Republicans Opposing Obama Indicative of Racism Says CNN Documentary

Since Hussein Soetoro began his occupation of the White House, lamestream enemedia, some political pundits, and liberal Democrats have over looked any missteps, praised failed policies and toted the proverbial water bucket for the man.  It mattered not whether a policy was bad, whether he usurped his authority to change law unconstitutionally and illegally, or addressed the citizens of this republic in a condescending tone.  Their man was in and should not be opposed.  Even though Republicans, conservatives and constitutionalists opposed the Hussein Soetoro administration on its policies, unlawful actions, and overall misbehavior, the accusation of being “racist” flew out of the media and Democrats.  Now, CNN has a documentary that “speculates” the Republican opposition to Hussein Soetoro was rooted in racial animosity.

The documentary, “The Legacy of Barack Obama,” had plenty of criticism to dole out on Republicans, according to The Washington Times.   Individuals featured in the two-hour documentary consisted of liberal, left former  White House officials under Hussein Soetoro and liberal pundits.  If there was a “Who’s Who” edition for political and journalistic accomplishments, one would find many of these individuals on the list.  Not surprisingly, all of these individuals pointed their fingers at Republicans, declaring racism to be the driving force in their opposition to Hussein Soetoro.

The Washington Times reported:

“Within half a mile of where Obama and Michelle are dancing and celebrating their great victory, his Republican opponents are wining and dining and plotting his downfall,” says The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza, adding that “15 of the most powerful Republicans in Washington made a pact that night” to undermine Mr. Obama at every turn.

“It’s indisputable that there was a ferocity to the opposition and a lack of respect to him that was a function of race,” says David Axelrod, a CNN political commentator and former chief strategist to the president.

And CNN political commentator Van Jones, a former top environmental official in the Obama administration, says he can’t think of a single thing congressional Republicans and Mr. Obama agreed on over eight years. But he can think of one thing — and only one thing — that explains the discord.

“You have to have an extraordinary explanation for this level of obstruction,” Mr. Jones says, evidently not referring to philosophical disagreement between liberalism and conservatism about the size and scope of government.

Although the documentary hints at racism around every corner of the bicameral legislature, it does not actually accuse any lawmakers of being racists.

While David Axelrod did not specifically name names, he did declare it was “indisputable” the “ferocity to the opposition” was a “function of race.”

Lizza claimed that Republicans “made a pact” in the deep dark night to “undermine” Hussein Soetoro while he and “Michael” were dancing and celebrating their “great victory.” They gathered to “plot his downfall.”  It sounds like Lizza is describing something from Nazi Germany.  But, I digress.  Donald Trump had not even been elected and Democrats, liberals, leftists and politically influential individuals were staging protests, violence and vandalism at his events in order to bring about his “downfall.”  Moreover, after receiving the majority in the national popular vote and before the electors meet to elect Trump as president, Democrats, liberals, leftist and RINOs have inundated the electors with requests, some containing threats, to vote against Trump.   The news media exhibited extreme prejudice against Trump, while stumping for Hillary at every turn.

CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria narrated the documentary.  However, Zakaria did not fully vet his facts, choosing to focus on the overplayed, meaningless race card.  Van Jones even had a moment of “acting stupidly” in his comment.  For Jones, “he can’t think of a single thing” Republicans and Hussein Soetoro agreed upon, but “he can think of one thing” to explain the disagreements.

Jones immediately jumps to the issue of race, as does Zakaria and his sycophantic Hussein Soetoro shills.  In fact, the opposition from many Republicans were constitution based, nor race based.  And, Jones even said it himself why there was disagreement, but dismissed it — “philosophical disagreement between liberalism and conservatism about the size and scope of government.”  That disagreement is much more volatile than race.

And, lest any of these pundit hacks forget, Republicans caved every time to Hussein Soetoro, including on Obamacare.  Hussein Soetoro committed acts of usurpation, which were outside the authority granted to the president by the Constitution.  Acts of that nature are grounds for impeachment.  Yet, Hussein Soetoro, in a travesty of justice, remains in office because Republicans refused to serve Articles of Impeachment against the man.

Through John Boehner, Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, Hussein Soetoro had a “free reign” since these individuals worked to ensure that neither chamber opposed the man.  When Paul Ryan assumed the Speaker of the House position, Hussein Soetoro received everything he requested in the omnibus spending bill.  So, where is all this opposition based on racism?

Well, that is explained by Zakaria as Republican opposition to Obamacare.  Opposition to Obamacare by Republicans is labeled as “racist” in the documentary narrated by Zakaria.  Despite Obamacare being unconstitutional, designed to fail based on how it was legislated, and burdened citizens with “penalites” called a tax that did not originate in the House, the only reason, per Zakaria and his charlatan shills, is racism.  The intrusion of government to control the health care industry and the health care insurance industry in violation of the Constitution was just a drop of water in the bucket.  It was racism that drove the opposition.

As a former registered nurse who wrote extensively on Obamacare, its unconstitutionality, it’s provision for rationed care via a “bureaucratic board” over a physician, and the cost and penalties, not once was race ever a factor.  It was the demerits of the legislation that drove opposition.  In fact, Obamacare was similar to “Romneycare” in the State of Massachusetts.  And, Hillary Clinton claimed that Obamacare was actually her plan known as “Hillarycare.”  Individuals were against Hillarycare when “Slick Willie” was the president;  and, Romneycare received all thumbs down.   Moreover, any other individuals who examined, commented and dissected Obamacare did not ever mention race.

Race is the strawman argument put forth when one cannot stand firm on the issues or their move toward communism and collectivism is rejected.

But,  CNN, known as the “Communist News Network”  and the “Clinton News Network,” can now change their name to be the “Charlatan News Network” or more appropriately the “Counterfeit News Network” since this documentary is about as false as it gets.  While many want to close alternative media down, describing it as “fake news,” the real perpetrators of fake news — CNN, the government, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., are allowed to remain  unscathed because these “news” stations have thrown accountability of government  out with the bath water of freedom.  One would expect a documentary to contain some sort of facts, not emotional conjecture.  But, that would be too stressful on CNN or any of its pundits.   After all, safe spaces,  pacifiers and blankies eat into the money needed to produce their garbage.


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