Mount Hamner Erupts Without Warning; Covers Vast Territory of Idiocy

Donald Trump has been in office eleven days now — eleven days.  And, the stuck on stupid population living in the State of Idiocy, fueled by inaccurate, skewed, and sometimes false media reports from the lamestream enemedia, continues to roil worse than a pot of boiling water.  Who would have thought that a president who chooses to enforce the law would be met with any opposition?  What is so wrong with enforcing the law?

Let me tell you what is wrong with enforcing the law — nothing!!  The stuck on stupid population living in the State of Idiocy is comfortable with lawlessness since this portion of the public exists to commit lawlessness.  When the law is enforced, these individuals become unhinged, signaling a significant number have some sort of mental illness that needs treatment.  It’s either that or these people are just criminals.  Take your pick.

Some of these individuals happen to be elected officials serving in Washington, DC.  First, it was the opposition to repeal Obamacare — an unconstitutional law passed solely by Democrats under Obama forcing individuals to purchase healthcare insurance or face paying a penalty or tax as some like to put it.  When the government forces anyone to do something under exercise of a penalty, those under that government have lost a part of their freedom.  Just as the “draft” forces American men, now women, to serve in the armed forces in wartime or face charges, the Obamacare legislation does the same thing with assessment of a penalty for noncompliance.  For a piece of legislation that was purportedly created to provide insurance for only the “20 million” Americans who did not have healthcare insurance, this atrocious law decimated all insurance plans and resulted in more Americans being without health care insurance than before its passage.

But, the State of Idiocy still clings to the false rhetoric pushed out by oligarchs holding elected positions that Obamacare is great.  Well, it falls way short of that bowl of Frosted Flakes.  In fact, it’s author Jonathan Gruber, a professor at MIT (and I thought MIT was the home of technological intellect), is a flake without being frosted or a Corn Flake.  And, he has the nerve to say it was passed because of the “stupidity of the American voter.”  Well, it was not the American public who voted for it.  It was all the Democrats in Congress, who were voting, not in the interest of their constituency, but, for some ideological socialist legacy for a president who did not satisfy all the requirements to even run for the office.

And, lo and behold, the Republicans have decided that repeal and replace of Obamacare is the way to go.  So, instead of having Obamacare, the citizens of the united States will be faced with Trumpcare, Republicare, or “screw me” care that is still outside the constitutional authority given to Congress in Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution.  No other suggestions will even be contemplated.  No way will it be considered to return to health care insurance provided as it was in the private sector.  Nope, can’t have that because it means a big chunk of penalty money out the door that they need to squander on the “study of squid fishing to determine if it can improve the quality of life of prostitutes.”  It means government would not be able to decide who is worthy to live or die based on rationed care if health care insurance and health care was provided in the private sector.  The big message to citizens is simple — government officials think the American populace is too stupid to guide their own care and doctors are wasting resources on those unworthy.  While that may be true among the stuck on stupid population residing in the State of Idiocy, it is not the case for the majority.

If this wasn’t enough, the stuck on stupid population in the State of Idiocy has a problem with enforcement of immigration law.  Heaven forbid that this administration follows suit of other administrations, including Democratic ones, to halt the influx of individuals from certain countries because of a threat to the safety of Americans.  How dare an administration follow the constitutionally passed immigration law designed to protect our way of life and safety within our borders.  No, that shouldn’t be done.  It’s better to let everyone in and then deal with homosexuals being thrown off the roof of buildings, draining of the taxpayer through providing access to social programs, increase in rape rates and other crimes, trampling of individual rights through soft application of Sharia law, and a host of drug cartels and gangs bringing their turf wars to our soil.  It’s much more productive to focus on those extreme individuals who call for constitutional government since they are loose cannons creating havoc all over the republic.  Anyone that believes it is citizens who want constitutional government engaging in these violent protests, I have two ocean front estates in Kansas up for sale, cheap.

How dare this administration give priority to oppressed, marginalized and endangered religious minorities over everyone else.  In other words, screw the Christians, Yazidis, and others who have almost been eradicated from the Middle East by Islam.  And yes, it is Islam, not just Islamic terrorists.  “We are a nation of immigrants” as they repeat over and over.  Well, I’m not an immigrant and neither is my family.  They were all born  here.  My ancestors immigrated to this new territory prior to the establishment of the republic.  We are a republic who accepts immigrants, as many other nations around the world do.  But, we expect those who immigrate to this nation to assimilate to our way of life meaning respect and obedience to the rule of law and supporting, defending and protecting the Constitution.  You don’t get to establish a “little caliphate” in our republic complete with law anathema to ours.  You don’t get to subvert our government or engage in insurrection against the Constitution — nobody gets to do that.  Although, it is seen in Congress a soft insurrection against the very document that established our republic and establishes government limits, meaning it is law.  But, that’s another topic.

By natural right, the people have authority to repeal insurrection, which is that action that upends our Constitution.

But, too many do not want the equitable rule of law.  They want the law to carve special niches for special populations creating an injustice for those who do not meet “special” status.  Many of those lining up to support this “special” treatment do so against their own well-being by not being designated “special.”  What does that say about them?

If the stuck on stupid population living in the State of Idiocy would be more comfortable with an area of their own where they can do as they please, without the rule of law and be governed by the rule of men, I’m sure the rest of the population, who observes and respects the rule of law would have no problem with that.  In fact, California is moving to do something similar.  It’s unlikely they will succeed, but thankfully, they won’t have to suffer through military action from the rest of the united States against their efforts to secede.  Now, this idea is not palatable to these individuals because “they shouldn’t have to concede anything.”  Yet, they certainly don’t mind pushing lawlessness on a portion of the population who wants lawfulness.  They did it for eight years.  And, nothing got better;  in fact, it got worse.  Now, they are being guided back to lawfulness and these idiots are kicking and screaming against following the law.

That’s what it boils down to when you take away the rhetoric.  And, dishonest lamestream enemedia outlets are not helping but fueling that fire because “they don’t like the president.”  Well, I didn’t like Obama personally, nor as a president, because he is a lawless man, arrogant, condescending, patronizing, divisive, subversive, and manipulative.  And, had Obama called for the rule of law instead of continually violating it, I would have supported his position to enforce law.  The president nor the Supreme Court makes the law.  That authority is vested in Congress, not the pen and phone of the president, nor the philosophy, ideology or “beliefs” of his department heads.   I don’t particularly like Trump personally, nor as a president;  however, he is calling for enforcement of the law, which should be supported by the citizens.  Trump is attempting to honor his word by keeping his campaign promises.  That is more than any president in the last three decades can claim.

The stuck on stupid population residing in the State of Idiocy would be challenging any Republican elected president who called for the rule of law because that president would not be a Democrat, Hillary Clinton, or tool of the social justice warriors.  And, these Idiocrats have the ear of the lamestream enemedia because their corporate owners are residents in the State of Idiocy.  This is a problem when “news” becomes entertainment.

While the law-abiding American public is patient in its sufferance of ills to allow time, education and reason to correct many wrongs, there is only so much patience left to taunt.  And, these law-abiding Americans are certainly supportive of law enforcement performing their lawful duties.  However, with law enforcement in an almost “stand down” position regarding the Idiocrats, law-abiding Americans will have the fuse on their patience tested.  Hopefully, that fuse is long enough to withstand whatever length of time it takes to return to the rule of law.  But, make no mistake about it, this republic is headed for a constitutional crisis, if it is not already in one.  And, it will come down to maintaining self-governance or succumbing to dictatorship.



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