Megyn Kelly Headed to Liberal Network NBC — No Surprise There

Last month, I penned the article, Megon Kelly Comes Out of the Closet — Exposes Herself as Liberal, where I had stated that Kelly engaged in an attempt to snare Donald Trump with “gotcha” questions, exposing herself as willing to engage in unprofessional tactics and a liberal in an NPR interview.  Kelly, in the NPR interview, started worn out liberal talking points regarding minorities and their “fear” regarding a possible Trump presidency.  During this time as well, Kelly was promoting her book, where she intimated she suffered sexual harassment from a prominent Fox News individual, possibly meaning Roger Ailes since that was the hot topic after Gretchen Carlson came forward with allegations against Ailes.  Now, after Kelly’s prominent switch to the liberal agenda, she is now headed to NBC.

It comes as no surprise that Kelly would head to a more liberal news organization after her transformation beginning with the first Republican presidential candidate debate.  She showed more liberal news organizations that she was more than willing to play the game to secure a more lucrative “deal” and/or position than her current one at Fox News.  Evidently, it worked.

While Kelly did not secure a coveted CNN position, her deal with NBC had to be particularly lucrative, over the $20 million Fox offered her to stay, sprinkled with more exposure, and dotted with a hint of fame.  She had already proven willing to adopt liberal principles and values, effective at turning the blame from the perpetrators to the victims, and willing to propagate falsehoods when it comes to the news.  These attributes are fairly evident in the liberal news organizations if you watch enough of those channels to catch them in action.

Kelly should feel more at home at NBC now that she has come out of the closet.  And, many commenters on the stories covering Kelly’s departure from Fox News are not sad to see her go.  Several cited her behavior at the first Republican presidential candidate debate, specifically her treatment of Donald Trump, as their “good riddance” moment.

Maybe NBC will get their money’s worth in Kelly;  but, no one there should hold their breath because Kelly is all about Kelly.


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