Our Constitution Has Evolved into a “Suggestion” Instead of Functioning as Law

If you watch C-SPAN long enough and hear the issues being debated and brought forth onto the floor of either the Senate or the House, you will discover both chambers rarely bring forth the issue of constitutionality on anything.  No longer is the Constitution considered law, except to form the three branches of government.  The Constitution has been reduced to a “suggestion” by all members.The transformation of the Constitution from law to “suggestion” has evolved throughout the years since its adoption by the States and the people.  Regardless of party, ideology or philosophy, Congresses throughout the years, along with presidents and the Supreme Court, have ignored constitutional limits, twisted constitutional provisions, and grossly interpreted the Constitution against the intent by the framers outlined in the Federalist Papers to usurp power and exert control over the people.

Because of these violations, this republic now has income tax, Social Security, Medicare, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Safety Administration, the Department of Education, a Supreme Court decision interpreted as law saying killing babies in the womb is acceptable, the National Labor Relations Board, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Health and Human Services, Obamacare, spying on all citizens in violation of the Fourth and Ninth Amendments, the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Department of Agriculture, and a partridge in a pear tree host of others.

This presidential election cycle brought with it the phrases “Make America Great Again” and “Drain the Swamp.”  But, one man in the position of the presidency cannot make America great again nor can he drain the swamp.  The idea and action requires a knowledgeable, informed and savvy population who is tired of their everyday lives being controlled by an increasingly powerful centralized government.  It also requires the citizens of the republic to be protective of their way of life.  To be clear, being protective of one’s way of life, which in this republic is the rule of law, means sometimes taking a hard line against those who violate the law, refuse to assimilate to the culture of the rule of law, and reverse lawlessness perpetrated by our own government.

In order to get back to the Constitution as law instead of a suggestion, individuals have to understand the law is the law.  Does anyone view the law declaring homicide, murder, manslaughter, etc. as a suggestion instead of a crime?  No, and well no one should.  Yet, when it comes to the Constitution, Congress, as well as many in the public, consider the Constitution a suggestion instead of law.  If it was looked at for what it is, law to limit government, no branch of the federal government would be operating as it is currently or has in the past.

What has happened is all three branches of government have come together to engage in unconstitutional functions whereby the only tenet of the Constitution viewed as law is the formation of government into three branches.  The worse part is Congress allows the president to set the tone when it comes to the law — Obama disregarded the law and Congress followed suit.  With the election of Trump, the majority of Republicans in both chambers of Congress, with the wave of the wand of Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, are ready to follow the rule of law.

While the president can set the tone when it comes to foreign policy, the president is to see that the laws passed by the legislative branch are to be faithfully executed. This means he makes certain constitutional legislation is enforced and unconstitutional legislation is not to be enforced.  However, for many decades, presidents have taken liberty with “law” ultimately resulting in an eight year administration who made law by whim, with the Congress treating the man holding the office as some sort of “dictator.”  Almost unfathomably has been the support for lawlessness that has developed in a sect of the population of this republic.

When an individual can stand in front of media cameras and call for an “army” of 10,000 to murder “white people,” there is a problem.  When a leader of Black Lives Matter can stand up in front of media cameras and declares they need to start killing people, there is a problem.  When a former president endorses and encourages violence during what is supposed to be peaceful assembly, there is a problem.  Why is there a problem?  Each of these examples are not protected speech under the First Amendment as it calls for commission of a crime.  Offensive speech is protected;  however, speech that incites individuals to commit a crime is not.

Yet, the individuals who issued these statements have not had charges filed against them.  Had these individuals been associated with the Republican Party, a Trump supporter, an alternative media associate, average American, or blogger, one can be the FBI would be in their life forever.  Yes, the FBI visited Madonna for stating she thought about blowing up the White House, but took a “stand down” stance in the previous examples.  Why?

Simple really — the law has become a political tool to be used and abused by the dominant party controlling the “swamp.”  The Constitution placed in the “suggestion” pile in favor of the tone set by the party occupying the White House.  In reviewing the past eight years and looking at the first 11 days of the new administration, it becomes clear the law is being used as a political tool by both sides.  It is being used to create chaos in order to empower government to create a solution in true Alinsky fashion.

Both Democrats and Republicans in both chambers of Congress were comfortable with Obama’s violations of the Constitution and lack of enforcement of duly passed constitutional legislation.  A few Republicans played the part of “The Big Bad Wolf” in huffing and puffing to blow down that house of straw.  But, the “wolf” had COPD and couldn’t get any Abreva.  The breed of “barking dogs with no bite” stood up as well;  and, we all know about incessant barking dogs who signal the alarm but never engage in protective action.  What’s funny about this is my beloved Chihuahua, may she play close to the Rainbow Bridge while she waits for me, barked in warning and would attack a stranger’s ankles or try to bite if the stranger reached for me while holding her.

Yet, a “bulldog” backed by a few other incessant barkers couldn’t even muster up a simple nip against attack.  When their “loved one” was being violated, they barked for a while, never attacked, then became silent with consent.  So much for the big breed barkers.

Now, the newly elected president is exercising his constitutional power using duly passed constitutional legislation.  What do we see?  A group of elected officials on both sides of the aisle denouncing the enforcement of the law, duly passed constitutional law, causing continual uproar within Washington, DC, as well as the rest of the republic.  By authority of the Constitution, the president can appoint “ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court, and all other officers of the united States, whose appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by law; …,” with the consent of the Senate.  Now, both parties in the Senate are engaged in divisiveness by almost refusing to confirm presidential appointees, when the republic saw unimpeded approval of appointees to positions for the past eight years.  Granted, the worse offenders are Democrats — no surprise there.  But, they are openly courting opposition to create a constitutional crisis that would send the republic spiraling down at a rapid pace.

The mantra coming from Democrats, and plenty of RINOs, is “G** D*** the Constitution!”

When the rule of law duly enforced and followed becomes a source of contention, not only among government officials but a portion of the general public, one can expect chaos and disorder to become the norm.  City mayors and some States refuse to concede authority to the federal government where the federal government is authorized by the Constitution  to exercise that authority.  It is a bit of an oxymoron when one considers the States have spent years relinquishing their due constitutional authority to the federal government in exchange for money.  But, all of a sudden, some States have found a backbone to stand up for the violation of law against enforcement of law.

This is what is it like during the “post Obama” era.  The seed of lawlessness, while being planted some time ago, received plenty of sunshine, fertilizer, and water for the past eight years.  It has now grown to be a hearty vine spawning the fruit of “movement” among certain sects of the population.  Unfortunately, that hearty vine weaved its way through Congress and Washington, DC, to where no one there recognizes the law or its enforcement;  and, if they do, they give it soft support, qualified support, or remain silent.

There is only one way to rid a garden of an invasive rapidly growing vine — one has to pull it up from the root and extinguish any sprouts that pop up afterward.  Unfortunately, this vine of lawlessness would take extraction, pulling up sprouts and treating the soil with herbicide.  All lawlessness cannot be removed as corruption is an ingrained function in the “swamp”.  However, its growth, spread and perpetuation can be slowed with diligence allowing a return to lawfulness, the view of the Constitution as law, not suggestion, and freedom and liberty for the entire republic.



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