Main Stream Media and Obamas Responsible for Widespread Alt-Left Riots after Election

You can’t surf the various internet news sites and not find an article,a video or still photographs documenting the widespread riots by the alt-left that have occurred each night since the election of Donald Trump as the president-elect.  While some of the main stream media, aka lamestream enemedia, continue to describe these “activities” as protests, the alt-left is actually engaging in violent riotous criminal behavior.  And, who is responsible for this anarchist activity?  It would be the main stream media as well as Barack and Michelle Obama.

In this video by Paul Joseph Watson at, he describes the activities occurring as well as calling out those responsible.

Watson, like Sheriff David Clarke, calls these alt-lefters exactly what they are authoritarians and anarchists.  It is an example of the riotous violent intolerant nature of the alt-left who accuses the “right,” “alt-right,” conservative, Christian, constitutionalist, Republicans of intolerance, violence and rioting.  These groups are projecting their nature upon others while claiming to be peaceful and tolerant.  It is the ultimate exercise in hypocrisy.

Moreover, Watson pegged the main stream media for inciting these violent riots by the alt-left with their rhetoric, which declared Trump as a new Hitler.  In fact, the lamestream enemedia is so bound to these violent rioters that false reporting occurs — painting the groups as peaceful and refusing to report actual facts on the riots.  During the entire 2016 campaign, the lamestream enemedia has “pimped” for Hillary Clinton, projecting her characteristics upon Donald Trump, padded polls to favor Clinton in an attempt to influence election results, and ignored the continual race baiting and divisive rhetoric pitched by Hussein Soetoro as he violated the Hatch Act to campaign for Hillary Clinton.  If anyone is looking for objectivity in the lamestream enemedia, it can’t be found because these “talking heads,” “Silicone Barbies,” anchors, TV news show hosts, and “journalists” have succumbed to some hidden authority to be the propaganda arm of the federal government.  Some had already overdosed on the Soetoro “fool-aid.”

In all these violent criminal riots, where are the law enforcement officers who are supposed to “serve and protect?”  There were several arrests in Portland, Oregon.  However, there are hundreds of these rioters in major cities across the republic damaging businesses, private property, and endangering the public safety as well as impeding traffic and commerce.  Once these alt-lefters moved from “peaceful assembly” and protest to engaging in riotous behavior, which has been videoed, they become criminals by violating the law.  The First Amendment does not protect these individuals when engaging in vandalism, assault and battery, impeding traffic and commerce and endangering the public safety.  So, why are law enforcement refraining from doing their job?  These are not protests, but riots, which is criminal behavior.

As stated in another article and noted by Watson, these individuals are attempting to overturn a free Democratic election process through violence and intimidation similar to tactics used in third world countries.  Watson noted these happenings are resembling the “Brexit” scenario in the United Kingdom.  His analysis astutely noted that Democrats, alt-leftists, liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, and Marxists are attempting to change the rules of the game after the game has been played to the end.

Moreover, these riots are condoned by Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, Michelle Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, and Hillary Clinton while being funded by George Soros and Soros backed organizations.  Throughout his “reign,” Hussein Soetoro has created massive canyons and division between the American people along all demographic and socioeconomic statuses.  Michelle Soetoro seized every opportunity to intimate that white Americans oppressed black Americans, while being ashamed of her country for most of her life until she was put in the White House.  She displayed her disdain for the united States and the flag on inauguration day when she said, “All this for a damn flag?”

What is occurring in major cities across the republic – rioting – is a direct result of the condescending, race-baiting, divisive rhetoric of Hussein Soetoro and the blatant bias and inaccurate reporting of facts and events by the propaganda arm of the federal government known as the lamestream enemedia.  With the silence of Hussein Soetoro and Hillary Clinton, both of whom have lost control over their “slaves,” the conclusion drawn is the rioting is supported and condoned.  One might also conclude it is planned since videos show little law enforcement involvement to quell the violence, vandalism and mob behavior.

One can’t help but wonder if this is part of a bigger plan by Hussein Soetoro, Hillary Clinton and George Soros to basically usher in martial law.  Law enforcement is not readily intervening in some areas.  However, in others, crowd control measures have been used with little to no results — the riots continue the next night.  Are governors of the States where these riots are occurring taking any action to help local officials regain control?

Bottom line, these individuals have zero reason to engage in this type of behavior.  An election was held and he was determined the winner.  Democrats, Hussein Soetoro, and alt-lefters have insisted the elections cannot be rigged.  So, why protest and riot?   There’s only one reason for that — they don’t like the outcome and want to be able to “appoint” their candidate to the office of the president through authoritarian, anarchist, and intimidation tactics.  And, all of this can be laid at the feet of the lamestream enemedia, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, Michelle Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and Soros funded organizations.

To help them cope with the situation, here’s some advice given to the “right,” “alt-right,” conservative, Christian, Constitutionalist Republicans by the left, liberal, progressive, alt-left Democrats — “Suck it up, Buttercup.  We won.  Get over it.”

Update, November 13, 2016 @ 4:40 AM EST — Breitbart News posted an article yesterday that was discovered a bit ago covering the riots being used to thwart the Constitution, which indicates the president and vice-president are to be chosen by the electoral college. It also debunks the misinformation peddled by the lamestream enemedia, the left, and Democrats that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

About half way through, the article sums up exactly the purpose of the events happening since Trump won the election.

The street demonstrations against President-elect Trump are not merely a temper tantrum by “sore losers” who were expecting a different outcome. Those street protests are a foretaste of what is in store for the country as we slide toward Third World politics.

The left does not accept the moral legitimacy of the US Constitution, so why should we expect the left to respect Trump’s 306 -232 victory in the Electoral College?

In fact, the progressives are busy plotting to persuade enough of the Electoral College electors who will meet in December to cast a majority of their votes for Hillary Clinton — ignoring the wishes of the voters who elected them on November 8. Hypocrisy knows no bounds when it comes to “progressive politics.”

 These street protests against Trump’s victory are not simply emotional outbursts by spoiled children. They are the first stage of an organized progressive campaign to first delegitimize Trump’s mandate and then derail his policy agenda. The left hopes to transform the “Heckler’s veto” of free speech into the anarchists’ veto of constitutional government. And huge segments of the mainstream media will be a business partner in that enterprise.
To speculate that these events are a subversion and insurrection of the Constitution and government is not a “conspiracy theory” when actions are being taken to do just that.

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