Republicans Purport to Repeal Obamacare But Turn Around to Offer Replacement Option

If citizens of this republic have not learned by now, they never will.  Once the government gets their grubby paws on anything, be it by constitutional or unconstitutional means, it never relinquishes its power.  When Obamacare was passed by both chambers without one Republican vote, it was shoved upon the American public with Republican vowing to repeal it.  It wasn’t long before repealing Obamacare turned into “repeal and replace,” more than likely with a Republican option that continues unconstitutional health care insurance mandates and health care mandates.

Several articles on the internet today indicated that Republicans would be looking to repeal and replace Obamacare with a “better option” but difficulty would be faced unless a replacement was in place because the government would lose critical revenue from the penalties assessed against individuals who did not purchase the mandatory health care insurance.

Whether good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse, the Republican “replacement” would fall under the same unconstitutional label as Obamacare since the Constitution does not provide the government the authority over health care or health care insurance in Article I, Section 8.  Moreover, the Constitution does not grant Congress the authority to mandate citizens purchase any product of any kind whatsoever.  It matters not the Supreme Court declared Obamacare “constitutional” because the Constitution does not grant authority to the Supreme Court to be the final arbiter of what is or is not constitutional.  What powers not granted to the federal government is reserved to the States or the people respectively as per the Tenth Amendment.  It doesn’t take a lawyer or constitutional scholar to read the Constitution and discover these facts for oneself.

What has happened in the history of the republic is usurpation on top of usurpation by branches of government with political charlatans passing along false information to the public declaring constitutionality to cover for these atrocities against the people.  No court at any level makes law, meaning even the Supreme Court cannot make law — only render decisions.  And, court case decisions apply to the parties involved in the litigation.  Moreover, Article III, Section 2, with a section amended by the Eleventh Amendment, outlines the authority of the Supreme Court has in the cases it has jurisdiction.  Determining constitutionality is not included in that authority.

In 2015, Republicans, anticipating repealing Obamacare, had offered up their “replacement,” which while a skid mark better than Obamacare was still bad and unconstitutional.  Now, with the election of Donald Trump and his inauguration 13 days away, Republicans are spinning the wheel of the grind stone to repeal the unconstitutional Obamacare and replace it, not return it to a private sector option as it was prior to Obamacare, but with a continued unconstitutional government health care insurance Republican plan.  Their overwhelming concern in repealing it to fast without a replacement — loss of revenue, which signals citizens will somehow be paying either a penalty, tax or other stipend to the government for an unconstitutional product under a tyrannical mandate.  Unconstitutional is unconstitutional regardless of which side of the aisle perpetrates the disaster.

Whether it’s called Obamacare, Hillarycare, Romneycare, Berniecare, Republicare, or Trumpcare, the fact remains it is outside the constitutional authority of Congress to legislate anything regarding the health care industry or the health care insurance industry.  Government — federal, state, or local — has no business being anywhere near anyone’s private medical condition information or health care insurance information.  It violates the right to privacy covered under the Ninth Amendment.

Instead of Congress tightening its own belt, eliminating wasteful spending in Washington, DC, ceasing the fettering of funds to foreign governments, and ceasing the access of taxpayer funded social programs to non-citizens, the body, in its infinite wisdom, laments the loss of revenue from Obamacare penalties, etc. and looks to maintain those revenues for as long as possible, going so far as to continue an unconstitutional piece of legislation rolled over into a Republican-aisle acceptable law.  Health care insurance from the private sector was built from scratch one time before there was any;  it can be done again albeit much more painfully this go around but still doable.  Yet, the legislative bodies cannot see beyond the end of their nose past government controlled health care insurance.

The first delve into the unconstitutional Obamacare proved to be a failure, but even if it was successful, it is still outside the authority of the government.  Do Republicans in Congress believe their attempt at a second delve into unconstitutional health care insurance would be successful?  Even if it were, how can they defend an unconstitutional piece of legislation constitutionally?  They can’t which means citizens should brace for Republican rhetoric to rival that of Democrats when it comes to “Republicare” or “Trumpcare” as they may dub it.  Moreover, any centralized government health care or health care insurance relies on rationing of care in order to preserve what they see as limited resources and stabilize costs.  This was seen in Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid when the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) altered recommended medical standards for preventative care, screenings, diagnostics and treatments established by the American Medical Association thereby increasing the minimum ages in some cases and outright denying those services altogether, rationing according to an age demographic.

Despite campaign promises and rhetoric, the citizens of this republic will be mandated into an unconstitutional form of Obamacare crafted by Republicans.  Members of both chambers who tout their support, defense, protection and reverence for the Constitution mar their own integrity by supporting any unconstitutional scheme regarding government run health care insurance or health care.  But, Republicans will save face with liberal socialist Democrats, their colleagues across the aisle, and those few who miraculously somehow saw benefit from Obamacare while once again alienating their conservative base, responsible for their returning to Congress, entering Congress or sitting in the Oval Office, by violating the Constitution, which many chastised Hussein Soetoro for doing repeatedly.

It goes to show there are no statesmen only charlatan career politicians occupying the District of Corruption.  And, both parties are just different sides of the same coin or more apt, in this case, different cheeks of the same butt.


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