Democrats Demand Recount Based on Hillary Clinton Winning Popular Vote; Popular Vote Irrelevant in Presidential Election

The demand for a recount of the States of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by Democrats through Jill Stein is picking up steam.  Team Clinton has endorsed the demand claiming Hillary won the popular vote by 2.1 million.  However, it has been discovered that 3 million illegal alien invaders, aka non-citizens, and approximately 4 million “dead” citizens voted in the election.  One can be sure those roughly 7 million votes were for Hillary Clinton.  Subtracting those illegitimate and illegal votes means that Hillary Clinton lost the national popular vote.  But, the national popular vote does not count in electing the president and vice president.  It is the electoral college that is responsible for electing the president and vice president so that densely populated regions of the united States do not control who is elected president, thereby negating the votes of less populated regions.

Yet, both Clinton and Trump are focusing on the national popular vote claiming to win.  Donald Trump tweeted a response to the Democratic request for a recount in the States of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin referencing his attainment of the majority of votes by the electoral college.

According to

President-elect Donald Trump had this to say in response to the ongoing Democrat push for an election recount limited to only states Trump won:

It’s been well-documented that illegals have voted in elections, and it’s also quite possible the establishment attempted to rig the election for Hillary Clinton, but they couldn’t overcome a landslide for Trump.

Regardless of what the lamestream enemedia claimed or what Hussein Soetoro and Clinton stated about the elections not being “rigged,” it is apparent from the request for recount that Democrats are now claiming tampering with election results.  Moreover, voter fraud has been discovered;  yet, the Democrats remain silent on that issue since most of those votes probably were for Democrat candidates.   One of the States targeted, Michigan, uses paper ballots, not machines meaning the request for recount in that State is frivolous since it is based on false assumption.

Despite the fact that the electoral college elects the president, the “#NotMyPresident movement keeps pushing the ‘Hillary won the popular vote’ line, but it’s meaningless; if the president was selected by popular vote, then both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would have campaigned in completely different states than they did.”

As the author of the piece at, Kit Daniels, contends, “Hillary saying she won the popular vote is like saying she won a footrace by driving a Dodge Demon.”

Members of the electoral college in various States have received threatening email with some of those containing death threats.

What is actually happening is an attempt by Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and the left, liberal, progressive, butthurt, communists, socialists, and Marxists to “unseat” or “oust” Trump as president through influencing the electoral college or appear to make Donald Trump’s presidency appear illegitimate.  But, more importantly, the request for recounts could result in changes to the elected members of the House and Senate.  Simply put, the Democrats, unhappy with the election results, are attempting to have the results overturned in order to place Hillary in the White House.

To understand what is going on, one has to go back to election night.  In the video, Bev Harris speaks with Alex Jones about withholding of election results by certain States.

The next video explains further on the Democrats “putting a fix in” for primary candidates, the voter anomalies in five States that went to Clinton, as well as other issues.

It gets even better with the next video uncovering the unethical, immoral and pathetic tactics being used to “steal” an election from an individual who legitimately won the required electoral votes of 270 to become president.

Now, the idea that continues to be put forth is the national popular vote elects the president and then, the electoral college in each States votes according to who wins the State for president.  This is an unconstitutional, illegal, illegitimate election process as established by the Twelfth Amendment.  Yet, low information Americans, who remain willfully ignorant and stupid, refuse to even read the Twelfth Amendment much less anything else in the Constitution.  What can be said is that somewhere along the way, both parties and the States, since the States are in charge of the election process, hijacked the way the president and vice president are elected without so much as a required amendment to the Constitution.

The electoral college is not difficult to understand nor is the reason for its existence, explained in the Federalist Papers.  A thorough presentation can be read here.

Hillary declared that anyone who didn’t accept the results of the “free and fair election” held in the united States as a “threat to democracy.”  Jill Stein, proxy election challenger for Hillary Clinton, Clinton herself, the “alt-left,” and other Democrats should look long and hard in the mirror to know what a “threat to democracy” looks like.  Both parties have engaged in election rigging, voter fraud and other activities to make sure “their man” makes it to the White House.  This is why the parties push for national popular vote to determine the president instead of the electoral college.

Instead of every State having a “vote” into who becomes president through the electoral college, the national popular vote would mean densely populated States, by having more people, would determine the outcome of the presidential election thereby making less popular States’ populations irrelevant in the election of the president.  This would change the way candidates campaign — candidates would campaign in the most populated States to garner votes while disregarding the less populated States.  An electoral college electing the president means each State casts votes for president, which all States count in attaining the required electoral votes to win.

What is happening with the Democrats, the alt-left, and the proxy recount through Jill Stein, which she can challenge, by the way, despite receiving one percent of the vote, and the lamestream enemedia and some alternative media harping on the national popular vote results is misleading the people to accept a coup in election of the president based on false information – Hillary winning the national popular vote, election machine rigging in favor of Donald Trump, and the national popular vote electing the president, an illegal, unconstitutional, unethical, immoral process, and the idea they have the “right” to swing electoral votes based on an illegal, unconstitutional, unethical, immoral process. They want Hillary in the White House at all costs;  the process be damned.  There’s more at stake here than just the presidency.



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