Freedom of Speech and Assembly — It’s A Privilege If You Support Trump; A Right to Riot If You Don’t

California, that hotbed of liberal, socialism, communism, progressive idiocracy with colleges and universities disguised as indoctrination and brainwashing centers, has a small conservative population, but, their voices are drowned by the larger population centers that direct the policy of the State.   This is no more evident that the violent, criminal ridden riots that have played out at the University of California, Berkeley, that shut down the visit by conservative Breitbart Senior Editor, Milo Yiannopoulos, on the Dangerous Faggot Tour.  Milo, as he is known by his supporters and fans, travels across the republic speaking to college age students in a variety of issues from a conservative standpoint.

In a republic that recognizes freedom of speech as a guaranteed, protected individual right for all citizens, the majority liberal, socialist, communist, progressive idiocrats have determined that freedom of speech is a privilege for those they deem worthy, meaning that if you are a conservative and support President Trump, you are to be denied of the freedom of speech while they exercise the imagined right to riot and violence claiming freedom of speech.

Along with these protests at UC Berkeley that closed the Milo event, the Hollyweirdos took to Twitter to support criminal, violent riots.

Director Judd Apatow tweeted, “This is just the beginning.  When will all the fools who are still supporting Trump realize what is at stake.”

Upon receiving some Twitter backlash because of his comments, Apatow quickly deleted the tweet, but not before  it could be captured for use.

Joining Apatow in support of criminal, violent riots was filmmaker Lexi Alexander, who tweeted, “Punch Nazis.  Riot when your college invites a Nazi.  Set it all on fire.  In case of doubt, study history.”  But, Alexander did not stop there.  In a subsequent tweet, Alexander claimed, several times, “hate speech is not free speech.”

When called out on these tweets that incite violence, Apatow claimed to delete his tweet because it was “vague” and declared he never supports violence.  But, he does support “peaceful protest against hateful people and awful ideas.”

The question Apatow should be asked is “where are the peaceful protests as all these are riots, which is criminal?”

Left idiocrat Hollyweirdo comedians, Arthur Chu and Patrick Monahan tweeted to “celebrate the violence against Milo attendees and Trump supporters.”

And, for information purposes, the pepper spray victim was a female.  Rioters beat attendees and Trump supporters with flag poles and fists.  This is the perfect example of needing an “equalizer” when it comes to defending oneself, especially being a woman.

Unfortunately for these brainwashed idiocrats, California has extensive unconstitutional gun control.  Each individuals has the natural right of self-defense when believing their life to be in danger.  And, from the tone of the rioters that lamestream enemedia continues to describe as “protestors,” one can understand where an individual might feel their life is in danger.  In fact, if you visit Milo’s YouTube channel, there are several videos showing him wearing a police Kevlar vest.

Review the Breitbart news front page today and read the several articles here, here, and here where attendees were injured by the riotous gang of idiocrats.  This is criminal assault and battery.  Yet, many of these riotous idiots wear masks, cover their faces, and use means to avoid identification.  If their activities were within the law and protected by the law, there would be no need to hide one’s identity.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough, these buffoons vandalized ATMs.  Hopefully, the banks get smart and pull their ATM machines from these college campuses.  While students and faculty may have a problem with that, they all should have thought about the consequences of supporting idiocrats who vandalize ATMs — these machines have money inside and vandalizing these could be considered attempted robbery.

Amidst this riot, it appears that attendees and Trump supporters remained calm, taking the high road.  Kudos to them.  However, with the strict gun control laws in California, these individuals were left defenseless against a violent, out of control mob.  These rioters would have though twice about committing assault and battery in a State where concealed carry and open carry are supported.

But, this is not about the Second Amendment, but the First Amendment.  Somewhere along the way, the idiocrats have decided that no one but them are afforded the right to free speech and assembly.  They band together to engage in violence to remove the right to free speech for others.  It is intimidation in its highest form.  To prevent an all out “street war,” it is those being attacked who are expected to yield ground, give way, and keep a low profile.  But, as we are seeing, it doesn’t matter what anyone does.  These people are going to engaged in violent criminal riots.

Where are the law enforcement officers to stop these criminals, which is what they are?  They are overwhelmed, unsure about intervening due to being falsely accused of bigotry, racism, and police brutality, and more than likely told to “stand down” by superiors, which would include mayors and the governor.  When law enforcement does not, cannot and will not come to the aid of those who are being victimized, this republic has sunk to new lows rivaling that of Nazi Germany and the former USSR.

The lamestream enemedia is complicit in fueling the fire of these criminal rioters, as is their employer, George Soros.  Unfortunately, Soros is immune from any type of criminal charges because of his money (a good example of inequity of the law) and the lamestream enemedia keeps enough distance through verbage to avoid being an accomplice to violence and crime.

Whether anyone likes it or not, freedom of speech is afforded to speech someone may find offensive, someone may find hateful, and someone might find at odds with their ideology or beliefs.  It is the hypocrisy of the left buffoon idiots that reserve free speech in all its forms to themselves while denying it to others.  They are dubbed the useful idiots — those Stalin often used to promote and exercise an agenda before murdering them.

One thing is for certain.  These violent criminal riots will continues in places where conservatives and Trump supporters assemble for events, encouraged by the influx of Soros money and Hollyweirdo inane tweets.  Remember, they take their cue from the elected Democrats occupying various government offices including both chambers of Congress.  And, all of this is over the loss of a presidential election, which they lost it themselves through various inept actions.

As it is often stated, “no one can take away your individual God-given rights without your consent.”  While the stakes are high in exercising free speech, willingly giving it up signals to the idiocrats that men, through threat or actual violence, can take away what God has given.  And, sometimes we have to remember that turning the other cheek does not mean being a total pacifist.


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