China Issues Warning to Trump — Don’t Defy Rest of World on Climate Change

Not only has the election of Donald Trump as the president of the united States sent shock waves through the anarchist alt-left authoritarians here at home, the remainder of the world is shocked and worried.  In his campaign platform, Donald Trump has indicated he would not support the Paris Treaty/Agreement on the climate change hoax.  His possible removal of the united Stares from participation in this world wealth redistribution scheme has some nations concerned.  In fact, Beijing has issued a warning to Trump that “he will be defying the wishes of the entire planet” should he remove participation of the US from the agreement.

According to the Financial Times:

In a sign of how far the world has shifted in recognising the need to tackle global warming, Beijing — once seen as an obstructive force in UN climate talks — is now leading the push for progress by responding to fears that Mr. Trump would pull the US out of the landmark accord.

It is global society’s will that all want to co-operate to combat climate change,” a senior Beijing negotiator said in Marrakesh on Friday, at the first round of UN talks since the Paris deal was sealed last December. The Chinese negotiators added that “any movement by the new US government” would not affect their transition towards becoming a greener economy.

There is only one reason that China wants united States participation — money.  China has been the biggest hold-out on many issues and especially obstructive on the UN climate change, which it should be since climate change is a farce meant to engage wealthy nations in redistribution of money from their coffers to third world nations ruled by corrupt criminal greedy governments.  Any wealth redistribution to third world nations will find its way into the pockets of corrupt dictators;  it will not help the people of those nations.

What global society’s will is may not be in line with the founding documents of this republic.  As the old saying goes, “what one wants may not be what one gets.”  It’s also comparable to “wish in one hand; spit in the other, and see which fills fastest.”  Being that the united States provides the bulk of the funding for the United Nations, this action is already unconstitutional since the authority to “fund” international organizations or bodies is not contained in the Constitution.  The inability of other nations to understand our form of government limits their comprehension of the stance of this republic on UN proposals, treaties and agreements.

India joined China in warning the united States that Trump’s election could cause other world nations to reassess their involvement, which has been “hailed as an end to the fossil fuel era.”  India’s chief negotiator, Ravi Prasad, fears the Paris Climate Accord could follow the “Kyoto  protocol climate treaty,” which crumbled with the election of George W. Bush.

Supposedly, the election of Trump as president of the united States has shaken up the almost “unstoppable bout of global action to tackle climate change in the run up to the two-week Marrakesh talks, which began Monday.”  Morrocan officals at the talks were in shock with the election of Trump as well as Adnan Amin, “the general-director of the International Renewable Energy Agency,” who indicated the talks were already experiencing a “sense of hopelessness,” coupled with a bout of fear.

The Financial Times continues:

The Moroccan hosts of this week’s talks had been planning a celebratory meeting to cap this unprecedented bout of activity. Instead, organisers awoke on Wednesday morning to find the world’s wealthiest country had a president-elect who has called global warming a hoax, pledged to “cancel” the Paris agreement and vowed to stop US funding of UN climate programmes entirely.

The EU and Japan also reaffirmed their commitment to the agreement, which requires all countries to come up with a plan to curb climate change in order to stop global temperatures from rising more than 2C from pre-industrial times.

But neither they nor China were willing to offer extra cuts in greenhouse gas emissions to fill the vacuum a US withdrawal would create, nor additional money for an agreement requiring billions of dollars in public and private funds to be channeled from rich to poor countries to tackle climate change. [emphasis mine]

The emphasized part is the meat of the issue with the “shocks and worries” of the nations issuing warnings.  This is nothing more than “redistribution of wealth” from wealthy nations to poor nations.  Since the united States taxes its citizens and residents, the UN would be earmarking taxpayer money to remove from our coffers to use in our republic to give to third world nations with corrupt criminal governments and dictators.  Yes, this is a repeat of an earlier statement.  However, it needs to be repeated until it cements with the population that taxpayers would be filling the pockets of third world dictators and possible enemies of the State.  Where does that money come from with the united States running a perpetual deficit and contemplating increased taxes to fund other initiatives?  It could come in the form of another tax many would describe as a “carbon footprint tax.”

The population of any nation should be rejecting a proposal such as this, which removes money from their coffers that could be used for citizens and handed over to the governments of third world nations.  When talking about third world nations, one usually thinks of many of the countries making up the continent of Africa.  If you look at a global satellite feed at night, how bright is Africa — indicating electrical grids are in use powering lights?  It’s totally dark for the most part.  So, how much “greenhouse gas emissions” from human use of fossil fuels are those nations producing to need help combating “climate change” — a total farce?

Another part of this global plan that occurred in October was the agreement to “phase out planet-warming hydrofluorocarbon chemicals used in air-conditioners” and a climate deal for aviation.  Being that there are about four different types of refrigerants for air conditioning, three since R22 was discontinued in 2015, the other refrigerant types do not “deplete the ozone.”   However, the agreement was not removal of “ozone depleting” hydrofluorocarbon chemicals, but “planet-warming hydrofluorocarbons.”  What does this really mean;  and, can this be used to eradicate refrigerants for air conditioners?

With the deal affecting aviation, one can expect the cost to be passed on to the consumer should one need to fly.  Not only is hard-earned money being stolen from the populace to give to other nations under a ruse, the consumer of products and services of affected industries will be paying higher prices for these products and services.  It’s a double play on the population.

It’s almost hard to comprehend the willingness of nations to conform to what the UN wants when everything is based on faulty, manipulated data, and science.  Governments are willing to “give away” money based on models and scientific conclusions that cannot satisfy the Scientific Method.  The inmates are truly running the asylum.

These warnings serve one purpose — to stop escalation of non-cooperation of nations who would choose to follow the withdrawal of US support.  It is the largest wealth redistribution plan in history since it will operate on a global scale.  People of the participating nations are told the funneling of wealth to third world nations helps the poorer countries combat climate change.  Yet, no one can explain how money can change the climate.

Since the Constitution for the united States of America does not authorize Congress to exert power over the environment in the sovereign States, much less on a global scale, any participation and action to allocate money to be given to foreign nations in order to battle a lie, farce and ruse is unconstitutional and a usurpation.  Trump is right to withdraw US participation in a global wealth redistribution scheme set to render wealthy nations poor and poor nations poorer.



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