Joy Behar Again Has Moment of Idiocy in Declaring Trump Win “Illegitimate”

If there is one television show that should be scrapped, it is ABC’s The View.    Between Whoopi Goldberg, Raven Symone, and Joy Behar, ABC might as well change the title to The Vile.  These “women” spew vile rhetoric toward anyone and anything patriotic, Republican, Constitution supporting, pro-Trump, anti-illegal alien invasion, anti-corruption, and pro-sovereignty.

In fact, Behar proved once again what an idiot she is on Friday’s show when she declared Trump winning the presidency as “illegitimate.”

According to Breitbart:

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” while discussing a Harvard University forum Thursday where top members of both the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns got into heated exchanges, co-host Joy Behar explained that Clinton supporters are being sore losers, saying, “We’re sore losers because it wasn’t won legitimately, as far as I’m concerned.”

Behar said, “Yes, we’re sore losers, because a lot of the reason he won is based on the racism, the Russian hacking, lies, continuous lying that went on, and the intrusion of the FBI at the last minute there. All of that seems to have basically distorted the whole election. So, yeah, we’re sore losers because it wasn’t won legitimately, as far as I’m concerned.”

Here is one clueless idiot on a daytime TV show peddling lies about the election and Trump’s attainment of the national popular vote, which is irrelevant since the president is elected by electoral college.  It’s one thing to lie when promoting the latest anti-aging face cream for women.  It’s another thing entirely to promote unproven accusations as fact.  One by one, Behar’s idiotic statement can be debunked.


Where in the world is any proof of a racist statement made by Trump?  And, if one is going to declare any supporter of Donald Trump a racist, one should have some type of evidence pointing to the claim.  Trump has indicated his support for stopping illegal alien invasion through building a wall along the southern border and stopping importation of Muslim illegal aliens by the government under the “refugee” bullet.  If that is considered “racism,” then Hussein Soetoro’s refusal to offer sanctuary to Middle Eastern Christians and other religious minorities being systematically exterminated by Islamists could be deemed “racist.”

In fact, Hussein Soetoro, Democrats, in general, and Hillary Clinton specifically exhibit “racism” against all religions except Islam.  That can be proven through numerous articles and reports on the number of Muslims being imported into the republic versus the number of Christians and other religious minorities.  Behar should check her “butthurt” at the door before going in front of the camera.

Russian Hacking

The claim of Russian Hacking was made by Clinton and Democrats without one iota of evidence.  WikiLeaks’ release of Podesta and Clinton emails stirred a hornet’s nest within the Clinton campaign that needed a cover.  Guccifer and Guccifer 2.0 exposed the lack of security on the unauthorized, illegal server operated by Clinton in the basement of her home.  The FBI discovered that the Clinton private server had been compromises at least five times.  Neither Guccifer or Guccifer 2.0 have been proven to be operatives of the Russian government.  Vladimir Putin denied Russian involvement.

Democrats, Hussein Soetoro, and Hillary Clinton, all, denied the possibility of “election tampering” by any outside/inside group or any foreign entity.  Despite Trump recognizing the election tampering that occurred in past elections and the tampering of the primary to award Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee, the claim that “election tampering” occurred was vehemently put down.  Yet,, whose founders are liberal Democrats, proved the existence of tampering in previous elections as well as the potential for tampering in the 2016 cycle.

As long as Democrats win or possessed the idea Hillary couldn’t lose, election tampering was a “conspiracy theory” concocted by the alt-right and Trumpers to tarnish the election.  In fact, Hillary Clinton lambasted Donald Trump about his response to accept the outcome of the election, going so far to declare it a “threat to democracy.”  But, Hillary lost and has thrown her hat in with Jill Stein to challenge the election results in three States.

It appears that the facts are sorely lacking in Behar’s claims.  Her “sore loser” was blatantly on display.

Lies, continuing lying that went on

If anyone was spreading lies and continually lying, that would be Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democrats, Hussein Soetoro, the head of the DNC and plenty of individuals on the left.  Even with the lamestream enemedia toting the proverbial water bucket for Clinton, basically trying to substantiate her lies, the truth ended up poking its head through the muck.  Anyone who can review articles on the internet is able to show the lies were being perpetrated by the Clinton campaign, Democrats and Hussein Soetoro.

Intrusion of the FBI At The Last Minute

The FBI was already in the mix of the Clinton campaign due to the operation of an unsecured, unauthorized, illegal server in her basement.  Despite election campaigns, the FBI still has to do it’s job regardless.  And, many Clinton cultists and supporters swear up and down the FBI exonerated her from wrongdoing,  basically declaring her actions as “legal,” meaning nothing the FBI could say or do would change that thinking.  Clinton could have been put in handcuffs and charged with all the crimes she committed and cultists would still shout out her innocence from the roof top.

The shady dealings of both Bill and Hillary Clinton go as far back as the Nixon administration, their dealings in Arkansas, and Whitewater.  Why the FBI has not been more involved over the years to truly investigate the Clintons is anyone’s guess.  If anyone has seen The Clinton Chronicles and Clinton Cash, there would be no question as to the criminal operation of the Clinton Crime Family, the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiatives.  Yet, somehow, these two have been able to skirt FBI investigations.

So, one can say the claim made that the FBI doing their job had an influence over the election is pure hogwash and made out of sack cloth.

Anything and everything is being blamed for Clinton’s loss of the national popular vote and the attainment of 270 electoral votes required to elect the president except for Clinton’s lack of zealous campaigning, her poor policies that follow along the Hussein Soetoro regime’s playbook for republic destruction, and her complete ignoring of the middle class working American citizen.  One could say Clinton’s lack of zealous campaigning could be attributed to her belief that she had the election “in the bag,” so to speak, since the DNC stole the nomination from Sanders to give to Clinton.  One could also theorize that she counted on “election tampering” to give her the win as well.

The only reason Trump’s win is being declared as “illegitimate” is the Clinton cultists wanted a Hillary win “by hook or by crook.”  What no one in the media or the Democrats counted on was the rise of the “forgotten” working middle class American citizens against the continued failed policies of the Hussein Soetoro administration and establishment Democrats.  Self-respecting Democrats rejected Clinton based on her track record of impropriety, the numerous scandals surrounding her tenure as Secretary of State, and the failed policies and divisiveness of establishment Democrats.

But, the election of the president and vice president is based on the votes of the electoral college, period.  Clinton could still attain the White House should any of the 306 electoral votes swing enough against Trump to bring him below the required 270 needed.  With members of the electoral college receiving threats, including death threats, it would not be unfeasible if the electoral college votes shifted, meaning a Clinton election to the office of the president “by hook and by crook.”

Behar should check her facts before engaging her mouth to expose her idiocy and ignorance.  In fact, ABC needs to cancel this worthless show that provides nothing but a venue for four ignoramus idiots to gain some type of public exposure because they are not talented enough to garner attention any other way.  Not only does this speak badly for ABC, it speaks to desperation of these four “has been” entertainers and political commentator wannabes to promote lies for ratings and to influence women voters, whom these four show little respect.





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