Rep. Tim Ryan Declares “We’re Never Going To Be Back in the Majority If We Don’t Win Back Flyover States”

It comes as no surprise that establishment, out of touch with the real world and the real people Democrats selected Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as House Minority Leader, again.  Somehow, both Republicans and Democrats of the establishment have sunk down into a rut and for the love of a Klondike bar can’t get out.  Rep. Tim Ryan, who unsuccessfully challenged Pelosi for the minority leadership, seemed to grasp that what the Democrats offered, America rejected.  In fact, Rep. Ryan told host Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday that if Democrats did not win back the flyover states that Trump carried, “we’re never going to be back in the majority.”

For those unfamiliar with the term “flyover State”, it literally means any state or place that receives little to no national attention or interest; and/or states occupying the geographical location west of Chicago and east of Las Vegas.

Speaking to Wallace, Ryan went on to say, “I think our failure as a caucus has been not to focus on economic issues. And I’m supportive of all the issues that we talk about, but you need a robust economic message that covers everybody, and we failed to do that consistently.”

Ryan did get that part right on the lack of a sound economic message that would cover everyone and provide increased productivity and jobs to citizens in the united States.  However, Ryan still remains clueless as to the other messages voters in the heartland and on both coasts wanted to hear and have confidence in government to deliver.  On all fronts, Democrats failed to deliver the messages citizens wanted to hear.  Instead, the party focused on clinging to the coattails of failed Hussein Soetoro policies/messages.  In fact, the boy king stated to the republic that his policies were on the line in this presidential election.  Well, the voters rejected those policies/messages.

As reported:

Wallace, who pointed out that since 2009 Democrats have lost over 60 House seats under Pelosi’s leadership, noted that almost two-thirds of Democrats in the 2017 House will represent states on the East or West coasts.

“Are Democrats no longer a national party, and if two-thirds of them come from those two coasts, isn’t a San Francisco liberal like Nancy Pelosi a shoo-in to get re-elected?” he asked Ryan.

 “Well, I don’t think so, because I think even our members from the coastal areas recognize that we are not a national party right now,” Ryan replied. “We can’t claim to be…

“These are the smartest political figures coming out of their areas. They’re the member of Congress. They’ve beaten mayors, they’ve beaten local elected officials to get this position. They’re the most seasoned political figures in their region. They understand politics, and I think they understand that this is about having a new message and a new messenger and be able to reach those folks.

“And the numbers are big, but they know that if we don’t get the middle of the country that we’re never going to be back in the majority,” Ryan said.

Well, Nancy Pelosi did get re-elected.  The Democrat Party, like the Republican, Libertarian and Constitutional, is still a national party.  And, if these are “the smartest political figures coming out of their areas” and “the most seasoned political figures in their region,” this republic has concentrated areas of willfully ignorant or stupid people or these “politicians” bought votes through social programs, illegal aliens voting unlawfully and wooing the “dead.”

If Ryan thinks that any Democrat thinks a new message and new messenger is needed, he fails to understand the depth of depravity of Democrat politicians.

In fact, just after the election, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated, “the problem was more with the communication than it was our policy.”

While Ryan did counter that communication played a large role, he did concede that the party cannot continue to blame communication.  Ryan told Wallace:

We’ve been saying it’s a communication issue since 2010. So we’ve got to figure out how to have the robust economic message, and we’re not communicating that. These people left us in droves. They either went for Trump or they stayed at home.

And without a good message that connects deeply with them, we’re talking about issues that they care about, that their families care about, what they talk about when they’re sitting around the kitchen table, they’re never going to come back.

And we need a leader who can go into those congressional districts and be able to pull Trump voters back and energize those voters.

We have the smallest number in our caucus since 1929. We’ve got to do something differently.

If this is one of the “smartest political figures” coming out of his area, Ryan signals this republic is in some deep doo-doo.  A good message is great;  however, if representatives, Senators and government, in general, cannot deliver upon that good message, that message means zilch.  Just like Republicans, Democrats have disappointed time and time again.  Moreover, if these “smart political figures” really had any intelligence, they would recognize that the citizens of the republic voted against both Republican and Democratic establishments by casting their vote for Donald Trump.

With Ryan taking a position identical to Nancy Pelosi on some major issues, Ryan’s bright bulb in recognizing the rejection of what the Democrats offered quickly dimmed when he failed to connect the dots to policy and not communication, the messenger, or lack of an economic message. highlighted the similarities between Tim Ryan and Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi – who  refused to say whether an unborn baby at 20 weeks’ gestation is “a human being” – has slammed Republican attempts to defund Planned Parenthood (PP). The formerly pro-life Ryan recently promised a “Youngstown street fight” if the Trump administration tries to defund PP, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Both Pelosi and Ryan voted against an attempt to override President Obama’s veto of the first bill passed by both chambers of Congress that would have repealed major provisions of Obamacare, including its individual and employer mandates.

 And both Pelosi and Ryan have called for stricter gun control laws while voting against a bill to penalize sanctuary cities.

Ryan’s statement in declaring his candidacy for House Minority Leader, which he ultimately lost, says everything that highlights problems with the Democratic Party based on policy.

“The American people need to know we understand that they elected us to fight for economic opportunity for all.  We need to create America 2.0 – a multicultural, progressive, and innovative country that fights every day for ordinary people.” [emphasis mine]

The bolded statement highlights everything that is wrong with the Democrat Party, which contains “the smartest political figures coming out of their areas” and “the most seasoned political figures in their region” according to Ryan.  So these “smart and seasoned” Democrat politicians re-elected Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader — the one Democrat who, according to Chris Wallace, has seen the loss of 60 Democratic seats in the House  since being leader.  Ryan’s dim bulb just blew out.

The republic of the united States of America is perfectly fine the way she was founded and established in the Constitution for the united States of America.  If government followed the Constitution, States held power over the Senate and president, and States and the people exercised their due diligence in holding the government to the Constitution, this republic would be far better off than what it is today.  In fact, one could say the election of Trump was a major statement by the people to the corrupt politicians and the Washington, DC, swamp.  It is a rejection of “America 2.0” being crammed down the throats of the citizenry by one Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah and his Democratic Party crony cultists.

Unfortunately, the “smartest and seasoned” political figures of the Democrats missed the memo, the big red sign, the flashing lights, the barriers warning of the cliff and plowed right on through and over to hit the bottom.  It just goes to show that the “smartest” can sometimes be the dumbest and “seasoned” isn’t always better than bland.  But, Ryan did prove to many citizens that despite the citizens rejecting Democrat policy, the Democrats learned nothing, meaning they are content to strut through the town naked like the Emperor who has no clothes but ignoring the one who pointed it out.





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