EU Official’s Daughter Raped and Murdered by Afghan Illegal “Refugee” — Family Request in Lieu of Flowers Disgusting

The surge of illegal alien invaders into Europe is turning European Union (EU) countries into rape and murder capitals.  From the massive Cologne New Year’s Eve incidents of mass sexual assault to the United Kingdom’s 1400 incidences of gang rape in Rotherham to the rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger, a 19 year old medical student, in Germany, the massive influx of Muslims into Europe has resulted in an importation of “Sharia culture” threatening to subvert the rich cultures present in each EU nation.  But, the most incredulous incident of acceptance of the rape and murder culture espoused by Muslims is the request of Maria Ladenburger’s family to make donations to a “refugee” charity supporting these rape/murder culture vultures — a charity that aims to assist “refugees” in socialization activities.

According to The Daily Caller:

After German officials arrested an Afghan refugee for the rape and murder of a young woman named Maria Ladenburger, the woman’s family encouraged mourners to donate to a charity that helps asylum seekers.

Ladenburger was found raped and drowned on Oct. 16. An Afghan asylum seeker was arrested Dec. 3 with DNA evidence tying him to the crime.

In the October obituary, Ladenburger’s family asked for donations to remember their daughter be sent to “Weitblick Freiburg.”

The murdered woman’s father, Clemens Ladenburger, is a senior European Union official.

As a parent, grandparent and aunt, it is totally inconceivable for any family to ask mourners to send donations to a “charity” that enables these individuals to continue their rape/murder culture.  It is absolutely down right cold-hearted for the request to be made when the death of a female family member was a direct result of an illegal alien Muslim invader practicing that rape/murder culture.  This should send a clear message to the populations in these nations that EU unelected government officials had no problem offering their daughters “up for grabs” by these invaders;  therefore, the women of these nations are definitely “fair game.”  And, from the callousness of Ms. Ladenburger’s family surrounding their own daughter’s murder, no one can expect these “officials” to give one silent flatulence about anyone else’s.

If there is any question about the callousness, cold-hearted, “offering women in the EU up for grabs” officials’  feelings, a statement by one of these officials should remove all doubt.

A high-ranking member of German government warned against using the rape and murder for “rabble-rousing and conspiracy propaganda,” also saying, “it is clear to everyone that refugees can commit equally terrible crimes as people born in Germany.” Now, German media outlets are facing accusations of covering up the story.

There is no “rabble-rousing” or “conspiracy propaganda” in this at all.  Islam’s teachings promote the rape and murder of infidels.  In fact, Imams encourage the practice as part of “civilization jihad.”  The Qu’ran and the teachings of Mohammed, may pig’s blood be flung upon him and a ham shoved in his mouth, condone rape of women, the taking of women as sex slaves, and murdering infidels.

The problem in all of this is Islam.  Yet, officials seem to ignore it.  What’s even worse is an EU official’s daughter is raped and murdered by one of these refugee cretins and the response is “give money to a charity that helps rape and murder daughters like mine.”

Clemens Ladenburger is one callous, cold-hearted, unfeeling, uncaring father.  This man clearly cared little for his own daughter.  That can be said because of the request to donate to a charity that helps those who raped and murdered his daughter.  As a mother, aunt, grandmother, niece and cousin, I can say that because there would be no way in H – E – double hockey sticks that I would ask anyone to send a money donation to a charity that helps those who perpetrate the rape/murder culture where one of the members killed a female family member.  And, God help the ones who were involved if it was my daughter or one of my granddaughters.

(Mt. Hamner eruption beginning — rant coming)

Mr. Ladenburger;  what in the world is wrong with you?  This is not how a father, more specifically a “Dad,” would act.  As the head of the household, your job is to protect your family.  Instead, you have no problem sacrificing your own daughter for your perverted political viewpoints.  It’s no wonder the millions of women – daughters – of Europe mean nothing to you.  You, sir, are a pitiful excuse for a human being, much less a father.

How can you, a claim to be man, ask anyone to donate to a charity that helps those like the one who brutally raped and murdered your own daughter?  How can you even contemplate supporting the illegal alien Muslim invasion of Europe after one murdered your child?  That is no way to honor your daughter.  And yes, not all of them are rapists and murderers.  However, even the possibility of admitting one is enough to justify not admitting any.  It is the negative, misogynistic, oppressive principles and values of Islam these people practice that should never be allowed to exist in western civilization.

Truth is, Mr. Ladenburger, you are not a man.  As a male, you fail miserably in your duty as head of the household.  If you were my husband and your “policies” and position on this illegal alien invasion resulted in the death of MY child, you certainly would not last one day without receiving the product of my wrath and reckoning.  If you have ever seen the movie, Steel Magnolias, the reaction of Sally Field in the graveyard after the funeral of her screen daughter, Julia Roberts, would look like poor acting compared to mine in reference to “wanting to hit someone so they feel as bad as me — and hit them hard.”

Conspicuously missing from any media outlet is the reaction and response from Ms. Ladenburger’s mother, Frederika.  But, it seems your child’s mother shares the same viewpoints as she agreed to support the request to donate to the charity helping those like the one who killed her baby.  Poor girl had no parents who sought to protect her from a culture that revels in violence.  In fact, you two probably encouraged her to volunteer at a “refugee” charity.  Well, look how that worked out.  But, you both can pat yourselves on the back that you sacrificed your daughter for the “greater good” of a political ideology intended to kill European culture and Europe’s population.  That being said, you think nothing of sacrificing the daughters of European families.

You sir, can take comfort in the knowledge that vengeance belongs to God and eventually you will be judged on your life.  However, do not discount the population of Europe composed of mothers and fathers.  No matter how sheltered some officials think they are, the chickens always come home to roost.  And, the death of your daughter at the hands of one of these illegal alien Muslim invaders is just one chicken.


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