What’s Wrong With Liberals and Democrats -An Observation

Over the years of combing the internet news media outlets several times daily,  I have concluded there is something terribly wrong with liberals and Democrats.  Granted, there are plenty of liberals and Democrats (have only met a handful) that are not violent, politically and emotionally labile, antagonistic toward dissenting opinions, mean, nasty or vulgar.  But, the small number of liberals and Democrats who drown out the more sane individuals, creating a counter “subgroup,” have become the face of leftist Democratic liberalism.  Moreover, this “subgroup” appears to be well represented in both chambers of Congress, while the stable majority is ignored.  So, what is wrong with liberals and Democrats in the small “subgroup” that only knows violence, political and emotional lability, antagonism, meanness, nastiness and vulgarity?

Many would attribute their extreme behavior and thinking to some mental illness etched into their brain that can be found in the DSM-V.  But, mental illness is not contagious like a virus and does not congregate in herds.  While some may have characteristics contained in many mental illness diagnoses symptoms, the problem with these subgroup liberals and Democrats is based mostly in character and integrity.

First, the subgroup liberals and Democrats are basically unhappy people.  This goes back to the old saying, “misery loves company.”  The reasons for these people to be unhappy vary, but their desire to inflict misery upon everyone else cements their need to have others around them as unhappy as they are.  A considerable amount of time is spent correcting perceived or contrived wrongs  in society in order to better it and produce some fantastical utopia.  Their goal is never achieved because they can’t even be happy when getting their way on the issues.  They operate on “give an inch, take a mile” philosophy.  When trying to compromise with this group, they will seize on the “inch” given in order to later expand it into a “mile.”

Second, this subgroup stands for nothing.  Most individuals have a core set of principles and values adopted over the years, mostly in childhood and expanded during young adulthood, they honor.  One could call these beliefs as well.  This subgroup exhibits no type of core principles, values or beliefs.  It is easily spotted in their “waffling” on the issues and their continued hypocrisy.  The best way to explain this waffling  is “they were for something until they were against it” and vice versa.  When it comes to hypocrisy, this group ignores crimes or inappropriate incidents and behaviors of any politician they support;  but, they call for the harshest sanctions against politicians they oppose when engaging in crimes or inappropriate incidents and behaviors. The same goes for those who hold opposing opinions from theirs.  It is the epitome of being a blank slate waiting for someone to write on it a platform for him/her to follow.

Third, this subgroup falls for everything.  When one operates without a solid core set of principles, values and beliefs, it becomes easy to fall for whatever the “fad of the month” happens to be.  Likewise, all it takes is for a famous name to pop out with some stated opinion, portraying their pseudo-expert knowledge base that turns out to be zero, and it is quickly adopted throughout the “colony.”  If it isn’t someone famous, it’s some Democrat charlatan politician peddling lies as truth that is adopted and parroted religiously.  It is why the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot” has continued to be the pat narrative after being proven false.

Fourth, this subgroup exercises “group-think” or a “hive mind.”   Many in this subgroup, along with liberal Democrats in general, will declare the same thing applies to conservatives, Christians, constitutionalists, etc.  While that may appear to be the case, it is not.  For the subgroup that falls for everything, it is easy to develop a group-think mentality.  Those in the subgroup who dare to disagree with the rhetoric, “hands up, don’t shoot” false narrative peddled by supporters of a criminal, are quickly cast aside, maligned, and disenfranchised from the subgroup.

This group-think mentality is suited to a government that is autocratic in nature.  The government dictates everything, which the subgroup jumps to praise because it relieves these individuals from responsibility for themselves, and punishes those who dissent.   A good example of this is the narrative on climate change.  The subgroup stands firm on this topic despite information to the contrary and the inability of climate change models to satisfy the scientific method, meaning the results cannot be duplicated consistently.  At best, the evidence is inconclusive;  however, the sub-group is willing to help push policy based on inconclusive data and evidence.  For those who dissent, they seek to push criminal charges.  It matters not that the UN IPCC has stated their proposals are not about climate change but redistribution of wealth between the nations.  It doesn’t matter that this same committee admitted to fudging data and does not have all variables of the equation to truly establish climate change.  All that matters is that Al Gore said there is man-made climate change and the Hollyweirdos pushed it, so it must be true.

Fifth, this subgroup engages in the art of projection.  This means the group accuses the opposing side of the very things they themselves are doing.  A free reign to engage in name-calling, riots, assaults and pushing false narrative is acceptable for this group.  Yet, those in opposition to them are accused of doing the same thing when not and are lambasted for doing the same thing, which is also hypocrisy.  More often than not, the opposition has not done any of these activities, but get blamed for the very acts perpetrated by the alt-left subgroup.

The rhetoric perpetrated by the lamestream enemedia  involved a narrative that Trump’s message was causing riots, assaults, and intense racism.  In fact, it was paid sub-group individuals engaging in the riots, assaults, and the perpetuation of intense racism without any provocation.  In turn, some lamestream enemedia outlets accused Trump supporters of inciting the actions perpetrated by the opposing group, which was not true.

Remember, nothing is ever their fault, which brings up the next issue of responsibility.

Sixth, this subgroup plays the blame game.  In the tradition of Hussein Soetoro, this sub-group is never responsible for their actions or any decisions made.  It is always someone else.  Who that someone else is depends upon the problem.  Mostly, everything boils down to “white supremacy,” “white privilege,” or oppression of minorities by white society.  When that excuse stops working on the issues, anti-Semitism and Christianity become the scapegoats.  Never are they responsible for their actions.  Moreover, when their actions clearly violate the law or the system indicates they are responsible, they do not want to face the consequences since it was “others” that caused it so they should be immune.

Perpetuating the blame game also means using any minority to push back.  This was seen in the attack on Christian businesses by the LGBTQ groups to have government intervene in privately owned businesses to trample on the religious freedom protected under the First Amendment.

It all follows along quite nicely to the Saul Alinsky playbook.  Now, they would never admit to that because they are being directed by the masters of deception in order to further an agenda.

Seventh, celebrities, sports figures, and politicians are their mouthpieces, for the most part.  Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio are the face of the fight against man-made climate change.  Yet, while these two call for reducing individual “carbon footprints,” they do not reduce their own.  The reason they don’t is because man-made climate change is not definitive, settled science.  At best, it is false;  but, the science is inconclusive.  Scientists have manipulated data in order to establish “man-made climate change” in order to redistribute wealth from first world nations to second and third world nations.   The UN even admits to falsifying data and the goal being wealth redistribution.

Colin Kaepernick and some other NFL players are the face of rebellion against the republic because of perceived oppression against “African-Americans,” blacks, and other minorities.  Yet, Kaepernick never states just how blacks and minorities are “oppressed” in the united States today.  In the age of affirmative action and anti-discrimination laws, not to mention the history of this republic in righting wrongs through civil discourse, oppression of any minority is a ridiculous claim.  But, with universities pushing “white privilege” in accordance with the same oppression message by the sub-group, the perception of oppression is kept alive.

Luis Guiterrez is the political figure who, as a member of Congress, stated he was there to represent the illegal alien invader population of this republic.  Considering that illegal alien invaders are prohibited from voting in elections, Guiterrez admittedly ignores his constituents in favor of those who did not put him in office.  He has plenty of support from his ilk in Congress.  So, who represents the constituents in Guiterrez’s district?  Who is presenting the opposing viewpoint for Guiterrez’s district?

Al Sharpton is the face for the continued racism rhetoric.  Despite the republic electing a half white/half Arab portrayed as black to the presidency, Sharpton continues to promote racism, invoke the race card, and stir the pot on false narratives.  He is backed up by the Congressional Black Caucus and the former president of the united States.

These “mouthpieces” spit out a narrative for the sub-group to parrot, act on and justify lawless behavior.  For everyone knows that if you are a celebrity, sports figure or politician, you possess expert knowledge on the issues to which you speak and everyone should capitulate to that “knowledge.”  In reality, celebrities, sports figures and politicians are no more “experts” or knowledgeable than anyone else when it comes to the Constitution, its tenets, the law, or social issues.  Their purpose is to bring legitimacy to illegitimate issues or unconstitutional legislation/actions.  Furthermore, it is to promote an agenda using any means to justify increasing government power, marginalizing a significant portion of the population, and create inequality in the justice system — more accurately perpetuate inequality in the justice system.

I could go on;  but by now, the point should be clear.  This “group” tends to engage in anarchy, the creation of chaos and perpetuation of falsehoods in order to use government to strike against this group’s identified enemies in violation of the Constitution by infringing upon individual God-given unalienable rights.  It is to silence their opposition in order to remake this republic into a totalitarian regime that will punish their perceived enemies.  What they fail to realize is history has shown that plans such as this tend to explode in their face — Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Thailand, etc.  The “useful idiots” are the first to go, which is why government tends to “play” to them to amass power then use that power to suppress, read oppress, the remaining population.

Regardless of how many times one tries to reason with this group, this group never opens their mind enough to process any information and the attempt fails.  Even if they were to get their envisioned “fantastical utopia,” they would not be happy, considering it an inch, and move to take the mile.  Plus, with their stance changing like the wind, it would be possible they would reverse their own “advances.”  Nothing is ever settled with them because they operate through emotion, not the law.  And, with the election of Trump as president, they view him and those who support his vision as enemies of their existence.  When one perceives their existence threatened, the self-defense instinct kicks in and action is taken to ensure survival.



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