Megyn Kelly Comes Out of the Closet — Exposes Herself as Liberal

Megyn Kelly has never been one to watch on Fox News’, “The Kelly File.”  A total aversion to Kelly came shortly  after the first Republican candidate nominee debate where Kelly engaged in a plot to “snare” Trump by asking “gotcha” questions.  This is usually tactics taken by liberals and liberal media, not conservatives or conservative media.  Yet, Kelly kept on going.   Now, in an interview with NPR, National Public Radio,  Kelly exposed herself as more of a liberal tool perpetuating lies than a former lawyer turned journalist.

According to The Washington Times:

“I think it’s dangerous, the entire delegitimization that [President-elect Donald Trump] engaged in against all of the media,” Mrs. Kelly said. “The people, as much as it’s fun to hate us, they need us. They need good, strong, skeptical journalists to be covering whoever it is — whether it’s Barack Obama or President Donald Trump. We’re in a dangerous phase right now where too many millions of Americans aren’t listening at all to what the press tells them. That concerns me.” 

The Fox News host added that certain minority groups, at least for the start of Mr. Trump’s administration, have valid reasons for being fearful of the Republican.

“The relative lack of power of certain minority groups, and the fear they’re feeling in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, is something I think we really need to take a look at,” Ms. Kelly said. “While I don’t think Trump wants to target any particular minority group, I understand their fear because he spent many months stoking it. And so I think that’s a legitimate thing we’re going to have to deal with.”

Kelly failed to mention that Fox News was basically engaged in hard core promotion of Jeb Bush as the Republican nominee.  And, she forgets how many in the lamestream enemedia mocked Trump as a presidential candidate.  The other lamestream enemedia outlets were busy pushing the criminal Hillary Clinton.  If the people of this republic stopped listening to the press, the press, aka the lamestream enemedia, need look no further than their own back yard for the reason.

Citizens are looking for the “Woodward and Bernstein” type journalists — those who aren’t afraid to tackle a tough story, maintain integrity in reporting despite their personal views (unless one is offering opinion/editorial/commentary), and hold every politician accountable for their unlawful, unconstitutional, illegal behaviors.  In short, citizens want the truth not biased, made up news.

Her next set of statements really makes one go, “What the flock?!”  Kelly claims certain minority groups lack power and are fearful because Trump got elected.  Where has Kelly been for the last eight years?  It doesn’t matter what “minority group” came out to protest then riot over.  The Hussein Soetoro administration sided with their “complaints,” most of which were based on falsehoods.  And, if anyone stoked the fear of minorities, it was one Barack Hussein Soetoro Soebarkah in “my policies are on the ballot.”  In lock step with the usurper was Hillary Clinton who took every opportunity to engage in fear mongering.

So, as much as Kelly would like to paint herself as intelligent, she is coming across as a “Silicone Barbie” repeating liberal talking points as her counterparts on other lamestreame enemedia outlets.

What really put the icing on the cake was Kelly’s statements about Breitbart News.

“If you look at what’s happened to Breitbart over the last three years, it’s shocking,” the Fox star said of the kind of readers it now attracts. “I knew Andrew Breitbart very well and he was great. I loved him. He was a true provocateur who would be fun about it, you know. He’d show up at a democratic protest and engage with the protesters and then he’d go have a beer with them. This is something else entirely, and I don’t know that Trump can stop it.”

When referring to Trump stopping it, this goes along with the liberal lamestream enemedia wanting to engage in censorship of the press by having government decide what news outlets remain and which ones go.  Moreover, liberal lamestream enemedia wants the alternative media gutted, censored and taken down to where only the six corporation owned media outlets remain.  By interjecting Trump, Kelly is basically calling for the government to violate the First Amendment.

Her subtle jab at Breitbart News had nothing to do with the outlet and its journalism;  but, everything to do with her disdain for Steve Bannon.  But, if Kelly expects to go to CNN (Counterfeit News Network), she has to adopt the liberal platform, talking points and persona.  So, Kelly is all about the fame, fortune and exposure.

She must be a “Cracker Jack” prize lawyer.

Not only are liberals after the alternative media, their sights include citizen journalists, bloggers, YouTube reporters/journalists, and anyone who dares to publish across social media or the internet a narrative that deviates from the “government-approved news.”  At this point in time, plenty of news is fake coming from the lamestream enemedia.  Even political satire, such as what is done by the Onion, is not safe.

Honestly, none of this concerns Kelly since all she is interested in is promoting her book.  If she had any integrity or character, she would have performed her job as moderator better instead of trying to engage in a plot to snare Donald Trump.  She is using the old tired tactics of the social justice warriors liberals love to repeat to snatch a CNN position where she can stroll the halls like some queen.  As much as Hussein Soetoro exhibits himself to be a “boy king,” Kelly exhibits herself to be a “presstitute queen.”

Kelly is now out of the closet as a liberal “fool-aid” drinker.  Many of us in conservative Constitutional corners were disappointed with the choice of both parties in the candidates chosen to run.  However, liberal lamestream media “Silicone Barbie” demonstrates her willingness to spread falsehoods in the face of factual evidence to prove otherwise.  And, indirectly calls for infringement on the First Amendment by government.  It really makes one glad she ceased practicing law.



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  1. Your site is unreadable. All it seems you do here is childish name-calling while parroting/cut-and-pasting alt-right talking/blathering points. I could almost stomach it if what you were trying to here were done in an attempt at humor or in satire, but it’s all so mean-spirited. Sad…


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