Lamestream Enemedia Keeping Alive False Narrative using Sen. Dianne Feinstein

If you were one of the many who watched Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) on NBC’s Meet The Press, congratulations are in order for having the intestinal fortitude to suffer through listening to her drivel.  And, when it came to the fake, false 35 page Trump dossier released by Buzzfeed, Feinstein “believes” that Russia interfered in the US elections thereby altering the outcome.  For reference, this is the same woman who “believes” she has a right to carry a firearm, but the rest of the public should be stripped of their right to do so.

Courtesy of, here is the partial transcript with highlighted emphasis that is mine.

TODD: Let me go to the investigation. You’ve seen the unclassified version of this Intel report. Do you have any doubt in your mind that Russia tried to interfere in the election and then second, do you believe it altered the outcome?

FEINSTEIN: The answer is yes on both cases.

TODD: You truly, you believe —

FEINSTEIN: That’s what I believe. I’ve had all of the major classified briefings. I have been astonished at what has been a two-year effort at Russia to spearfish, to hack, to provide disinformation, propaganda wherever it really could — I think this has been a very sophisticated effort. I think in our classified sessions we will be able to get down to the depth and breadth of it. I hope so. I spoke yesterday twice with Senator Warner who is our new vice chairman, and he reviewed with me the terms of this agreement. This investigation has to be full and robust. If it isn’t, both of us will go toward an outside panel. We cannot ignore what has happened. To ignore it is really to commit ourselves to a very bad future. 

TODD: What is the scope? I’ll be honest. I read it, and it comes across as it’s an investigation into the investigation. It’s an investigation into the intel community’s assessment. Is the intel committee going to do its own investigation?

FEINSTEIN: Well, it’s a review of the intelligence that informed the declassified report about Russia’s interference in the election. Now last night I read the declassified report. The declassified report is pretty certain about what Russia did. There are some particulars which are classified which are not part of it, but it’s pretty clear that the hacking was in both political parties, but with the aim of hurting Hillary Clinton, and then if Hillary Clinton were to win the aim clearly was to weaken her.

First, let’s look at the question Todd asked Feinstein by making it two sentences, which she answered yes to both.  Sentence one — Do you have any doubt in your mind that Russia tried to interfere in the election?  And, sentence two — Do you believe it altered the outcome?  In her response, she answered “yes” to the first question, saying she has doubt that Russia interfered;  and, she answered “yes” to the second question confirming her “belief” that it altered the outcome.

Either Feinstein misunderstood the question in it’s entirety or she wasn’t listening in her zeal to answer the question.  Now, what does Feinstein really believe?  And, what she believes does not make anything factual or truthful.  But, the Democrats have to maintain the false narrative in order to reconcile the fact that Hillary lost to Trump.  The party was so sure of a win it went into spasms when Trump won.

Feinstein stated there was a “two-year effort at Russia to spearfish, to hack, to provide disinformation, propaganda wherever it really could.”   The disinformation and propaganda comment was more than likely in response to the RT news network and site.   The “two year effort” comment actually goes back to the discovery of Hillary Clinton’s unsecured, unlawful email server in the basement of her home that contained classified information and SAP programs on it.  But, it wasn’t Russian hackers that discovered it.

Russia didn’t twist Hillary’s arm to make her use an unsecured, unlawful server in the basement of her home.  That was all on Hillary.  And, when talking about the released DNC emails, those were “leaked” not “hacked,” which is a big difference.   It has been circulated in various media that Podesta fell for a phishing scam that resulted in his emails being accessed and ultimately released.

While Feinstein continues to reference “hacking” depth and scope, not once does she question, nor has anyone else, the authenticity of the emails and documents nor the contents of those emails.  Democrats are lamenting that someone caught them in their subversive activities, exposed it to the public, and their own misbehavior resulted in an election loss.  Even the FBI and DOJ were on-board to give Hillary’s violations of the law regarding classified information and SAP programs being unprotected in not recommending prosecution.  Any other individual, and the examples are several, caught mishandling classified information have had the law book thrown at them and consequences applied.

Not once has Feinstein acknowledged the DNC shafted Bernie Sanders to give Hillary Clinton the party nomination, which upset Sanders’ supporters.  But, Russia probably had something to do with that as well since Feinstein states the intelligence community is “pretty certain about what Russia did.”  Moreover, Feinstein claims it’s “pretty clear” Russia hacked both parties with the intent to instigate a Hillary loss and a Trump win or weaken her in the event of her win.

For that matter, I’m “pretty certain” that Dianne Feinstein is a corrupt, criminal member of the Senate.  And, it’s “pretty clear” she has disdain for the individual rights of the average united States citizen.  Being that she did not understand the compound question asked of her by Chuck Todd, I believe she is unfit to serve.  Mind you, there is no evidence to support “my beliefs” but you should just take my word for it.

It’s ridiculous to claim that “pretty certain” and “pretty clear” are definitive in accusing Russia and Vladimir Putin of “hacking.”  Could anyone go before a judge or prosecutor and say, “I’m pretty certain so and so committed this crime;  and, it’s pretty clear why?”  Both the judge and prosecutor would want solid, beyond a reasonable doubt evidence or an undeniable set of circumstantial evidence where a conclusion of guilt could be drawn.  So far, there has been none of that shown by the intelligence community or Democrats to implicate Russia beyond a reasonable doubt.

From the information gathered,  Hillary Clinton, nor the Democratic Party, needed Russia’s assistance in burying themselves.  They were capable of doing that all on their own as Project Veritas videos indicated.  Hillary using a private, unsecured, unlawful server in her home for government business resulting in mishandling of classified information had nothing to do with Russia, but Hillary wanting to skirt the Freedom of Information Act when it came to her government emails.  Moreover, Clinton actually destroyed emails she claimed were “personal” but no one really knows if that is true.   And, it was shown that the Clinton server had been hacked multiple times, including by the hacker Guccifer — who is not Russian.

A disgruntled Democratic party worker obtained the DNC emails that exposed the DNC altering results to make Hillary the nominee instead of Bernie.  Russia had nothing to do with that.  Podesta fell for a phishing scam resulting in his emails being accessed.  And, his password was so weak a child could have figured it out.  But, the Democrats are not responsible for any of this — it was the Russians.  The Russians did not need to weaken the Democrats or Hillary since they were perfectly capable of doing it on their own.  And, with the leaking of the emails that occurred, they did a bang up job.  They are just upset, pissed off, and embarrassed they got caught — not that they did it.

All of this hullaballoo has led to Homeland Security federalizing elections, when no outside hacking was done.  But, plenty of inside rigging in the previous election cycles was exposed by from inside our own nation by partisan party individuals who can alter voting results within seconds on election night.  Remember Obama declaring elections are not rigged, when in actuality they were in 2008 and 2012.  Now, the liar-in-chief has gone to the side that Russia “hacked the elections.”  When results favored Democrats, which is what Obama was counting on in the 2016 cycle, there was no “rigging.”  But, a Hillary loss has produced “hacking of elections.”

So, exactly who is perpetrating propaganda and disinformation?   With the clamp down coming on what the public will be seeing as far as news is concerned with the bureau to censor what they view as fake news coming, it will be more difficult to know what is propaganda and what isn’t.  But, one can bet if it is acceptable to the “government truth bureau” it is propaganda to keep the public under control.


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