House Republicans In Conundrum With Obamacare Repeal — GOP Constituents Worry About Inadequate Replacement

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you know it has been a busy week.  Several major incidents occurred that have left me scratching my head on how to address each one — separately or altogether.  Moreover, the reaction of voters claiming to be Republican/conservative to these incidents have produced a “shaking my head” moment when realizing one simple fact — there are some people you just can’t help who claim to be conservative.  People just aren’t getting it despite the repetition making some of us sound like a broken record.

The first issue to discuss is the repeal and replacement of Obamacare by both chambers of Congress.  Politico reported on former House Speaker John Boehner coming forward to say that the full repeal and replacement of Obamacare is “not going to happen,” but Republicans would be making some “fixes” to the disastrous, unconstitutional Affordable Care Act.

The former speaker who retired in 2015 stated the GOP was a bit too optimistic in their rhetoric to repeal and replace Obamacare quickly.  “They’ll fix Obamacare, and I shouldn’t have called it repeal and replace because that’s not going to happen,” said Boehner.  “They’re basically going to fix the flaws and put a more conservative box around it.”  Conservative box, according to whom?  What exactly does it  mean when the term “conservative” is used?

Politico reported:

The former speaker’s frank comments capture the conundrum that many Republicans find themselves in as they try to deliver on pledges to axe Obamacare but struggle to coalesce around an alternative.

Republican lawmakers across the country this week are facing angry constituents at town halls worried that Obamacare will be yanked away without a suitable replacement.

President Donald Trump has said in recent days that he will release a plan by early to mid-March on how the administration plans to move forward on repeal-and-replace.

But so far, no clear path has emerged.

What is occurring in the Republican controlled House and Senate is a prediction that was made by several of us in alternative circles years ago — Republicans would put in place “their” option for health care insurance, which is what Obamacare is, instead of fully repealing it through legislation that would send it back to the private free market with eases on regulations that would better allow citizens to purchase health care insurance if they so desired.  That being said, conservative, as well as liberal, has many different definitions depending on who is asked.  In reality, yet once again, there are only two types of individuals:  constitutionalists or anti-constitutionalists.

Listen to any of these politicians.  In hearing them talk, one would believe that health care and health care insurance is synonymous.  The terms are not.  But, they continually act as though Obamacare is health care;  therefore, if a replacement is not on the table, they insinuate to the public that citizens will be left without health care, instead of being uninsured with a health care insurance plan.  It’s a slick trick that many citizens have embraced, including professed conservatives and constitutionalists.

Believe it or not, it was this “stupidity” among the American citizens [inability to separate “health care” from “health care insurance”] expressed by Obamacare author Jonathan Gruber that allowed Obamacare to gain support in the first place.

Nowhere in the Constitution for the united States of America does it grant authority to Congress over health care, health care insurance or both.   It just isn’t there.  Democrats usurped the Constitution when the “un”Affordable Care Act was passed in a Democrat controlled House and Senate.  And, if history should teach citizens of this republic anything, it is the undeniable fact that once government gets their hands into anything it isn’t supposed to [usurpation], it does not let go regardless of what any charlatan politican claims during an election cycle.

As one who has never agreed with John Boehner on anything because he’s a political hack, he does sum up quite nicely what is sure to occur with the Republican “repeal and replace” tunnel-visioned approach.

Per Politico, Boehner stated, “In the 25 years that I served in the United States Congress, Republicans never, ever, one time agreed on what a health care proposal should look like. Not once.  And all this happy talk that went on in November and December and January about repeal, repeal, repeal—yeah, we’ll do replace, replace—I started laughing, because if you pass repeal without replace, first, anything that happens is your fault. You broke it.”

Continuing on, Boehner asserted, “And secondly, as I told some of the Republican leaders when they asked, I said, if you pass repeal without replace you’ll never pass replace, because they will never ever agree on what the bill should be. Perfect always becomes the enemy of the good.”  He then went on to intimate the Republican option could retain some of the qualities introduced by Obamacare.

“Most of the Affordable Care Act, in the framework, is going to stay there: coverage for kids up to age 26, covering those with preexisting conditions. All of that’s going to be there. Subsidies for those who can’t afford it, who aren’t on Medicaid, who I call the working poor, subsidies for them will be there,” Boehner said.

“What will be different is that CMS will not dictate to every single state how the plan’s going to run. And if the state wants to run an exchange, the state can run an exchange. The states will control the policies that are offered like they control every other insurance product offered in their states,” he added.

Back in 2015, two articles covering the Republicans’ “replacement” options for Obamacare were discussed here and here.  As has been predicted, Republicans do not want to “repeal” Obamacare anymore than Democrats.  What Republicans want to do is to place “their version” of government controlled health care insurance plan in place.  To put it bluntly, Republicans are acting in violation of the Constitution as well in trying to push their version of government controlled health care insurance through both chambers of Congress.  Moreover, anytime any politician talks about “subsidies,” they will definitely have their hand in the cookie jar forcing other citizens to help pay for those who struggle with insufficient funds to afford government health care insurance or those who can’t afford it period.

To give you a synopsis of the mindset of Congress when it comes to health care insurance, each Senator I wrote about repealing Obamacare without replacement received only one answer.  And, my representative in the House, along with his staff, have reading comprehension problems.  After pointing out that Obamacare was unconstitutional and any replacement keeping government’s hand in the health care insurance would also be unconstitutional, I offered some suggestions that would fall under “interstate commerce” regulation, which is a constitutional authority held by Congress, on allowing health care insurance to be purchased across State lines under the free market system.  With that, a suggestion to have a true cafeteria plan where individuals choosing to purchase health care insurance could tailor a plan that would meet their individual needs.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) responded to thank me for my letter “supporting” Obamacare.  Needless to say, he received a response questioning what problem with reading comprehension did he or his staff have.  Talk about incompetent!  His entire office is incompetent or full of a**hats to send a response letter like that to someone opposing “repeal and replace,” the entire piece of legislation known as Obamacare, and only supporting repeal without a replacement.  What is just as bad is he probably believes that he responded appropriately.  Despite every effort to oust Johnson, our districts in the States have been gerrymandered by the State legislature so many times to make sure a certain “quota” of minority individuals are elected to the House.

The only Senator to respond was Johnny Isakson (R-GA).  Sen. Isakson thanked me for my letter expressing “concern” over the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.  He indicated he supported the framework of Obamacare for parents to keep children on their plan until age 26 and the provision that insurance companies cannot deny health care insurance based on pre-existing conditions (covered under HIPAA).  He supported a “health care savings account” provision as well as State insurance commissioners determining the insurance providers offered in the State.

If you look at the plans scooting around the Republican circle for health care insurance to “replace” Obamacare referenced by the two linked articles, you will find the Republicans are stuck on the different plans formulated almost two years ago, with little room for suggestion.  I guarantee you — and I’ll give you time to draw a crowd on any town square on any day — the Republicans would object to any plan developed by health care professionals that would allow every citizen to have “health care,” including health care insurance if they so desired, without tapping into the taxpayer pocket.  The reasons it would be rejected are:  it didn’t originate with Republicans;  and, it takes government our of health care and health care insurance industries.

If all of this were not bad enough, many citizens, Republicans included, are absolutely stuck on government providing some type of health care insurance to the masses, regardless of the cost.  Cost is not always monetary.  Any citizen or member of both chambers of Congress supporting replacement cannot be considered “conservative” much less supporting, protecting, defending, and adhering to the tenets of the Constitution.  I said it two years ago, but I’ll say it again.  “The message  being sent by Democrats and Republicans alike is ‘get used to government control of the health care insurance and health care industries’ – it’s here to stay.”

What is occurring with the atrocity that is Obamacare now shows the legislation was designed to fail, part citizens with more money that goes to the government coffers, and usher in an age of “rationed health care services” through government controlled health care insurance.  Remember, not one Republican has addressed the Independent Advisory Payment Board (IAPB), aka “the Death Panel,” which has altered recommendations made by the American Medical Association for preventive health care diagnostic and screening procedures affecting individuals, male and female, over the age of 55 to keep costs down.  Moreover, nowhere has any Republican addressed the pressure on doctors to “withhold” treatments or diagnostic procedures from citizens fitting into certain demographics, which causes an ethical dilemma within the health care professionals.  Is it any wonder that many physicians ceased practicing and nursing will experience another shortage as nurses change careers or retire?

Obamacare was definitely created and implemented to fail.  There is no doubt about that.  However, the plans Republicans are floating around are not designed to succeed either.  Republicans, being the opposite side of the same coin containing Democrats, are working to instill a plan that will see a modicum of success, but still fall short.  In this way, Republicans can say Obamacare was so bad any attempt made to fix it still “broke” health care insurance and the health care industry.  Democrats can claim that Republicans botched up their “reform” of Obamacare, meaning both sides failed to implement a successful replacement to private free market industries.  Therefore, the only alternative is to move to a single-payer government controlled health care and health care insurance system.  That is, IF any type of action on the atrocious Obamacare can take place.

While Democrats professed several years ago that Obamacare has issues needing reform, not one moved for reform or change while Obama was president.  Republicans could not get it repealed because of Obama and the Democrats.  And, anyone thinking a better option from Republicans is forthcoming and/or will be accepted by Democrats has not been paying attention.  Republicans cannot even agree on a plan because they are “stuck on stupid” with the replacement idea.  Citizens of this republic will get a reprieve from Obamacare in the form of a Republican option the public can dub “Trumpcare” or “Republicare.”  However, the Republican replacement will only see a modicum of success.  The true goal of those in power is to continue to exert power over health care and health care insurance in a single-payer government system that rations care based on demographics decided upon by an unelected government bureaucratic board.  And, citizens will swallow it down hook, line and sinker when these charlatans come out saying all efforts to provide everyone with healthcare insurance has failed, indicating the only other option is government single-payer health care system.

Begin to recognize the tactic America.  The government creates a problem.  The people suffer and demand government do something.  Government comes up with a solution that exerts more government control over the people.  The people accept it and cheer.  Until citizens break from the “Stockholm Syndrome” with government, this cycle will continually repeat itself until all freedom and liberty are gone, including the exercise of control over what happens to one’s own body.  Take heed.


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