A Portion of the American Public Has Become Mentally Ill

From the protestors/rioters at the presidential inauguration to a Hollyweirdo B-movie star “punching” folks in New York and a has-been pop star thinking about blowing up the White House to “feminists” aligning with Islam, it becomes painfully clear that some of the citizens in the united States have absolutely become mentally ill.   Videos abound across the internet news outlets of individuals screaming in tears when Donald Trump took the presidential oath of office.  The violence emanating from those who do not support Trump towards those who do support Trump have become almost pandemic.  Where did any of these individuals get the idea that committing assault and battery, issuing terroristic threats, and committing vandalism is normal, lawful behavior?

At the “feminist” protest, Madonna took to the microphone to say she often thought about blowing up the White House.  This has now put her under scrutiny by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as it would any citizen expressing that desire.  Recognizing the gravity of her statement after the fact, she quickly moved to qualify that statement.  However, where did she get the idea she could say something of that nature with impunity?

The same thing goes for Shia LeBeouf, who came out admitting he roamed the streets of New York “pushing” people around since Trump won the November 2016 election.  This is a form of assault.  Yet, LeBeouf has no problem admitting to violating the law.  Why does he believe it is lawful to commit assault against innocent individuals?  Why does he think his behavior is acceptable?

Protestors/rioters in Washington, DC, for the presidential inauguration participated in attacking innocent individuals, attacking news crews, committing vandalism and impeding individuals from exercising their right to move closer to a space to view the activities.  Others were seen sitting on the ground screaming “no” and crying almost uncontrollably when the oath of office was administered to Trump.  The “feminist” protest raled against Trump, declaring him to be misogynistic, as they wore their “p****hats,” while demonstrating in favor of Islam, a verified misogynistic theocracy.

While many may not consider these activities mentally ill, these behaviors are indicative of antisocial personality disorder and being a psychopath, both considered mental illness.  A simple internet search using any search engine with the terms “antisocial personality disorder” and then “psychopath” will reveal a recurring theme between the two — a total disregard for the rights of others while showing no regard for right and wrong.  Do a little reading.  Check the DSM-V.  Look at the symptoms then the behavior of these individuals.

Granted, not all the protestors acted in the same manner as many did.  However, to continue to stand with individuals engaging in unlawful behavior and not leave is to condone that behavior.  Some individuals might want to attribute this behavior to the “hive mind” or “group think” phenomenon.  This could very well be the case.  However, each individual still has a choice.

Peer pressure to conform to the “standards” adopted by a group or groups is very powerful in creating a “hive mind” or “group think” phenomenon where individuality is discouraged.  And, individuals choose to adopt the same mentality as the group to continue to be a part of the group avoiding being ostracized.  They have not the self-esteem or intestinal fortitude to deviate out of the “hive.”

The question still remains — where do these individuals get the idea their behavior is acceptable with impunity?  Look no further than the last eight years of lawlessness, corruption, criminal behavior, and the antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy of the 44th president of the united States, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah.  During his eight year tenure, Hussein Soetoro marginalized police officers, promoted Muslim terrorist organizations, backed the lies of the Black Lives Matter movement, ostracized nd patronized half of the US population, and legitimized commissions of crimes during protests effectively calling it “exercise of First Amendment rights.”  Not only did Hussein Soetoro “normalize” what would be considered criminal behavior on the part of protestors/rioters, the lamestream enemedia outlets played a major role in depicting these individuals as justified in committing crimes during the First Amendment guarantee of “peaceful assembly” to ask for a “redress of grievances.”

This is the same lamestream enemedia that spits out whatever their corporate owners want them to say, essentially becoming “talking heads” and “silicone Barbies,” whether factual or not.  In most cases, it is not factual.  When these news media pseudo-stars do not reference the Constitution or any applicable law, instead choosing to debate the issues’ validity, they do the public a great disservice by passing on inaccurate information, using frivolous talking points, and conveniently leaving out pertinent facts and information.  It is why when one engages one of these “hive mind” individuals that one receives news/government talking points with nothing to back it up.  When challenged, these individuals resort to name-calling, debasement and refuse to talk any further.

Still, these individuals each have a choice.  It is a choice between observance of the law or disregarding the law.  No grievance, regardless of what it is, is justification for the commission of a crime.  Take into account that many protestors wore masks, scarves and bandanas to hide their face, meaning these individuals wanted to avoid being identified should they be filmed by news crews committing crimes, which many were.  Does anyone actually think that these people do not know that assault is against the law?  Do these individuals actually think that destruction of private/public property not theirs is lawful behavior?

If their actions were lawful or they considered their actions lawful, they would not have hidden their face.  Therefore, these individuals knew their actions were criminal, but engaged in criminal behavior anyway while hiding their face to avoid punitive actions.  But, not all individuals behaved in this manner.

Some individuals engaged in unlawful behavior without hiding their identity believing their actions to be “justified” and without punishment.  Yet, any one of these protestors/rioters/law breakers would have plenty to say or take action against anyone who dared to step on their rights or violate one of their family members.  It is hypocrisy for certain but also indicative of antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy.

The behavior of these individuals is telling on the state of the united States today.  When part of the population operates outside the law, thinking it justified, and is given impunity, the problem will only get worse threatening the republic and the rights of all individuals, including those engaging in such behavior.  Granted, these protestors may be a fringe element of the left liberal Democrats;  however, the rest of the left liberal Democrats have not condemned their behavior.

The next few years will be a bumpy road for this republic, its leaders, constitutionalists, Christians, conservatives and others not subscribing to the violent, law-breaking “hive mind” becoming public in its prevalence.  One thing these individuals forget is the Second Amendment and the inherent right of self-defense.  Interesting that Shia LeBeouf would go to gun control New York City to engage in assault instead of a city where there is no gun control.  And, one has to wonder who he is pushing — could it be individuals who can’t fight back or choose to ignore his behavior?  LeBeouf exhibits typical left liberal bravery when choosing to engage in criminal behavior in “gun free zones.”  The behavior would be different in areas where law-abiding citizens carry concealed or openly per the law.



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