An Historical Week for America — Events Boil Down to Socialism versus Freedom

This past week has certainly been one for making history in America.  Between Senate hearings to confirm Trump nominees, to the rabid reporting of events by lamestream media, the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president, and multiple riots around the republic instigated by those in favor of socialism, the entire republic has seen events in history that could be classified as once in a lifetime experiences.  But, all of these historical events boils down to a battle between socialism versus freedom.

Senate Confirmation Hearings

Kudos to those who have been able to sit through hours of Senate committee hearings to confirm or disallow Trump nominees to appointed positions.  While only sitting through a portion of a few, there was one, two, maybe three themes running through the Democrats sitting on these committees — racism, prejudice against LBGTQrst (whatever)… individuals, and entitlement.  Either way you slice it and dice it, Democrats have an obsession with sex, race, and forcing individuals to give others their property.

In regards to sex, Democrats are very concerned that appointees, such as Gen. Mattis, not discriminate against sodomites, transgenders, transsexuals, and other sexual deviants.  How would Gen. Mattis knows what goes on in someone else’s bedroom unless an individual put it on display?  There are times for “self-expression” and there are times to put it in the closet.  When it comes to the military, self-expression should be put in the closet while serving on duty, in foreign nations, and in combat.  While individuals may not like the sound of that, the united States has an all voluntary military, meaning those serving “volunteered” to serve.  And, America’s military is not the appropriate institution for “social experiments” since the united States military is charged with the defense of this nation, not to champion or endorse social issues.

When it comes to racism, Democrats were terribly concerned about Sen. Jeff Sessions in his nomination as Attorney General because of previous cases Sessions prosecuted.  One case happened to involve members of the Black Panthers harassing black voters — a black on black case involving influencing voters through threats.  Despite numerous black witnesses providing testimony on the fairness and color-blindness of Sen. Sessions, Democrats on that committee continued to dub the Senator a “racist.”  Yet, these same Democrats had little issue with the blatant racism exhibited by former Attorney General Eric Holder, as well as the racism seeping from the current AG Loretta Lynch.  The thinking of Democrats revolves around the falsehood that “blacks cannot be racist.”  In looking at the definition of racist/racism, it would appear that anyone can be racist.

As far as entitlement is concerned, Democrats are of the opinion that whatever is your property is not really your property — others are privileged to it.  In regards to health care, many are under the impression that health care is one of those inherent rights God gave to man.  While health care may fall under “the pursuit of happiness,” pursuit does not mean “guaranteed,” for in pursuing happiness one might not always be successful.  However, it also means living one’s life without an overly intrusive government.  In the confirmation hearing for Rep. Tom Price as Health and Human Services Secretary, Sen. Bernie Sanders stated that the US is the only nation that does not guarantee health care to all individuals as a right.  What Sanders is saying is that individuals who need health care have a “right” to an individual’s knowledge in that area — intellectual property.  By Sanders’ standard, intellectual property of anyone does not belong to the individual possessing it.

Health care is another one of those “invented” rights by government in order to access one-sixth of the nation’s economy and intellectual property of those working in that profession.  But, in a true socialist fashion, Sanders wants that intellectual property to be owned by the government through “government run/authorized health care.”  Sanders is correct that access doesn’t guarantee care;  but, neither does having health care insurance.  These arguments made by Democrats revolve truly not around an individual getting health care, but an individual being mandated to purchase insurance.  Frequently, Democrats and other politicians like to interchange the two terms — health care and health care insurance.  However, they are not interchangeable.

European nations that have government run health care services are frequently touted by Democrats as superior to the free market system here in the united States.  But, many of those nations sporting government run health care services are experiencing deficits in the funding for such, which results in “rationed” care based on demographics, altering of recommended standards set by physicians, compromising of infection control procedures, etc.  And, in the mind of Democrats, there is no other solution to be formulated or entertained — it’s government run health care insurance, period.  Those who do not prescribe to this government take-over of one-sixth of the US economy are, according to Democrats, devoid of compassion.

Reporting of Events by Lamestream Media

Trying to sit through much of the lamestream media coverage of events during the past week can best be compared to having a root canal without anesthesia.  No matter which affiliate one watched, the total disdain for the incoming administration, in particular Donald Trump himself, was on display for all to see.  It is fairly apparent that many of these “journalists” and “reporters” cannot get out of the former administration prejudice to move forward into a new one.

With the media being owned by only six mega corporations that lean far left liberal, as well as being aided by far left liberal alternative media, the abundance of less than accurate news abounds.  The media joined the former administration at the hip to obscure facts, with-hold some information, and generally fluff the public to support an administration that did not have the republic’s interest in the forefront.  Communist/socialist policies were praised, promoted and propped up as within the purview of the law to the detriment of citizens’ liberties and freedoms.  The news media as a propaganda machine to rival that of Stalin and Hitler was born.

But, the people and the new administration have rejected propaganda, any and all false reporting, and obstruction of transparency in government.  As it stands, the “faces” of the news outlets have no idea how to do their job anymore since living off table scraps spoon-fed to them by the outgoing administration.  So devoid of integrity, character, and gumption, the only recourse they see is to smear the current administration before it is fully in place, call for removal, and glorify those rioting who are violating the law.

And, funny how many are now resorting to name-calling after berating, harassing and abusing those on the other side who dared to call a spade a spade.  Hypocrisy is their name.  It would be appropriate if the name-calling were factually based;  but, it is not.  The use of negative labels, verbal smears, and assigning attributes to those who do not stand with them is merely projecting their own labels, smears and attributes to others.  Rioters, Hollyweirdos saying incredibly irresponsible things, and law violators receive a full coverage of activities, full endorsement by the media even when crimes are being committed, and the opposing side being blamed for the actions of lawbreakers while giving very little coverage and credence to the opposing side.

Needless to say, this could not be stomached for long at all.  How different the coverage of the previous administration steeped in corruption, crime and lawlessness, not to mention the “peaceful” transfer of leadership from Bush to Obama, compared to this administration, which officially kicked off on January 20.

Rioting/Protesting at Inauguration in Washington, DC

Check any alternative news outlet and one will find reports of protestors wearing scarves, masks, and other clothing to cover their face in order to commit crimes ranging from assault to destruction of public/private property.  In many cases, the DC police department turned a blind eye to crime with some even donning the dubbed “p****hat” to show support for the women’s march.  Never to shy away from a camera, some of these officers were posing for selfies and with protestors turned rioters for a bit of fun while on duty.  While some DC police officers performed their duty by arresting law violators, many officers ignored assault, violence against women, destruction of property, and vandalism on the part of rioters/protestors.

There were reports of skirmishes between the protestors/rioters demonstrating against the new administration and those supporting the new administration.  With the steady stream of negative connotations toward the various police departments in cities throughout the republic, many officers almost refuse to do their job even when witnessing law violations to avoid being called names from a left liberal sect of America who chastises anyone in any other sect of America for speaking truth and using creative adjectives, being smeared by the lamestream enemedia, and slapped with frivolous lawsuits.  This speaks volumes about what is occurring in local governments.  As they say, **** rolls down hill.  And, the lawlessness that occurred on the hill of Washington, DC, trickled its way down to the valley where local government officials followed the example.

These rioters/protestors became comfortable with the eight years of lawlessness where a blind eye was turned to crimes committed under the label of “peaceful protesting,” which was anything but peaceful, and some imagined right that crime is acceptable during protests.  Of course, they have good role models to follow in Congress, particularly among Democrats, their local governments, and support from the same.  While these sheeple violate the law under the guise of “protesting,” a hearty call to follow the law, particularly the Constitution, rises up from their bowels to be used as a punchline while those supporting the Constitution unwaveringly were castigated during the administration of lawlessness for calling for the rule of law.

The republic has been witness to an entire sect of its citizens being turned into sociopaths, who believe the law does not apply to them, but does apply to everyone else.  Maybe these individuals were like that all along keeping it hidden until an administration came to leadership that shared their anti-social tendencies.  As the violations of the Obama administration were overlooked and cheered by these cretins, they now call for the rule of law, impeachment of a newly inaugurated leader, and insurrection against the people.  It has now become “acceptable” to engage in chaos in order to hold hostage government for a ransom of getting demands met to end chaos — government has conceded to rioters thereby reinforcing the lawless behavior.  Citizens are now expected to “suffer” through this display of lawlessness, somehow described as “justified” by those in leadership.  Unfortunately, their “justice” flowed in only one direction — support of the lawless.

As the division of the citizens of this republic was fervently encouraged by the previous administration, the current one has a tremendously difficult task of reunification of the public for the survival of the republic.


As the Trump administration ramps up to develop a solid working base, the opposition to it is of such strength that one cannot expect the hostility to die down anytime soon.  Not only does this administration have difficult foreign affairs to handle, the problems on the domestic front, where a divided populace is concerned, will be more difficult to remedy than any foreign affairs the administration encounters.  This will be a difficult time for constitutionalists as well as anti-constitutionalists.  But, at the end of the day, the Constitution is supreme.  The law is the law and should be upheld regardless of any “belief” system.  The road will be bumpy as constitutionalists call out those who violate the Constitution and anti-constitutionalists use the Constitution as a punchline to counter an administration to which they oppose.

The extreme views held by the varying sects of the populace is bad enough.  Add to the mix a struggling economy, and one can see the potential for an eruption.  While one would hope that cooler heads prevail, the preparation for the worst case should be undertaken.  And, when choosing news, take lamestream enemedia with a grain of salt and try to find reputable alternative news organizations to keep informed.


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