America Stuck with Carpetbagger Congress and Government

When Donald Trump burst onto the political scene, announcing his candidacy for presidency in the 2016 elections, the American public latched onto his platform and message, sometimes rhetoric, that conveyed the absolute opposite of the tired, worn-out Democratic platform and actions of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, as well as his administration.  Americans responded overwhelmingly by ousting Democrats in many local, state and national elections.  It was a devastating blow to the Democrats.

However, what did voters accomplish?  As we have seen and known for quite some time, the Democrats are no friend to America.  Their platform has turned socialist, with communist and Marxist elements or communist, with socialist and Marxist elements.  Either way, Democrats are about wealth redistribution, government control and power, and encouraging divisiveness amongst the people to keep Democrats in power.  So, voters spoke and instilled a Republican dominated federal government, to include the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president.  Supposedly, this was to cure all our ills.  Unfortunately, the voters accomplished very little.  America is still stuck with the same old carpetbagger Congress and government as she had prior to the 2016 elections.

Going back to the reconstruction days of the Old South after the War to Enslave the States, northern carpetbaggers, individuals who moved to the South during 1865-1877 to take advantage of the unstable social, financial and political climate in order to obtain power and riches, swept through the region, capitalizing on southern landowner loses and hardships by buying property for the past due taxes, sometimes for only $25.  The government touted to freed slaves, “forty acres and a mule” — a field order promise issued by General William T. Sherman to southern black leaders to set aside not more than 40 acres of tillable land for each freed slave.  This land was to be parceled from the 400,000 acres of confiscated Confederate land.  Although unwritten in the original order, some received leftover Army mules, as well.

But, this order was never actually fulfilled.  Upon the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson became president and reversed Sherman’s field order, thereby returning the land to the former Confederate owners.  Understandably, this has been called by some as the biggest “gotcha” in American history.  The government was giving away land that technically did not belong to it, but to the individuals who had purchased it before the war.

Could that forty acre and a mule “promise” be considered the biggest “gotcha” today?  It is certainly debatable when looking at more recent history.  And, the capitalization of some on the hardship of others certainly has not diminished in this day and age, particularly by Congress and government.

The government can seize your assets through civil asset forfeiture, without warrant, assessing charges, or affording due process, upon suspicion of criminal activity because you are carrying a large sum of money.  Nine times out of ten, you will never recover your loss.  The rationale is no one carries large sums of money unless that individuals is engaged in illegal activity;  however, no charges will be filed since the assets are confiscated.  It is a practice supported and condoned by the Department of Justice.  Congress raises nary a peep about it.

After the tragedy of 9/11, Congress preyed on the fear of Americans regarding another terrorist attack to pass the PATRIOT Act.  It took no more than two days for that piece of legislation to be drafted, passed around, voted in favor of by both chambers and signed by then President George Bush II.  In exchange for alleviation of their fears, Americans were rewarded with sexual assault and molestation by the newly created Transportation Safety Administration, increased spying on Americans by hoovering every piece of communication and data the population generated, and creation of a “no-fly” list with secret criteria no one knows and removal of due process to remove one’s name should it be placed on the list.  A host of additional liberty and freedom sucking actions were implemented as well, including the “technical” repeal of the Fourth Amendment without any amendment to the Constitution being made.  All of this done for “national security and the safety of Americans” while claiming to uphold freedom and liberty.

The republic was rocked with mass shooting incidents and Aurora and Newtown.  What followed was a concerted effort by groups to enact stringent gun control across the land in defiance of the Second Amendment.  Gun control groups, activists and some members of Congress touted “common sense reforms” and gun laws that would make Americans safer, decrease mass shootings, and still allow gun ownership in America without confiscation of guns.  A gun registry was floated about as well.  Congress did not enact any further gun control legislation and the Supreme Court upheld the Second Amendment.  However, the government, against all their posturing, had, in secret, been compiling a gun ownership registry all along.  Moreover, some members of Congress and their gun control activist buddies were caught saying gun confiscation was the goal.

Go back to the Ronald Reagan era and one will find the government granted “amnesty” to illegal alien invaders then with the promise that amnesty will not be given in the future as a solution and a proper border barrier would be built.  Fast forwarding to today, we find our Congress debating on providing amnesty to more illegal alien invaders now, but still touting the 11 million number of the 80s, while trying to decide whether to dissolve our border completely or whether or not to build a wall.  Remember, money was allocated for that border barrier back in the 80s.  Members of both chambers of Congress who are Latino/Hispanic/Mexican are openly representing illegal alien invaders, non-citizens, while ignoring the voters who put them in office.

Enter the Obama era and the fleecing of America through Obamacare.  In the 2014 election cycle, Republicans campaigned heavily to Americans to award them a majority in the Senate to stop Obama’s criminal activity and repeal Obamacare.  It is now 2017.   Did anyone see Republicans stop Obama’s criminal activity, Obama’s usurpation of the Constitution, or repeal Obamacare?  Nope.  Now, that Donald Trump is in the White House and there is a majority of Republicans in both chambers of Congress.  Are we about to see a repeal of Obamacare now?  Nope.  Americans are about to get the Republican version of Obamacare, aka Obamacare Lite or Republicare, Trumpcare or Ryancare.  States refused to nullify the unconstitutional Obamacare;  therefore, the States cannot be counted on to nullify the Republican atrocity either.

Other examples can be found as well but this is enough to prove the point.

Face it, America.  We are stuck with a carpetbagger Congress regardless of which party holds the majority in both chambers or which one controls the office of the president.  It’s just the same old ****, different day, different century and different post-war and warring era.  They are the scalawags and scoundrels that come to our communities carrying their bag of tricks using their silver tongues filled with insincere promises and pledges only to jerk that “40 acres and a mule” out from under us each time after we buy their worthless merchandise.  What’s even worse is the American public continues to engage in insanity — continually buying their garbage expecting a different result when history shows they will operate the same way each and every time.   Republicans are basically “Democrats Lite” and the opposite side of the same coin.  Which party is “heads” or “tails” varies;  but, they occupy the same coin.

Of course, the American public should know all of this by now since many in Congress have been occupying their position for three to four decades.  They are known as “The Old Guard.”  Unfortunately, “The Old Guard” has a way of controlling the new guards elected to change the course of our future as we see plenty of “bark” and “huff and puff” maneuvers with little “bite” or “blow the house down” action.  Talk is cheap America, and politicians have learned people can be bought for bargain basement prices.  Add a little brainwashing of the masses into the mix and politicians only have to put together meaningless phrases without substance to get the people behind them.  This republic has been turned into a cheap whore with politicians feeding freely at the trough.  We keep hearing “40 acres and a mule,” but they are actually saying, “a shaft and a pole.”



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