Obama’s Last Days in Office Exposes His True Colors

A Belated Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!  The time around the holidays have been particularly busy with shuttling family and friends to and from the airport, cooking, caring for animals, continued gym training and various shopping excursions, not to mention the performance of mundane daily chores.  But, an eye has been kept on the news and developments over the course of the holiday period.  Of particular interest has been the “parting consolation prizes” Obama has chosen to unleash upon the republic.

The man in the Oval Office for only 19 more days is creating quite a havoc storm in his “executive orders” and final blow to Israel by abstaining on the UN Security Council vote against the only democratic nation and US ally amongst a sea of Islamic despotic regimes in the Middle East. Not only did this betrayal of Israel embolden the small nation’s enemies, it damaged the united States’ credibility with our allies across the globe.  His action to abstain instead of veto the resolution has been described as a “deliberate act of sabotage” even by those who have supported him.

Because of Hussein Soetoro, the parting “king” wannabe, the united States is now entering a new “cold war era” with Russia, according to some.  Who can forget his snarky remark in the 2012 election to Mitt Romney — “the 80s called and wants their foreign policy back,” or something to that effect.  Cybersecurity as well as cyber-warfare was not even a blip on the Soetoro radar until Podesta fell for a phishing scam, the exposure of Hillary Clinton’s private server by one Guccifer, and the loss of the election by Hillary Clinton.  Several hacking of government agencies and departments by China were overlooked until Clinton lost the election.  Yet, this administration has been ruthless in its pursuit of punishing “whistleblowers” that expose wrong-doing of government.

But, it is Hussein Soetoro’s proverbial “slap to the face” of the American people — a people who twice elected him to the office of the presidency — that is truly exposing the true colors of this man for all to see, even as many of us tried to warn others of his many personality disorders.  In a direct act of sabotage against the US economy, Hussein Soetoro abused an “obscure law” to ban oil drilling in Alaska through use of executive orders after cautioning Trump on abusing executive orders.  Moreover, Soetoro annexed 1.65 million additional acres, bringing the total land grab of the US government to an unprecedented 553 million acres, in Utah and Nevada as national monuments.  For Utah, this means 65% of its land is under “the wise and compassionate environmental protection of the same government that turned the Colorado River into a toxic waste dump.”

Adding insult to injury, Hussein Soetoro basically released 150 prisoners from  Guantanamo Bay prison and eliminated the national immigration registry probably thinking Trump would use it to initiate deportation procedures.  The eliminated program called NSEERS is basically dormant but was used to  track military age males from violently unstable Muslim countries.  A more sophisticated program is in place;  however, it is a political maneuver aimed at sabotaging the incoming Trump administration.  The release of this number of Gitmo detainees is unprecedented and has seen many return to the battlefield, potentially killing more Americans.  And, who can forget the infamous 5 Gitmo detainees traded for traitor Bowe Bergdahl, as well as a payment that went along with the terrorists to secure the trade.

These are not the actions of a man, much less a president, who has the good of the republic at heart.  These are aggressive, spiteful, retaliatory actions taken actively for one purpose — to destroy this republic and place the incoming administration in a precarious position on both the domestic and international fronts.  It is the action of an individual who suffers from sociopathic personality disorder, psychopathic personality disorder, mythomania, and supports the destruction of the united States of America — not just in her republic form of government, but her existence in the world as an independent republic.  Just as this man has jeopardized the continued existence of Israel as a nation, he has jeopardized the very existence of the republic of the united States of America.

Why would this man be taking a swipe at all Americans?  His so-called “legacy” has been rejected by the American public through the electoral college loss of Hillary Clinton, the candidate who would initiate “Obama legacy 2.0.” upon the republic.  His prevailing narcissism cannot handle rejection.  In his mind, he cannot believe the citizens of this republic would reject his direction for the united States, damaging as it is.  His need for a memorable place in history, good or bad, is so profound that it is all encompassing.  But, his driving need to punish those who rejected his “legacy” and 2.0 presidency through Hillary Clinton, along with the drive to smear Trump, has led to these deplorable actions reeking of “sour grapes” and punishment of all who reside within the borders of the republic —  his supporters as well as non-supporters.  It is his true disdain for all Americans and this republic that guide his actions.

Fortunately, there are only 19 days left of his failed eight years in office.  However, a lot can happen in 19 days.  Moreover, it doesn’t appear likely that Obama will follow in the footsteps of his predecessors and engage in silence surrounding the actions of the new administration come January 20th.  His numerous personality disorders will not permit him to move from the limelight into history.  We can expect many more punitive actions from the departing Hussein Soetoro that the Trump administration as well as the American people will have to contend with and overcome.

One can only blame an inactive House and Senate for the debacle this republic now faces in the dawn of a new administration.  Had both chambers performed their constitutional duty outlined in the Twenty-Fifth Amendment based on numerous examples of Hussein Soetoro’s mental illness on public display over the last eight years, this republic might be in a better position overall than what it is now facing.  Even though both chambers are comprised of a Republican majority, it has been made clear by establishment die-hards they will impede any progress Trump hopes to make.  Adding these subversives to the number of Democrats holding seats in both chambers will ensure four years of lame duck governance as the “tit for tat” childish dog and pony show game enters high gear.

While the republic is losing the mentally ill Hussein Soetoro and gaining some smidgen of hope with Donald Trump, the true “hope” for re-engaging this republic along its constitutional path lies with Congress;  but, most importantly, it lies with its people to hold their elected representatives accountable for any further damage inflicted upon us by a “status-quo loving, stubborn, corrupt, anti-American, retaliative, freedom denying political machine” intent on serving themselves more than the united States citizenry.


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