Political Democratic Socialists Unhappy with “America First”- Prefer “America as Partner”

Attending nursing school several decades ago was especially challenging since there was a husband and daughter to consider.  During the psychiatric nursing rotation, my psych nursing instructor imparted a bit of wisdom to all in the class that has reverberated throughout the rest of my life.  She said that nursing was a profession that required the individual practicing to give greatly of themselves in everyway to their patients.  And, those nurses with families are giving to them as well.  Because of that excessive giving, which seems to come naturally with many nurses, it was important for the nurse to give to themselves by “keeping our basket full.”  In other words, in order to give to others, it is important to make sure you give to yourself (do something for yourself often) so your basket never gets empty.

When Donald Trump burst upon the political scene to run for president, he brought with him two simple messages:  Make America Great Again and America First.  It resonated with the portion of the American public who have felt left out, marginalized, and forgotten by the government for far too long.  Americans felt their “basket was empty” and the federal government was not “doing something” for the republic thereby demoralizing America.  Trump won for his vision to “fill America’s basket.”

For the Democrat Socialists, this message grated against their very nature to “empty America’s basket.”  One of these political Democrat Socialists, Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton, claimed Trump’s message is wrong;  it should be “America as Partner.”

Albright took the opportunity to criticize Trump’s message at the US Institute of Peace’s Passing the Baton event on Tuesday.

The former Secretary of State slammed Trump’s use of Twitter saying, “I’m going to try to be polite. Let me just say that I am very concerned about the tweets and generally about the messages that are going out.”

Continuing, Albright stated, “And if I could say, Secretary Kerry said I invented the term ‘indispensable nation.’ Actually President Clinton did. I said it so often it became identified with me. But there is nothing about that term that says alone. It means that the United States needs to be engaged. I think that that is a message I think we need to get out there, not as ‘America First,’ but as America as a partner. There is nothing wrong with partnerships. I know Americans don’t like the word multilateralism. It has too many syllables and ends in an ism. The bottom line is all it means is partnership and understanding the world as we see it in terms of what you call the global issues out there, whether it’s terrorism or global diseases or nuclear proliferation, those issues require partnerships.”

What former Secretary of State Albright has failed to realize is the united States has been almost “all partnered out.”  For decades, the various administrations have focused on “partnerships” with every conceivable world entity, nation, and group.  Whether it be trade agreements, pacifying the United Nations, helping fledgling nation governments, or combating terrorist organizations abroad, this republic, meaning her people, have suffered through numerous policy decisions and legislation that has decimated the people.  For far too long, citizens have heard “give, give, give,” without receiving anything in return.  The federal government emptied the basket without putting anything back to boost Americans.  Americans suffered decades under “multilateralism” and “understanding the world as we see it in terms of what you call the global issues out there, ….”

Americans gave.  Americans sacrificed — money;  our family in the military stationed overseas;  our reputation;  and, our reserves of strength and compassion.  Americans are drained.  Moreover, Americans are tired of a federal government always looking to the outside considering “what the world thinks,” who needs help in the world, and what can we give, while ignoring the draining of Americans.

Those “partnerships” around the world have resulted in this republic being taken advantage of by every nation with whom we deal, including our supposed allies.  While these “partners” ensure they get a “fair shake” for their citizens, America’s government has capitulated to these “partners” to the detriment of the public.  Jobs that should be kept in America have been imparted to other nations due to increased corporate taxes, over-regulation, and lower overseas wages for employees.  Small businesses are failing for various reasons with most related to over-regulation, taxes, and increased inflation.  A tired, worn-out, empty middle-class has been trampled for years through “America as Partner” philosophy.

Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate, now president-elect, that recognized the republic’s middle-class citizens as being left out, drained and empty, with nothing left to give.  While other candidates continued with the “status quo,” Trump presented a new message that offered to fill America’s empty basket.  It is not only what many wanted to hear.  It is what is needed at this point in time to build morale and return to Americans what they parceled out.

The establishment on both sides of the aisle talk about the compassion of this republic, the generosity of the people, and the willingness of citizens to rise to the occasion to answer the call of their government, along with the world.  All of this is true about America and her people.  However, after years of expending compassion, generosity, and will, it is time for America and her people to receive what they have given back in order to give again.  If you give all of your money away without replenishing what you give out, the bank eventually runs dry.  This is the predicament of America today.  The only ones who can’t see it are the ones who are filled with “agenda,” intent on destroying this republic and handing it over under a global government.

For eight years now, American citizens have heard rhetoric maligning our “exceptionalism.”  It has been said there was nothing exceptional about America because we are not the only free nation.  We were bombarded with criticism for having our Constitution that limits government and guarantees recognized individual God-given rights.  Americans were slandered for their exceptionalism.  But, no other nation in the world has as much freedom and liberty or restrictions on central government as this republic.  Unfortunately, those have been eroded over the years as the government has usurped more power and limited our freedom and liberty for one reason or another;  sometimes, there has been no reason at all.  “The good of society” is never a reason to limit individual God-given rights, liberty and freedom.

The liberal socialist Democrats are unhappy, almost clinically depressed, that the marginalizing and eroding of America did not continue with a Hillary win.  Moreover, Republicans have contributed to the erosion and marginalization, as well as draining the basket of America and her citizens.  Both sides of the establishment are not happy with a Trump “Make America Great Again” and “America First” win.  These thieves continue their rhetoric, do everything possible to discredit Donald Trump, speed up their destruction of America before inauguration day, and spread vicious lies and rumors resulting in Trump having to defend himself and his incoming administration on Twitter and press conferences.

If these people were not so vicious and aggressive, continuing on with their plan of destruction, Trump would not have to Twitter at all.  No incoming president has had to deal with this much animosity from political hacks, charlatans, and lamestream enemedia.  The American people through the Electoral College have spoken.  But, because these aggressors think very little of us drained citizens, they are willing to violate whatever they need to in order to sabotage, thwart, and/or stall the incoming administration.

Has been Madeleine Albright needs to go back to her garden or knitting and leave the “America as Partner” stupidity ideology in the trashcan where it belongs.  Citizens have suffered through that.  The result has been an emptying of America.  There is nothing left to give.  It is now time to put back in the basket what the citizens of this nation expended.  There is no borrowing credit on an empty basket with the American public, especially with the past defaults on the credit citizens extended.

In other words, the bill has come due.  It is time the federal government paid, meaning “America First” and filling the empty basket they drained.

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