Citizens Upset with Trump Win of Presidency Are Invited to Migrate to the UK; Invitation Sent by London Mayor

For all the “sore loser” Democrats, “Hostess Twinkies,” safety-pin needing sensitives, “special snowflakes,” Hollyweirdo “ding dongs” that said they would leave should Trump win, and the braindead, “fool-aid” drinking limps, London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan has extended an invitation for you to migrate to the United Kingdom in the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the united States.  Khan’s invitation comes amid the many reports and rumors that the previously described individuals on the alt-left are wanting to leave America.  The Muslim Mayor indicated that “Trump haters with US citizenship” should seriously consider immigrating to the UK.

Breitbart reported:

“Millions of people, I’m told, used Google’s search engine post the election on Tuesday – we know millions use it every single day,” he said.

“I heard one of the most googled things since Wednesday has been ‘how do you emigrate?’

 “If talented people based in the US want to come here to London, my message is simple – London is open,” he told the audience.

Khan’s appearance follows the announcement that Google confirmed plans for a new, 10 story expansion to its Kings Cross headquarters, which currently promises 3,000 jobs in Britain.

With Google making expansion plans, there will be jobs for those “talented” people looking to leave the US and immigrate to London.  The Hollyweirdos should have little problem getting work at the BBC or other film industry mogul in the United Kingdom.  And, even if they continued working for the Hollyweird studios, they would be out from under the bastion of liberty and freedom and a Trump presidency.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichal is an avid supporter of open borders, declaring it essential to the success of the UK.  So, those wishing to accept Mayor Khan’s invitation can plan on competing heavily  with other individuals taking advantage of an “open borders” UK.  Remember though, the criteria to immigrate to the UK, via the invitation issued by London’s Muslim Mayor, is “talent, US citizenship, and Trump hater.”

And, the United Kingdom is following along with the “global initiative,” just like Hussein Soetoro, by replacing British workers with cheaper labor in the form of people from India and moving British jobs to India as well.  The policies are the same as the united States so you should feel right at home.  Finding a job might present a problem since you are not Indian or Muslim, but that’s a minor detail that shouldn’t trouble anyone.

Being that the Hollyweirdos have plenty of money in the bank and will have more after selling off their real estate assets in the States, individuals like Miley, Amy, Lena, Whoopi, Raven, Samuel J. and others should have no problem helping out those who don’t have the means to leave, since they support wealth redistribution, suffer from wealthy elitist guilt, and want everyone to be on equal footing.  Chelsea can handle the food and entertainment to make the trip and experience more pleasant.  No need to worry about your belongings as these individuals can afford to hire out a 767, or several, to ship your belongings.  What happens once you arrive in London will be at the discretion of the Mayor and Parliament.

Now, there is no excuse of “there’s no where to go.”  A formal invitation has been issued by London’s Mayor Khan.  His “come on over” appears to be sincere and an effort to help relieve whatever ailment you have  with a Trump presidency.  As a further selling point, the UK has government-run, socialized, free health care.

With so many positives, there is no reason that the “entitled, spoiled, ungrateful, idiotic, moronic, Hollyweirdos” declaring their intent to leave need stay and “suffer” further under the strain of a Trump presidency.  Your voice is not needed here since your intelligence level is lower than your shoe size.  Now that a solution has been found for your perceived problem and the Hollyweirdos support the policies of taking from their coffers to even up everyone else, there is no reason for anyone “suffering” to stay.

The skies are clear again so get to packing.  London and the UK await.  Don’t forget your umbrella as well as visiting the currency exchange.  A cheat sheet for metric conversion might be handy.  Oh, and the electrical current is different so don’t forget those adapters for much needed electronics and grooming appliances.  Line up your real estate agent or a “flat” hunter so you won’t be in a hotel very long.  Watch the door as you leave so you don’t get hit in the backside.  Unlike Motel 6, the light won’t be left on.  All the same, good luck in your new adventure.

Chances are no one will leave but instead continue their childish temper tantrums and engaging in criminal activity over their butthurtness.



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