Obama Declared He Won’t Publicly Support GOP Repeal and Replacement of ACA unless GOP Plan Better

The atrocious Obamacare legislation passed both chambers of Congress without a single Republican vote nor the opportunity of any member of Congress or the public to read it.  Remember Nancy Pelosi’s infamous statement — “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it?”  Yet, Hussein Soetoro, on his way out the door, has stated that he will not publicly support the GOP repeal and replacement of Obamacare unless their plan is better and he wants to review it first, along with having a third party objective review.

In the epitome of demonstrable hypocrisy, Hussein Soetoro stated, “I am saying to every Republican right now: if you in fact can put a plan together that is demonstrably better than what Obamacare is doing, I will publicly support repealing Obamacare and replacing it with your plan, but I want to see it first.”  Moreover, in the White House interview with Vox, he stated he wanted third party objective people to review it.

CNSNews.com reported the full statement from Obama:

If in fact there’s gonna be a massive undoing of what’s one-sixth of our economy, then the Republicans need to put forward very specific ideas about how they’re gonna do it. People need to be able to debate it. They need to be able to study it, the same way they did when we passed the Affordable Care Act, and let the American people gauge, is this going to result in something better than what Obamacare has produced? And if they’re so convinced that they can do it better, they shouldn’t be afraid to make that presentation.

It is really interesting to try to figure out why is it that they’re trying to rush the repeal so quick? What is it that they’re afraid of? Why wouldn’t they want to say, here’s our plan and show side-by-side, here’s why our plan is better than what Obamacare has produced, because they have said absolutely adamantly that they can do it better.

This idea that I’m trying to preserve my legacy, keep in mind I’m not the one who named it Obamacare. They were the ones who named it Obamacare, because what they wanted to do was personalize this and feed on antipathy towards me in their party as an organizing tool, as politics. But I don’t have a pride of authorship on this thing.

When was the Affordable Care Act put forward to the American public to read it, scrutinize it, question it, debate it or offer any feedback to both chambers of Congress?  When citizens voiced the fact that the government does not have authority under the Constitution to centralize the health care insurance industry, who listened?  And, if Obamacare is so great, why are not the president, vice-president, federal employees, and Congress mandated to participate?  None of this happened when Obamacare was passed with all Democrats voting “yay.”  In fact, because no one could read the bill before its passage, Nancy Pelosi schlepped out in front of the cameras to make her infamous statement.

Repeatedly, Obama and his administration, along with Democrats lied to the American public — “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period;”  “if you like your health care plan you, can keep your health care plan – no one is going to take it away.”  This was all proven to be false, which Obama knew when he said it.  In an administration that has been the least transparent in history, the out-the-door sore loser is now requesting full disclosure and transparency.

Yes, the health care insurance industry is one-sixth of the US economy.  It was in the private sector before Obamacare and will be after Obamacare whether replaced or not.  However, even Republicans entertaining “replacement” are continuing to violate the Constitution with centralized health care insurance mandates, plans, and/or health care.  The ACA was unconstitutional when Democrats passed it and any GOP plan will be unconstitutional as well.  It is no surprise that Republicans, who hold the majority in both chambers of Congress, would consider continuing a violation of the Constitution like the Democrats.  It is the status quo of corrupt Washington.

But, the issue at hand is Obama almost demanding to review legislation as a private citizen on any Republican plan in order to endorse it when regular citizens are not afforded the same.  And, who really cares if Obama supports it or not?  After January 19th, he is irrelevant.   He cared not whether Republicans or citizens supported the ACA — he signed the final legislation passed without one single Republican vote.

And, Obama could not resist playing the victim — “what they wanted to do was personalize this and feed on antipathy towards me ….”  Incredulously, a flaming narcissist like Hussein Soetoro declared he doesn’t have “pride of authorship” when the health care legislation was passed during his “reign” and the name “Obamacare” was coined.  This is totally out of character, not to mention a lie, from a man who awarded himself a public service medal.

Many in the alternative media circle predicted that once the government got their grubby paws on the health care insurance industry, it would not let go.  This is proving to be true with Republicans floating a “Republicare” option.  In fact, this has been their plan all along, as many in the alternative media exposed, during the multiple repeal attempts made by Republicans.  Instead of Obamacare, Hillarycare, Berniecare, or Romneycare, the citizens will be saddled with “Republicare” or “Donaldcare.”  To borrow a phrase from Will Smith’s character Detective Spooner in I,Robot, “you know, I told you so just doesn’t quite say it.”

But, Republicans did not vote for Obamacare because it was unconstitutional.  Nor are Republicans looking to repeal Obamacare because of the same unconstitutionality.  Republicans are looking to repeal Obamacare in order to replace it with “their” plan, continuing an unconstitutional Obama legacy of eight years of continual violation of the Constitution.  With a new start for this republic being made with Donald Trump, one would think Republicans as well as Trump would want to start off on the right foot by upholding the Constitution.  It won’t happen as the GOP is set to violate the Constitution in its first go around on Obamacare by replacing it after repealing it.

No one should care what Hussein Soetoro thinks, what he wants or how he wants it.  He is irrelevant, history, and a plain old citizen after Trump takes the oath of office.  Congress and the Trump administration would do well to treat him as they do all other citizens and not listen to constituents, spread BS around in response to questions, if answering at all, and refuse to provide any piece of legislation for the public to review.  In fact, Obama should be afforded the same courtesy he has given Congress and the citizens of this republic.  After all, it would be the epitome of equality that he has shown everyone else.



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