Obama’s EPA Exerts Concern Over “Climate Change” Yet Fails at Cleaning 302 Sites of Pollution

302 Superfund sites under EPA control either threaten human health or the agency doesn


The outgoing administration has pushed hard on attempting to get the public to accept the farce known as “climate change” in order to decimate the coal industry, remove reliable sources of energy to maintain a stable electrical grid, favored failed “green” industries, and remove additional money from the pockets of hard-working, struggling Americans through “carbon taxes” supported at the Paris Climate Summit.  Supporters of this administration’s agenda have called for “climate change deniers” to be jailed for their refusal to recognize the danger from the manmade climate change hoax.  All the while, the Environmental Protection Agency, an unconstitutional agency charged with creating and implementing “climate change” regulations, has failed to clean up 302 sites of pollution under their control, with 111 of those sites endangering the human population.

When the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF)asked the EPA to provide an explanation for their failure, the agency has refused to do so.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials refuse to explain why they let pollution fester at up to 302 highly-contaminated sites under their authority for years or even decades. They also won’t explain what they’re doing to protect people’s health.

The EPA doesn’t know what dangers exist at 191 sites, and humans face health risks at another 111, an investigation from The Daily Caller News Foundation revealed Monday. Pollution has threatened human health at up to 117 Superfund sites for more than 30 years.

“I don’t think we will be providing anything further,” Associate Administrator Frank Benenati told TheDCNF after he was emailed the link to the investigation Monday. Benenati is also the EPA’s chief spokesman. The EPA ignored multiple DCNF requests regarding the Superfund investigation over a three-day period before Benenati ultimately responded just hours before deadline.

The EPA has failed under multiple administrations to clean government controlled sites of pollution where 111 are a known direct threat to humans and a superfund was created to decontaminate the sites.  Yet, the EPA can hustle to back  a hoax in the form of manmade climate change to separate more money from the hands of hard-working Americans, many struggling to make ends meet.  To find out how close one lives to one of these “superfund” sites, the interactive map in the article linked will assist.

Let’s not forget it was the EPA funded contractor that caused the Gold King Mine spill and was still received a handsome $2.7 million dollars.  And, of course, the Hanford Nuclear site, sometimes dubbed “America’s Fukushima,” is leaking nuclear radioactive waste.  So, while many Americans are at risk of developing health issues and some have suffered increasing health issues from these 111 sites, the EPA has been more concerned with the “war on coal” and “manmade climate change” under this administration.  The name of this agency is an oxymoron when one considers that the agency charged with environmental protection actually allows environmental contamination to stand for years and even decades.

If you looked at the interactive map, it is easy to discover there are only a couple of states that do not have contaminated sites.  Much of the concentration of these sites are in the coastal and central states.  With the “superfund” and all the taxpayer money being sent to Washington then allocated to the EPA, one has to wonder why this unconstitutional agency should be maintained when it has failed miserably to perform its duties.  In fact, one has to wonder why the federal government initiated the EPA when the State is the constitutional entity that should deal with its own environment and the protection of it.

It’s no secret that the EPA was conceived in the 1970s due to rising concerns of environmental pollution to be the “one stop shop” for research, monitoring, standardizing and enforcing violations.  But, as is demonstrated by the agency itself, it cannot even manage the sites it has responsibility to clean;  meaning, the EPA is in violation of its own rules, regulations and standards with impunity.  Moreover, when dealing with one of its own contractors who caused an environmental disaster at the Gold King Mine, the EPA, in its stellar wisdom, rewarded the violator with $2.7 million.

While the EPA is only to research, monitor, standardize and enforce activities to ensure the environment is protected, the agency has engaged in over-reach to “control” lands and resources through pseudo-law, which is not authorized the federal government under the Constitution.  Environmental protection is a power reserved to the States and/or the people per the Tenth Amendment.  Each State is different in regards to resources, people, industry, etc.  A “one stop shop” doesn’t address the individual needs of each State or the residents of each State.  What may be considered a “standard” for all States may only be needed by a few States;  yet, all States are expected to observe the standard.

For an unconstitutional government agency to be responsible for research ensures the results of that research will benefit the agency and the federal government.  Moreover, the agency has failed miserably in its “monitoring” mandate or 302 contaminated sites would not still exist.  Since the agency falls under the “executive” with oversight by Congress, who exactly is holding the EPA’s feet to the fire for noncompliance in decontaminating 302 sites?  Who is holding the EPA accountable for “mismanagement” of the superfund to decontaminate those 302 sites?  And, who is responsible for damages to the individuals who have suffered health problems due to these contaminated sites, some existing for decades without action taken by the EPA?  We all know the phrase about “good intentions.”

Hopefully, the incoming administration will recognize the many problems the EPA has perpetuated, caused itself, and the wastefulness of the agency regarding the superfund for cleaning these sites.  States might have managed their portion of the superfund better than the federal agency had the funds been distributed to the States to decontaminate the areas that exist within their boundaries.  Moreover, had the EPA been concerned with actual threats to human and animal population instead of a hoax, these sites might have been decontaminated some time ago.  Although, one should not hold one’s breath.




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