Celebrities and the Famous Need to Shut Up – Their Opinion Is No More Important Than The Average Citizen

Matt Damon had voiced his concern over Donald Trump as president, going so far to say he was “frightened of a Trump presidency.”  Once Donald Trump was elected president, Damon turned around to say, “we can work with anybody, even Trump.”  Damon has sought to meet with Trump to pitch his “clean water initiative.”

Lindsay Lohan jet-setted herself to Turkey to “work with Syrian refugees” housed in the camps in Turkey.  After working with these people for several months, she invited Donald Trump to come to Turkey and visit Syria and Turkey with her.  Moreover, after meeting with Turkey’s President Erdogan, Lohan has reached out to encourage a meeting between Putin, Trump and Erdogan, to include other Hollyweird celebrities to discuss the Syrian refugee crisis.

Leonardo DiCaprio continues to froth at the mouth over the man-made climate change hoax while Meryl Streep uses every Hollyweird award event to spew her opinion of the Trump administration.  And, let’s not forget the empty heads on ABC’s The View who get diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to politics but do not even know the Constitution to speak intelligently to it.  But, these “captive audiences” hear what these empty heads say and parrot their talking points that has more holes in it than swiss cheese.

And, who could forget the numerous times the television ads showing Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and other celebrities “pledging themselves to Barack Obama?”  In what could be considered  a sickening display of actions reminiscent of Nazi Germany, where individuals had to pledge their allegiance to Hitler, these Hollyweirdos ended the ad with pledging to be a servant to Obama.  These Hollyweirdos sent another message to the electors of the Electoral College requesting they not vote for Trump for president.

And, if all this isn’t enough, major sports figures engage in political statement making while at work (playing a televised ball game) by refusing to stand for the national anthem, declaring their opposition to honor a flag that stands for “oppression.”  America also saw these figures perpetuate a lie with the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture when all the evidence verified witness statements as a lie.  Here are individuals of all ethnic backgrounds making millions of dollars per year to play sports criticizing the republic whose system allowed their rise in status as oppressive.  That’s rich!

What makes these tools think their celebrity status and notoriety qualify their opinion to weigh more than the average citizen when it comes to issues facing this republic?

One might take these celebrities and famous seriously if these individuals had to deal with the same issues as the average citizen of the united States.  Moreover, the criminal party girl Lindsay Lohan helping or touring refugee camps does not elevate her opinion above any average citizen in Anytown, USA who has to deal with imported refugees, illegal alien invaders receiving sanctuary in their towns, and the problems that come with hosting criminals in their midst.  Yet, she is seeking to meet with President Trump to discuss Syrian refugees and to act as some type of foreign policy mediator between Trump, Erdogan, and Putin.  This girl has received plenty of preferential treatment within the justice system on the charges against her that the average citizen would not receive.  Evidently, this qualifies her opinion to be much more important than other voters.

Matt Damon’s clean water initiative operates under Water.org, which he co-founded with Gary White of WhitePartners at the Clinton Global Initiative.  As we all know, the Clinton Global Initiative is an organization established by Bill and Hillary Clinton in addition to their Clinton Foundation.  Damon’s non-profit provides affordable access to clean water and proper lavatory facilities through microfinance loans around the world, particularly focusing on Africa.

So, does his “charity” and fame qualify his opinion to be weighted more than other voters, average working middle class citizens trying to make ends meet, the homeless or those of us who spend hours daily researching issues facing this republic?  Evidently so, when his fame garners news media coverage and he can put forth his platform.  Where it would take an act of Congress for an average individual a meeting with the president, Hollyweirdos make their requests through the news media outlets while the rest of us are reduced to letter writing.

Leonardo DiCaprio was able to secure a meeting with President Trump to discuss the man-made climate change hoax.  The New York Post referred to DiCaprio as a new — and  unlikely — adviser.  DiCaprio’s devotion to the pseudo-religion man-made climate change cult using inaccurate and falsified data should be no more important than those of us who have reviewed both sides of the scientific data and found it to be inconclusive, but leaning more toward non-existent man-made climate change.  Yet, his fame and notoriety garners him a coveted meeting with the president.  He turns around to lecture everyone else on “decreasing carbon footprints” as he flies in private jets, lives an extravagant lifestyle and participates in an industry known for gluttonous activities while the rest of us conserve resources to lower our electrical costs thanks to Obama’s war on coal.

And, the “ladies” on The View, who could not quote any tenet from the Constitution or passage in the Declaration of Independence between them, are presented as qualified to speak regarding our founding documents when their statements are blatantly false.  These comedians, movie and TV stars, writers and social justice warriors only have an outlet for their platform due to their fame, not their knowledge.  The same goes for Meryl Streep, who seizes an opportunistic moment to plaster her political views before a captive audience.

Professional football players seized upon a lie to promote a political agenda, which receives plenty of news coverage, while those trying to convey the truth get barely a blip on the radar.  Even after the truth is revealed, these brain injured athletes still put forth a lie as truth and condemn the truth as a lie.  Let’s not even get started on the brain-dead Moore and Kutcher pledging themselves as a “servant to Barack Obama.”

However, Ashton Kutcher testified before a congressional committee on his organization that works to halt child trafficking.  His efforts are in the right place for sure.  So, why doesn’t Kutcher and his organization work on the scandal of child trafficking and pedophilia ring that is Pizzagate?  It strikes pretty close to home since he and Moore are Democrats and Hillary supporters.

These celebrities and famous individuals need to sit down and shut up!  They are no more important than any other citizen and their opinions certainly do not weigh more than the rest of us because of that fame.  It gets old and tiresome seeing these tools receive a platform through the news media while average individuals who actually have solid knowledge in the areas are denied the ability to put forth accurate information.  These celebrities have an agenda they push on society while never having to deal with the consequences as they sequester themselves in their mansion compounds away from the general public.

There are plenty of average citizens who report on events, research a topic before relaying it to the public, and present accurate, factual truthful information.  It really gets one’s gall to see some of these celebrity “tools” on news shows being interviewed like some expert on politics, foreign policy, the Constitution and the state of the republic.  The news media parades these celebrity “tools” in front of the camera to speak about politics because the gullible, low information public will take what is said as “gospel,” repeat it almost verbatim to others, and believe it to the point they are willing to riot to silence the opposition.

I bet Matt Damon has no idea that there are households in this republic who do not have proper lavatory facilities or running clean water inside their home.  While working in home health and the Southwest united States, there were plenty of clients encountered who did not have those necessities.  Moreover, he should take his initiative into Flint, Michigan, and other areas where the government has been responsible for tainting the water.  While Lindsay Lohan has little difficulty strolling refugee camps in Turkey and hobnobbing with the Turkish president, the homeless in American, including children, are in just as bad of a situation as the refugees — probably worse since multiple nations are not working to ease their hardships.  She should spend some time with our republic’s needy, but she would be able to see the problems closer to home had she not fried her brain with drugs and alcohol.

Leonardo DiCaprio could slow down his private jets enough to see how Obama’s war on coal has affected those with fixed incomes, those who are unemployed, and the population in general.  As he stumps for unreliable “green energy,” he ignores that closing coal plants that provide reliable, sustainable energy to homes jeopardizes the elderly, the young and the infirmed through higher energy prices.  Without even having a solid alternative to replace coal, he mindlessly and blindly follows the religion of Al Gore, relying on his fame and celebrity to sway the public.  It certainly isn’t his intelligence.  Anyone can tell you that you don’t shut off your main supply of energy production without having a reliable replacement waiting in the wings.

And, why didn’t Kutcher, Moore, and their ilk come out with a television ad pledging themselves as “servants to Donald Trump?”  When they did it for Obama, they thought it was a cute and cheeky way to show their support for a man that couldn’t meet the eligibility requirements beyond a reasonable doubt to hold the office.  The backlash of the public regarding their tasteless ad appearing as similar to Nazis taking an oath to Hitler shut down any other stunt like that.  Moreover, they are Democrats and can’t support a Republican;  but, they sure can get a meeting with the president or get the ear of Congress to push their pet projects, charities, organizations and agendas.

There’s not much one can say about those professional football players supporting a falsehood except they have been hit in the head one too many times.  And, as far as the diarrhea mouths of the women on The View, stupid is as stupid does.  Evidently, stupid generates millions in revenue just like professional sports.

While these narcissistic, arrogant, well to do celebrities want to think they are so important that their opinions and views weigh more than the rest of us, it is not true.  They are using their fame and resources to push an agenda onto the rest of the republic knowing full well they will not have to adhere to what they want others to do.  And, they can easily get the attention of the media because the media follows them around to glean stories and uncover secrets.

To all you celebrities, sports figures and has-been comedians, movie and TV stars and writers — Sit down and shut up!  Your views and opinions are no more important than anyone else’s.  Why don’t you try to do a little research on both sides of the issue with an open mind instead of occupying a bully pulpit given to you by the lamestream enemedia to spread falsehoods, promote your agenda, and show your ignorance at every turn when trying to reference the founding documents.  When you can live like the rest of us in these days and times;  when you can deal with the issues on the level the remainder of the public has to handle;  and, when you can learn the founding documents, then maybe you can discuss intelligently the issues the republic faces today and speak on politics.  Until then, shut the fetch up or put your money where your mouth is.




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