsurprisingly, Republicans lacked the votes to override Obama.  During the 2016 election cycle, Republicans, as well as Donald Trump, ran on the platform of fully repealing Obamacare and returning to a free market system.  But, as with all things political, these elected officials changed their tune once their position was secured.

Now, Americans are finding out that the White House “insists” there was not another option for dismantling Obamacare other than the repeal and replacement bill now dubbed “Ryancare.”

At a White House press briefing yesterday, Sean Spicer informed Breitbart News there was not another option on the table except the repeal and replacement bill by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and House Republicans.  Moreover, Spicer indicated Obamacare would not be allowed to remain in place since they would repeal and replace tomorrow, then move it through the Senate so the president can sign it.

Breitbart News asked Spicer during the White House press briefing if President Donald Trump planned to leave Obamacare in place and move onto other issues if the House bill failed.

Spicer denied the premise.

“We’re not going to leave it in place because we’re going to repeal and replace it tomorrow, move it through the Senate, and the president will sign the bill,” he said.

Spicer pointed out that conservatives like Rep. Steve King now support the bill, as well as Rep. Lou Barletta.

“We continue to see the enthusiasm and momentum coming to our direction,” Spicer insisted, despite 25 House Freedom Caucus conservatives reasserting their decision to vote against the bill.

 The bill needs 216 votes to pass and, as Democrats remain unanimously opposed to the House legislation, only 21 Republicans can vote against the bill or it fails.

In recent days, Trump signaled he is eager to get health care done so he can move on to other issues like trade and tax reform.

But the White House denied that there was any consideration of an “Option B” on health care if the first plan failed.

“This is the only train leaving the station,” Spicer said.

If “this is the only train leaving the station,” Sean Spicer needs to rethink his responses.

First of all, Donald Trump ran on a repeal of Obamacare.  Republicans begged Americans for votes on the premise to “stop Obama” and “repeal Obamacare.”  They tried eight times to get a full repeal.  The only hindrance was Obama and the lack of votes to override his veto.  Today is a new day and a new way.  Surely, Donald Trump would sign a full repeal — a bill that is ready and set to go since Republicans used it eight times unsuccessfully.

Second, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), along with the House Freedom Caucus, has a full repeal of Obamacare bill ready, but the House leader and establishment/RINO Republicans refuse to even consider it.  Spicer, as well as Trump, should know this as much as it has been in the news.  Yet, Spicer denies there exists an option and declares Trump will sign whatever is sent over under “Ryancare.”  While Trump may be eager to settle the health care insurance issue, putting in place another government controlled but Republican option will be disastrous for Republicans and Trump.

Thirdly, it should not matter how many “conservative” House representatives support the bill.  Spicer is attempting to sway opinion to support “Ryancare” based on citing Rep. Steve King and Rep. Lou Barletta endorsing the disaster.  Moreover, Spicer claims seeing “enthusiasm” and “momentum” heading in their direction.  Right now, the only clear solid support for this disaster is coming from House establishment Republicans, RINOs, and the small “far leftist” groups who believe in wealth redistribution, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and believe they are entitled to the fruits of everyone else’s labors.

Yesterday, the Washington Examiner posted an article detailing a major failure of “Ryancare” that would be disparaging toward veterans.

In the struggle to overhaul Obamacare, House Republicans appear to have made a costly overcorrection. Due to a technical change in the current draft of the bill, millions of veterans may be ineligible to receive tax credits.

Late Monday night, leadership staff released a 22-page technical amendment to the bill in order to make it compliant with Senate reconciliation rules. In their haste, they introduced language that could keep as many as 7 million veterans from participating in the GOP healthcare plan.

Under the original bill, service members could receive tax credits from the government so long as they were not enrolled already in the Veterans Affairs program. “In the case of other specified coverage,” a special rule with respect to veterans’ health programs read, “an individual shall not be treated as eligible for such coverage unless such individual is enrolled in such coverage.”

By design or by accident, leadership staffers struck that language. Now retired service members qualify only if they “are not eligible” for other types of government healthcare. According to Chris Jacobs, a senior healthcare analyst at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and CEO of the Juniper Research Group, that means “individuals eligible for, but not enrolled in, VA coverage cannot qualify for the new insurance subsidies.”

Is Spicer aware of this disparagement of our veterans who sacrificed a great deal to server our republic?  With all the problems and corruption occurring at the Veteran’s Administration, is Spicer and President Trump really going to push veterans into the government system for health care — one provider — as they chastised the failure of Obamacare that left many in certain areas without a choice aka only one provider?  Apparently so, if this is the only train leaving the station.

Should not our veterans have a choice in where they procure their health care and health care insurance?  Or, are Americans so cold-hearted as to support “Ryancare,” which funnels veterans into a government run health care system full of care issues, corruption and criminal activity at the top echelon of management?  Our veterans should have a choice and Americans should not support a piece of legislation that would deny veterans a choice when they complained about their lack of choice.  Neither should Americans support a piece of legislation that is another government – controlled health care insurance bill despite it originating with Republicans.

If the White House barrels ahead with signing this piece of rotten Republican garbage, it will be just what the Democrats want since it will seal the fate of Republicans and Donald Trump for any future elections.  The public can count on Democrats betraying the citizenry, violating their oath of office and engaging in a Constitution “Chinese buffet.”  And, the public could count on Republicans being somewhat a counter balance to the Democrats.  However, after multiple betrayals by Republicans, the public now has seen proof of the axiom, “different sides of the same coin.”

Just like Obamacare, “Ryancare,” which will morph into “Trumpcare,” is set up to fail.  When it does, Republicans and Trump will own it since no Democrat will support it.  But, the plan will usher in socialized, single-payer medicine in the united States where unelected bureaucrats will decide whether someone receives health care and reimbursement for services depending upon opaque regulations possibly based on age, productivity, life span, etc.  In other words, rationed care will be the means by which costs are contained.  Much of the American public would be satisfied with that until the government tells “Mama” or “Daddy” they cannot receive care because of age and “go home and die peacefully since people die every day — nothing to see here.”  The same thing goes for a young child, infant or teenager.

The White House and this administration should think long and hard about supporting “only one train” without investigating other options, such as Sen. Paul’s proposal or suggestions made by intelligent Americans offering solutions to the problem of Obamacare fail without creating Obamacare light.  Additionally, the White House and this administration should truly evaluate the impact of keeping an individual mandate with penalties paid to the insurance companies — all of which is unconstitutional.  By now, Trump should be well advised enough to know that Ryan lies and there will be no additional steps to “fix” Obamacare after passage of “Trumpcare.”  While Trump has touted his business savvy to help solve problems in government and “drain the swamp” known as Washington, DC, he is about to step in a pile of bull shift that will cling to his shoes long after the damage is done.  If Trump is ill-advised and steps into that pile, no amount of apologizing or claiming ill advisement will appease a citizenry already stinging from repeated Republican betrayal.



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