Big News Out of Washington; Health Care Broke — Split on Solution

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) agree that the united States health care system is broken.  Duh!  When Obamacare was passed without one single Republican vote, many of us in alternative circles knew immediately this atrocious unconstitutional piece of legislation would decimate our once good health care system.  But, citizens got the health care insurance through the government where “you could keep your doctor if you like your doctor.”  Oh wait, no — that was not entirely true.  Citizens were able to keep their current plans while Obamacare was directed toward those without insurance.  Oh wait, no — that was blatantly false.

Citizens were mandated to purchase government directed and approved health care insurance plans or face paying a penalty.  Yet, many citizens did not recognize this “health care insurance legislation” was designed specifically to decimate the previous US health care system and insurance system while pushing toward a single-payer system that would be government controlled.

Sen. Cruz supports repealing Obamacare immediately and going slowly, but still supports an unconstitutional GOP health care insurance plan.  On the other hand, Sen. Sanders pushes for a single-payer “Medicare-for-all” plan.  Either way, Americans will be looking at government sanctioned health care insurance system from now on.  The government has gained control of an industry that is one-sixth of the republic’s economy and will not relinquish control back to the private sector and the individual.

And, while everyone is still saddled with penalties, exorbitant premiums, and outrageous deductibles, Democrats stand on the premise that Congress should fix Obamacare, not repeal it.  Yet, is that not what the Democrats have been saying since the unconstitutional elephant in the room was passed?  How are Democrats proposing to “fix” something that is broken now when four years have passed and not one fix has been floated?

Sen. Cruz has endorsed plans to allow the sale of health care insurance across state lines and expansion of the use of tax-advantaged health savings accounts.  But, the previous health care insurance system is gone.  What was not broken became decimated with the government takeover of the insurance industry.  Yet, no one in Congress will step up to the plate to admit the intentional fleecing of Americans through this unconstitutional red herring.

While insurers and Big Pharma has made a killing under Obamacare, many Americans drowned under the increasing costs with little benefit unconstitutional piece of garbage legislation.  Those able to afford health care insurance individually or through their employer were mandated under the law to “subsidize” those who could not afford health care insurance, meaning the government decided that some were “entitled” to the earnings of others in order to comply with the mandate.  It was a Robin Hood scam perpetrated on the American people where everyone lost, including those the government supposedly wanted to help.  The cat was let out of the bag by Jonathan Gruber, who said this legislation was never intended to do what they said, was sure to be supported because of the “stupidity of the American voter,” and lack of transparency was key to gaining public support.

Today, there are just as many individuals uninsured as there were before this atrocious garbage was passed.  So, it did nothing to ensure “all had health care insurance” because it was not designed at all to do that.  But, one thing is clear.  The government meddling in the health care insurance industry broke it.  Now, Americans are expected to believe that government can fix what it broke.  There is not one example to give to show government fixing something it broke.  In fact, there are plenty of examples to indicate that government broke further what it broke in the first place.  Look at education, income taxes, transportation, infrastructure, environmental protection, social security, etc.  The big one is the war on terror/terrorism.

Whether due to partisan politics, division across strict party lines, or kick backs from lobbyists and big money donors, both chambers of Congress are dysfunctional at this point and almost incapable of governance and legislating.  But, continuing to repeat facts has resulted in almost no effect on the citizenry.

Despite pointing out to citizens that Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution for the united States of America does not list authority over health care or health care insurance as an enumerated power of government, people continue to debate a solution for Obamacare that involves further government involvement.  In fact, the  Congress could have lessened regulations to allow the sale of health care insurance across state lines in order to provide more competition thereby lowering rates to make the insurance more affordable instead of passing Obamacare.  But, that was not done because it would mean government would not be in control of health care and health care insurance, which exerts control over the people.  The same can be said for tax-advantaged health savings accounts.  Again, that would not accomplish the goal.

Now, these alternatives are being floated as “solutions” to the atrocious Obamacare with government maintaining control over the health care insurance industry.  In other words, the government offers the citizens a solution to a problem it created.  However, one can bet the solution offered by Congress will be just as “broke” as Obamacare because government will continue to be involved.

Citizens are looking at a Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendment issue.  Income tax will never be repealed forcing government to exist on its constitutional means of generated funds nor will State legislatures return to selecting Senators to represent the States’ interest.  Government controlled health care insurance will never be totally repealed.  While the Democrat version known as Obamacare will be repealed, citizens will be faced with a replacement Republican version.  Eventually, the united States will be moved to a single-payer socialist system of health care as is seen in many European nations.

One must ask themselves, “if the European systems were so great, why were individuals coming to the united States to get health care?”  The biggest reason could be whittled down to “rationed care.”  In a single-payer socialist government system, resources are extremely limited in order to provide an entire population with health care/health care insurance.  So, individuals who could would come to the US to receive health care as a private payer for services they might be waiting years to receive or denied entirely.  We, in the US, will be faced with the same thing;  however, there will be no where to go to receive services for which one has been placed on a waiting list or denied entirely.

Bottom line — while these political charlatans tout “health care as a right,” they basically work in opposition to that belief in moving toward a single-payer, government, rationed care model.  If “health was truly a right,” there would not be rationed care in a single-payer, government system — a system where government decides who is privileged to receive care.

One can expect the repeal of Obamacare to be contentious, time-consuming, and years to come.  Democrats want single-payer government controlled health care while Republicans have no idea or plan to revert to the previous system, but rally for a “replacement.”  In the end, once again, the citizenry will be the losers in the health care insurance/health care industry shell game being played in Congress.  However, one can be assured that what is presented by Congress to the people will be filled with positive sounding solutions to garner support of the citizens while hiding the truth of the detriment to the public.


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