DNC Chair Candidate Wants “Schooling in Order to School White People”

If you are white and live in America, left liberals and Democrats, regardless of ethnicity, claim you perpetuate “white privilege,” are racist, should pay reparations for slavery, and recognize your privilege in order to relinquish some of it to others.  While this usually applies to Republicans, Christian conservatives, independents, and constitutionalists, a candidate in the running for DNC chair sees “white people” in the Democrat Party as failing to “get that they have privilege” and discussing Black Lives Matter.  Sally Boynton Brown, the white woman running for DNC chair, said she her job would be to “shut other white people down” if she were to lead the party.

You can watch Ms. Brown via the video.

Boy, oh boy!  Where to begin with this racist piece of white trash.  But, first, to the people of Idaho, it is difficult to comprehend that good hard-working individuals would tolerate any racist as the head of a political party, much less the Democrat Party.  She’s not racist against blacks;  she’s racist against white people and she’s white.  More than likely, she considers herself “transracial.”

Be forewarned — this is extremely politically incorrect, blunt, and brash.  It calls a spade a spade.  So, if you are “triggered” by such or find it offensive, tough.  Just move on.

Ms. Brown, it is plain that your stupidity is only exceeded by your racism.  How dare you stereotype every individual who is white while being white yourself.  Are we to understand that being white means all whites, except you, are “privileged?”  One can guarantee if anyone who is white declared that blacks were watermelon-loving, tap dancing, fried chicken eating Mammies there would be plenty of backlash.  Yet, you perpetuate a stereotype of white people as having privilege believing it as truth when it is just as much a myth as any stereotype of blacks.

It is obvious you have no leadership skills when you are willing to discount white Democrats “shutting them down” when they deny being prejudice.  You are right in saying that Democrat Party leaders have failed;  but wrong in declaring it only applicable to white leaders in the Party.  If you want to know why there is not a conversation occurring around Black Lives Matter, it is very simple — the BLM movement is based on lies and falsehoods over a thug criminal named Mike Brown.  One cannot give credence to lies and falsehoods.  And, the BLM movement has been used to justify criminal behavior by participants with impunity, shame police and hold hostage local governments to meet demands or continue creating chaos.

And, while on the subject of Black Lives Matter, Ms. Brown, you should address the disproportionate numbers of black mothers murdering their babies in the womb.  If black lives mattered so much to you and other Democrats, you would be outraged at the murder of innocent babies in the womb by their own mothers, regardless of color.  And, the black on black murder rate would be a hot topic as well if black lives mattered.  It’s funny that these two issues contributing to the demise of black people are being ignored by Democrats, left liberals, and BLM members, but are always brought up by Christian conservatives, constitutionalists and those “white people” that should be “shut down.”  In case you don’t get the context of the word “demise,” it is being used not to highlight the dwindling numbers of black people, but the detriment to the spirit of community and character and integrity of black people.

You claim that white people should get that they have privilege.  To quote you, Ms. Brown, “Until we shut our mouths and we listen to those people who don’t and lift our people up so that we all have equity in this country, so that we’re all fighting alongside each other, so that we are all on the same page and we clearly get where we’re going, we’re not going to break through this.”  Exactly, to whom are you referring when you say “our people?”  Is that white people, black people, transracial people (rolls eyes), latinos… who?  Are you talking about whites lifting up minorities?  And, how can all people be on the same page when individuals like you keep fomenting racial division?  Maybe, you should shut your mouth and truly listen to those who do not subscribe to your garbage of creating victims but subscribe to the notion that the people of this republic are Americans, regardless of color.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, Ms. Brown, the Constitution, as imperfect as it is, provides the very freedom and liberty you enjoy to spout your drivel.  Even Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. recognized the “promise” contained in the Declaration of Independence speaking to men being created equal.  For not only were black people enslaved for a time here in America, many other immigrants, such as the Irish, were as well.  Oh, in case you missed it, there was a great war in this country fought over the rights of States that resulted in the abolishment of slavery in the united States.  However, it was only an illusion of the abolishment of slavery because there are still many who are enslaved in this republic, including the average taxpayer who was made slave to the federal government.

As for white people having privilege, for once, those who speak about it should definitely show the rest of us where our “privilege” is.  From where many of us “white people” sit, we sure are not getting the benefit of any privilege being touted by political hacks and tools such as yourself.  As a white woman, I am next to last on the hiring rung because of “white privilege.”  When it comes to employment affirmative action, the only action seen is certainly not affirmative but negative.  Where emphasis should be placed on skill and content of character, employers place more emphasis on race then gender than skill.  For all this white privilege white people are proclaimed to have by hacks like you, many of us don’t see it much less experience it.  So, talk all you want about white privilege and continue your outrageous falsehood that all white people have it and should recognize it;  I, for one, will never believe it, subscribe to it, or acknowledge it for anything other than what it is — a crutch and mechanism invented to perpetuate black people as victims to keep them on the Democrat plantation for votes.

You are definitely correct in saying that you need schooling Ms. Brown, plenty of it.  However, one doubts whether you could even open your mind long enough to receive any type of teaching whatsoever, much less shut your mouth long enough to consider another point besides your own.  And, you are running against four minority candidates.   Maybe you should take your own advice to “shut up” since you are exerting being white and embracing that white privilege to try and deny these minorities their opportunity.  If you were following your own advice, you might have more integrity.  But, you are a white person trying to speak from the perspective of a minority.  You failed, Ms. Brown, and in the process, make yourself look rather pathetic doing it.



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