Red Alert; Shields Up — Left Liberals in Full Meltdown Mode

If you have ever watched Star Trek and/or any of the sagas inspired by the original production, Capt. Kirk, Picard or Janeway would initiate a red alert, put the shields up on the Enterprise, and prepare to counter whatever attack might be imminent.  The left liberals are now in full meltdown mode over President Trump’s action regarding the temporary ban on immigration from seven Middle East countries who sponsor terrorism and the priority given to Christian “refugees” to enter the united States from the war-torn areas because of their systematic extermination by Islamists.  It’s too bad the left isn’t the warp core on the Enterprise;  they could be ejected by Mr. Scott or Mr. LaForge before a warp core breach occurred.

But, since we are stuck with them, it becomes imperative that facts be repeated over and over and over again in order to try to counter their ridiculous claims.  It becomes increasingly difficult when lamestream enemedia “talking heads” and “Silicone Barbies” who call themselves journalists perpetuate lies and lawlessness.

President Trump is well within the constitutional authority to issue this executive order that complies with constitutionally passed immigration legislation.  What the lamestream enemedia ignores is the framework Trump is using actually originated with Hussein Soetoro’s suspension of visas in 2013, 2015, and 2016.  So, what is all the meltdown about?  Hussein Soetoro’s actions in the above mentioned years was fine then;  but, it isn’t fine when Trump basically extends it to 2017.  Can anyone say, “hypocrisy?”

Not to be outdone by Trump on Twitter, lamestream enemedia left liberal “journalists” used the social media platform to express their outrage.  Interestingly enough, none of these “journalists” recognize Trump’s executive order being similar to Hussein Soetoro’s nor do they recognize Trump is using the same action as Hussein Soetoro;  one developed by the Soetoro administration.  If there is any doubt regarding some of the claims made regarding the lamestream enemedia “journalists, Jon Rappaport, in his article at DC Clothesline, “The Fake News Business:  Reporters Tell Me The Truth Off the Record,” will hopefully open some eyes, turn on the alarm, and actually shed some light on the skepticism many citizens have with the media.

During the Iranian revolution, President Carter suspended immigration due to a concern over national security regarding those immigrating from the nation of Iran.  Obama did it in 2013, 2015 and 2016.  So, what is all the hubbub about?

It’s very simple really.  For eight years, the far left liberal progressives have had the “ear” of government.  When they protested, government, read Obama, caved.  Because Congress did not act when Obama thought the body should, he used his pen and phone to make law.  The left liberal progressives became accustomed to lawlessness, found comfort in it, and have difficulty when the rule of one man based on a whim suddenly stops.  The group was able to effectively use the government through Obama to force its ideological agenda onto the rest of the republic.  Should anyone disagree, the left liberal progressives resorted to name-calling, playing the race card, and using the government to punish dissenters.  It worked with the majority since trying to reason with left liberal progressives is like trying to scoop sand with a fork.

As a recipient of the criticism — “the right wing woman that someone let out of the kitchen where she needs to be” and accused of name-calling for referring to male and female “news” personalities as “talking heads” and “Silicone Barbies” respectively, it’s just calling it like I see it based on what is known about the lamestream enemedia, illuminated very well in Jon Rappaport’s article.  Taking the high road is more preferable but sometimes it is necessary to give someone a taste of their own medicine.  Moreover, descriptive adjectives to describe anything disturbs or “triggers” those on the left because they have no sense of humor.

With all the “meltdown” occurring amidst the left liberal progressives, it is plain to see their difficulty in readjusting to a lawful society.  A lawful society does not provide any “special treatment” to fringe element left-leaning individuals.  They champion a man who views the law as subservient to his stature and ideology while rejecting the idea that man is bound by the law.  As widespread as this is, one could say it is a cognitive dissonance pandemic.  Simply put, these people have gone bat guano crazy.

Because of the rogue, lawless, criminal Obama presidency, the new administration under Trump has quite a mess to try and clean up.  The left liberal progressives don’t want the mess cleaned up — they just want to make more mess.  And, they will continue to  make a mess until things collapse in on them;  then, they holler for someone to clean it up.  The disastrous Obamacare is a good example.

The piece of legislation, once it was available for public review, known as Obamacare was determined to be unsustainable, engineered for collapse, and detrimental to the health care and health care insurance industries.  But, the objective analysis was met with animosity, aggression, and baseless accusations from left liberal progressive.  Now, here we are in 2017, and it has to be repealed before the bottom falls out because the objective analysis was spot on.  That is the position of President Trump — fix it before the bottom falls out.  However, it would be a well earned education of Americans to let the bottom fall out.  After all, the school of hard knocks is a well earned education when a fool will learn no other way.

But, the main take away is the increased volatility of the left liberal progressives who for years claimed it was right conservative federalists/constitutionalists that leaned toward aggression and civil unrest.  However, it was not right conservative federalists/constitutionalists who were rioting, vandalizing, and terrorizing neighborhoods over the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot.”  It wasn’t right conservative federalists/constitutionalists who were pushing to eradicate individual God-given rights of free speech, bearing arms or illegal search and seizure, etc. because they were offended by those rights.  Despite the media and Hussein Soetoro trying to portray right conservative federalists/constitutionalists as perpetrators of violence when it occurred, the truth surfaced to show it was either Muslims or left liberal progressives who were responsible.

It is left liberal progressives who are focused intently on race, gender, sex, and age, etc.  It is this sect of the population who disparage blacks by perpetrating the false rhetoric this group has difficulty getting an identification card.  Left liberal progressives are anti-life through the support of abortion when it is shown that per population percentage it is disparaging in black neighborhoods.  Black on black crime is extremely high based on percentage of the population.  Yet, left liberal progressives, who claim to be “champions of the minority,” rarely talk about the issue.

Remember, protesting, rioting, vandalism and terrorizing of neighborhoods occurred under the Obama administration and is happening now, with increased ferocity under the Trump administration.  The left liberal progressives were getting plenty of attention and support out of the former administration since Obama’s claim to fame is community organizing to cause dissent in America’s neighborhoods.  It’s time that license was revoked from the left liberal progressives.  Enough is enough.  But, with them in full meltdown mode, it will be difficult for these individuals to comply with any instruction or be receptive to any positive intervention.



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