Democrat Party is the Party of Sore Losers as Protests Continue

All over the republic, protests are continuing because Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election to become the 45th president of the united States.  Pick any online news site and peruse the headlines.  Students are walking out of high school and college classes.  Anti-Trump protestors are attacking Trump supporters.  George Soros organizations are funding paid protests, more accurately described as riots, in cities across the country.  A Hollyweird director is calling for violence in response to Trump’s election while the NFL players are “kneeling” during the national anthem at games to protest the election of Trump.  Not to leave any stone unturned, a Twitter campaign calling for the assassination of Donald Trump and raping his wife is exploding.  Moreover, the left liberal progressives are using social media, read Facebook, to organize a protest on inauguration day, January 20, 2016.

At this point, the Democrat Party looks like the party of sore losers since they are unwilling to accept the outcome of a free democratic election process.

Of course, this is nothing more than standard operation procedure for Democrats.  It was obvious during the government “shut down” when Harry Reid refused to cooperate to ensure a child received his/her chemotherapy treatment.  Reid’s attitude and inaction reeked of vindictiveness because Republicans refused to cow to Democrat demands.  Eventually, the Republicans did cave;  however, the attitude of the Democrats revealed a group who is easily “butthurt” if they do not get their way.

So irritated, angry, and “butthurt” that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, the Democrat leadership has not called out rioters urging these out of control cretins to stop their violence.  Hussein Soetoro, Hillary Clinton, the DNC chair, nor any other Democrat in a leadership position has derided these individuals, calling for their adherence to the election process.  In fact, many rioters are being paid by Soros funded organizations to engage in anarchy and insurrection, as well as urging the electoral college to vote for Hillary “because — reasons.”  Basically, the people of the republic rejected the establishment of both parties and Democrats don’t like it.

As the Democrats turn a blind eye to the nefarious dealings of the Clinton Foundation, they demand an investigation of Donald Trump and his financial ties.  These hypocrites defended Hillary Clinton’s violation of federal law regarding her private email server and handling of classified information, including SAP programs.  Serial rapist and sexual predator Bill Clinton is allowed to slink off into the sunset after allegations of pedophilia involving Jeffrey Epstein and the “Lolita Express.”  It is blatantly obvious the Democrats care not about the rule of law in their overt display of supporting inequality under the law.

College students are so traumatized over Trump’s election in a free Democratic process that they need play-doh and toys, like five-year-old kids, to cope.  These are supposedly the future leaders of this republic.  So sensitive are these “children” that they would not be able to cope with foreign affairs, domestic affairs, or any crises that would arise.  These delicate flowers can’t even deal with a free election;  therefore, the pansies and daisies would have a “meltdown” should a true crisis arise.

While many are enjoying the backlash against left liberal progressives, the establishment, and socialist/communist policies, these sore losers, morphing rapidly into “useful idiots,” have no intention of letting up and have every intention of taking their riots to DC for the inauguration to cause disruption and chaos.  Moreover, one can expect a passive-aggressive type retaliation from establishment Democrats, some Republicans and RINOs.  As stated elsewhere, this is a planned, contrived set of events to justify the establishment of martial law.

Unfortunately, local mayors and State governors are doing little to nothing to stop the insanity of the sore losers/useful idiots.  The sore losers are “allowed” to riot, vandalize others’ property and engage in violence — all crimes that would put others in jail.  It is the ultimate ending to eight years of this administration’s lawlessness and criminality.  The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president is over 60 days out, meaning there is time for these sore losers/useful idiots to come to their senses;  doubtful but possible.  If not, this election definitely exposes Democrats, the left liberal progressives and supporters for what they truly are.


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