It’s Incredible American Citizens Believe Propaganda From Government Steeped in Falsehoods

From the government that brought American citizens the false high confidence assertion “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction,” citizens are hearing now the government asserting with high confidence “Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to install Trump as president.”  The government declared through Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan, period,” only to find out that all health care plans were being “reworked” to meet Obamacare regulations.   From “the elections are not rigged, what does that mean,” to “Russia hacked the elections,” to “Russia owns Trump because of ‘golden shower’ video,” the American citizens have been blasted with false narratives from this administration and government for quite some time.  Yet, American citizens still “jump to” whenever government issues a statement, running with it as fact without any semblance of evidence, declaring Russia hacking in the election and exposure of DNC, Clinton and Podesta emails to install Trump as president.

In other words, the government believes the citizens of this republic to be so dumb downed that any statement coming out of the government, intelligence agencies and current administration would be accepted as fact without any evidence whatsoever.  And, for the most part, the government is correct.  As politician after politician repeats the lies, citizens begin to take it as truth despite the absence of any evidence.  The government says so;  therefore, it must be true as the average citizen does not have access to the intelligence.  But, the intelligence community has been less than reliable in their assessments — “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction;”  “Syrian President Assad used chemical weapons against his own people.”

From the administration that created ISIS, armed sworn enemies of the united States, ran guns to Mexican gun cartels, targeted conservative groups using the Internal Revenue Service, backstabbed long time ally Israel, and repeatedly lied to the American public, many Americans, again, are swallowing hook, line and sinker the rhetoric of “Russia hacked the US to install Trump.”  Not only has this been the bastion rant of Democrats, Republicans have adopted the narrative as well, including some of Trump’s incoming nominees for department positions.

For the average American, one should try going into court, a prosecutor’s office, or in front of the media and declare, “I have high confidence that the charges brought against [insert whatever cause you like] were perpetrated by [insert whatever boogeyman you like] in order to ensure conviction.”  Who would absolutely believe you without providing evidence other than “high confidence?”  The answer is no one nor should they.  So, why are Americans so willing to place trust in government agencies that have repeatedly lied to the American public to enact some agenda or invade a sovereign nation?

The government and the media are playing the old game, “repeat a lie often enough and it will be believed as truth.”  Despite the numerous statements made by Assange disclaiming Russian involvement;  despite the numerous articles in the alternative media highlighting former intelligence whistleblowers as denouncing the intelligence reports;  despite the article at ZeroHedge indicating the intelligence files listed contained no Russian source, the politicians, the media, and many in the American public still regurgitate the narrative “The Russians did it.”

Playing devil’s advocate, let’s say it was Russia, which it wasn’t.  Not one member of the DNC, the Clinton campaign, nor John Podesta have disputed the authenticity of  the “leaked” emails.  Not one member of the same have disputed the content of the “leaked” emails.  The administration has stood by silently as China hacked the united States’ databases exposing millions of Americans to scams and identity theft without taking any real defensive action or any action period toward China — if it was China at all.  The administration has stood by as even Russia has “hacked” the united States while saying, “everyone is hacking everyone – it’s nothing new.”  No action was taken against Russia until the administration booted 35 Russian diplomats from US soil.

If everyone is hacking everyone and is nothing new and China engaged in that activity without sanctions levied against it, why now is hacking a problem and only Russia is sanctioned?

Bill Gertz, national security columnist at The Washington Times, indicated in an article printed by the outlet on January 4, 2017, the National Security Agency, with formidable cyber-intelligence capabilities, believes Russia to be behind the political information warfare operation.  The key word has been highlighted for emphasis — believes.  Various individuals believe various things.  Believing something doesn’t make it true, fact or evidence in any court of law.  The question should be “what makes the NSA ‘believe’ Russia is involved?”  That is what goes to evidence — circumstantial or definitive.

Gertz also stated in a January 14, 2017 article at The Daily Caller, that the 35 page dossier on president-elect Trump is fraudulent.  In that same article, he claims the Democrats are using the hacking narrative “as a political ploy to undermine Trump before he takes office.”  Yet, Gertz turns around to say the “hacking” of the DNC revealed a “massive counter-intelligence failure” to keep this republic safe.  Even Gertz regurgitated the “DNC was hacked” rhetoric despite no evidence to prove it was other than what was stated by WikiLeaks — a leak perpetrated by a disgruntled Democratic Party member.  However, he also claimed that false narratives are dominating the American political culture.

What Gertz has indicated is the American public is clueless as to the real threats against the united States and her population.  This is the true legacy of the Hussein Soetoro administration.  With Obama embracing our enemies and confusing our allies, while dishing out falsehoods to the American public/voter, citizens are left trying to disseminate truth from fiction, who is an ally, who is an enemy, and who internally are enemies to this republic.  Up is down;  down is up.  Truth is lie;  lie is truth.  Moreover, Congress is not helping.  And, the media is complicit.

The Russian hacking narrative has been used to federalize or centralize the united States election process in violation of the Constitution.  Amazingly, the public has virtually been silent against this overreach possibly believing the government is saving us from the outside evil they have given us — the Russians.   It is reminiscent of 2001 when the 9/11 attacks were used to strip away Fourth Amendment protection of certain inherent rights of Americans.   In our complacency, government has learned citizens will willingly surrender rights to government for an image of security against a perceived or created enemy.

If Americans truly looked beyond what is being peddled, they might find that they not only face enemies from without, but enemies from within in the form of our government and its intelligence agencies.  The political parties in Congress are too busy playing “politics” through peddling propaganda to the public to actually participate in statesmanship and governance.  With all the scandals occurring in this administration and all the sub-committees formed to investigate them, who has been held accountable?  Who has been charged?  Who has been sent for prosecution?  This is telling in and of itself.

While much of the public has been dumb-downed to accept whatever government states as fact and others are willfully ignorant, refusing to question whatever government and the media state as fact, there are some who do question media and government, do question public narratives and motives by Congress, and most of all, question who are allies and who are enemies — outside as well as inside.  Many citizens rely on alternative media sources to receive information and news because of the joining of mainstream media and government to peddle propaganda.  It has resulted in a war on “fake news” and creation of a “bureau” to determine what is to be presented to the people as fact.  In actuality, this is the beginning of destroying alternative media.

Add to all of this the surge of liberal ideology that has turned volatile toward those who do not embrace their “religion” of liberal progressivism and the recipe for disaster is combining the ingredients to subvert a free republic.  The ballot box cannot alter the course of this almost perfect storm of converging streams.  No one individual elected president can turn this republic around without Congress and the resurgence of State sovereignty.  Nor can this subversion succeed without a complacent citizenry.

If you are not awake, it’s time to cease your slumber.  If you have hit the snooze button, don’t hit it again.  If you are awake, prepare for the worst and work toward the best — retuning to a Constitutional government without a “shadow government” of intelligence agencies operating with an agenda in opposition to freedom and liberty.


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