Opining Oscar Opener Full of Rhetoric — Public Should Be Tired of Hollyweirdos Overtaking Entertainment Events

It’s that time of year for Hollyweirdos to gather together to discover who won the “little golden man.”  Yes, it’s the Oscars and host Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time in using his opening monologue to opine on politics and advise the public.  At the 89th Academy Awards, Kimmel thanked President Donald Trump in a sarcastic manner for making the Oscars less racist.

Who in the public heeds any advise from these people, who think they have the right to try and influence the public on politics?  Personally, I believe Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood have the largest concentration of useless, brain dead idiots in the republic.

Last year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences received a mountain of criticism from minority actors and actresses when nominations lacked minority actors, writers, directors and producers.  In a stellar display of hypocrisy, many in “La La Land,” as well as other left liberals, bashed President Trump with accusations of racism throughout his entire campaign.  Hopefully, this year was better for the Oscars in nominating more minority motion picture members.

Getting back to Jimmy Kimmel’s opening remarks, he began with, “Maybe this is not a popular thing to say, but I want to say thank you to President Trump.  Remember last year when it seemed like the Oscar’s were racist? That’s gone. Thanks to him.”

“As you know, I don’t have to tell anybody, the country is divided right now.  I’ve been getting a lot of advice, people telling me, you need to say something to unite us, and – let’s just get something straight off the top. I’m not – I can’t do that. That’s not – there’s only one ‘Braveheart’ in this room, and he’s not going to unite us, either, OK?”  [Braveheart is a reference to Mel Gibson]

“I’m not the man to unite this country, but it can be done.  You know, if every person watching this show – I don’t want to get too serious. There are millions of people watching right now and if every one of you took a minute to reach out to one person you disagree with, someone you like and have a positive, considerate conversation, not as liberals or conservatives, but as Americans, if we would all do that, we would make America great again. We really could. It starts with us.”

Why anyone would suggest this comedian to “say something to unite us” is beyond me.  Do these useless, brain dead idiots actually think this guy is “someone special” or so elevated that anything he said could unite the “La La Land” phonies and the rest of the republic?  These people spend their time portraying fictional characters holding varying beliefs.  The entire industry is that box of chocolates about which Forest Gump’s mother spoke.

Despite claiming he could not unify the republic, he moved on to advise “everyone of you [to take] a minute to reach out to one person you disagree with, someone you like and have a positive, considerate conversation, not as liberals or conservatives, but as Americans, ….”  This statement makes one want to shake their head or bang it against a brick wall.  Any conversation one has with a liberal invariably degenerates into him/her resorting to name-calling or abruptly ending the conversation when one does not conform to their way of thinking.  Conservative individuals have attempted on numerous occasions to speak to liberals about issues faced by this republic.  They have been met with criminal behavior, name-calling and at times, violence on the part of liberals because conservatives will not yield their position and liberals refuse to listen period.

Naturally, this statement was a lead in by Kimmel to highlight the speech given by Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes award ceremony.  Her rant against President Trump, given at an inappropriate time and place, centered around the perception that he mocked a disabled reporter.  Kimmel continued on using the platform to jab at President Trump and daughter Ivanka.

“We are here tonight to honor great actors but we’re also here to honor the actors who seem great but actually really aren’t. And of all the great actors here in Hollywood, one in familiar has stood the test of time for her many uninspiring and overrated performances. See? That’s what he means. May I say, from her mediocre early work in ‘The Deer Hunter’ and ‘Out of Africa’ to her underwhelming performance in ‘Sophie’s Choice,’ Meryl Streep has phoned it in for more than 50 films over the course of her lackluster career.” [Reference to Trump tweeting Streep was overrated]

“This is Meryl’s 20th Oscar nomination. Even more, made even more amazing, considering the fact that she wasn’t even in a movie this year. We just wrote her name down out of habit. Meryl, stand up, if you would. Everybody, please join me in giving her a totally undeserved round of applause, will you? The highly overrated Meryl Streep, everyone. We’re going to have fun tonight. I hope we’re going to have fun tonight. Nice dress, by the way. Is that an Ivanka?” [Again, jabs at Trump and his daughter]

Streep did not win any award so the public was spared another “special snowflake” rant about Trump at a venue for entertainment, not politics.  Kimmel, on the other hand, did not disappoint when he sarcastically remarked his concern for Trump because the show had been aired for over two hours and Trump had not tweeted.  Kimmel then tweeted President Trump from the stage of the live show.

But, getting back to this “conversation” Kimmel claims liberals should engage conservatives, it would be difficult to discuss anything with leftist liberals since they have no sense of the rule of law, do not understand or know the Constitution for the united States of America, and operate totally on emotion.  So, here’s a bit of advice for Kimmel.

So, Mr. Kimmel, you think a liberal, like you all in Hollyweird, should sit down with a conservative and converse.  First, you need to understand that there are really only two types of individuals;  those who support the Constitution and those who don’t.  You see, the Constitution is not a Chinese buffet where one can pick and choose what one likes and discard the rest.  It is one of the documents that founded this republic through organizing the government, limiting the government, and confirming the purpose of government — the protection of individual God-given unalienable rights.

On another note, the Constitution does not grant rights.  Neither does the government.  The grantor of rights is God.  The Constitution recognizes these inherent rights, confirms those rights, and limits government from infringing on those rights.  Moreover, the Constitution enumerates specific and limited powers authorized to be exercised by each of the three branches of government.  Any issue arising outside those enumerated powers is reserved to the States or the people, respectively.

And, Mr. Kimmel, you and your ilk have to understand that the legislative body, which is both chambers of Congress, is the branch of government authorized to enact law.  The President cannot do it nor can the courts.  The courts render decisions only and are authorized to only hear specific cases.  As we all know, the president can issue executive orders, which is part of the authorized duty to make sure the laws are faithfully executed.  However, as we all have seen, each branch of government has usurped their power.  When the masses believe a Supreme Court decision becomes the “law of the land,” the masses have reduced this republic, a government of the people, by the people and for the people, to a dictatorial rule by nine in black robes.

But, the hypocrisy of the anti-constitutionalists declare these decisions as law only when decisions lean in their favor.  Any decision in opposition is determined to be a decision only and not law.  It’s the old adage of wanting to have your cake and eat it too.  Anti-constitutionalists hold to fallacies based on what some “talking head,” “Silicone Barbie,” or government charlatan claiming to be an expert claims.  The best example of anti-constitutionalist fallacy is the Supreme Court justices serve for life.  In truth, these justices only hold office when exercising good behavior.  The Constitution allows for impeachment of any government official, except members of Congress who are to expel their own for misbehavior, for high crimes and misdemeanors.  As long as a justice engages in good behavior, yes, they do serve until retirement since there is no reason to remove them.

In other words, Mr. Kimmel, if you or anyone holding the same  political position as you wants to have a conversation with whom they disagree, it is important to come armed with information and understanding of the Constitution.  Since it is the law of the land, every issue arising today has to be measured against its tenets to determine where the authority lies in addressing that issue.  Moreover, there are some of us average, middle-class, working individuals who know and understand the Constitution enough to recognize tripe when they hear it.

Believe me, there is plenty of tripe coming out of the mouths of the useless, brain dead Hollyweird idiots who seem to think their fame qualifies them as some sort of expert to speak on politics.  Your opinions are no more important than mine or anyone else who spends time researching issues, continually comparing those issues to the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and writings of the framers.  So, stick to what you do best — mediocre overrated comedy — and leave politics at the door before you hit the stage.  There is a time and place for everything;  and, an award show is not the time nor place to peddle politics or rant.  The same goes for all the Hollyweirdos who hijack an entertainment show to peddle their politics and rant to their audience about political figures.

If you believe those of your political persuasion should “reach out” to those with whom they disagree, I am available at any time to have a conversation with you.  Being that every challenge I have issued to any politician, celebrity or other prominent figure in the media outlets to which I have contributed has never been accepted, I can assume this one won’t either.



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