Who Is the Basket of Deplorables Now? The Answer Can be Viewed in the Streets of Cities across the Republic

Hillary Clinton declared that half of Trump supporters could be placed in what she called the “basket of deplorables.”  Hillary maligned the portion of American citizens who were frustrated with the corrupt, lawless, traitorous man occupying the Oval Office and those inside the Beltway who were complicit in exacting crimes against the people.  To Hillary’s surprise, Donald Trump won the presidency, meaning voters voiced their displeasure with the establishment on both sides of the aisle by choosing an outsider to serve as president.

Now, Clinton supporters, Democrats, Black Lives Matter and Soros funded protestors have  hit the streets to engage in violent riots, vandalism and lawlessness, not peaceful protests.  As Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on Newsmax TV’s  The Joe Pags Show stated, “These are anarchists.  They don’t support the rule of law.”  Another apt description of these individuals would be “the basket of deplorables.”

On Thursday, Sheriff David Clarke declared to Newsmax TV these individuals to be engaging in “intimidation.”

“I called this group for what it was two years ago when it was the Occupy Movement — and then it became Black Lives Matter,” Clarke told “The Joe Pags Show” in an interview.

“These are anarchists. They do not support the rule of law.

“We had a lawfully conducted election,” he added. “That’s what we do in democracies, right? People get to go and cast a vote.

“Somebody’s going to win. Somebody’s going to lose — but when Barack Obama won in ’08 and when Barack Obama won in 2012 I was disappointed, as were a lot of people.

 “We didn’t take to the streets. We didn’t riot.

“We didn’t even protest, but this is that anarchist movement that realizes now that their reign of terror is over,” Clarke said. “It’s our time now — and all this stuff that they’ve enjoyed over the last eight years is coming to an end.

“This is more frustration than anything else.”

Sheriff Clarke hit the nail on the head in his description of these individuals engaging in lawlessness with impunity in many cities across the republic.  These people are the true “basket of deplorables” for engaging in lawlessness, anarchy, vandalism, intimidation tactics, and assault against citizens who supported Trump in his election campaign and win.  Hillary pegged the wrong portion of the American public as the “basket of deplorables” because it is actually her supporters that are rioting in the streets that fit that description to a tee.

These people had no issue with the election process in the past, nor when Hussein Soetoro was elected twice.  Yet, these deplorable groups devolve into “worse than children” behavior because their candidate did not win and want to change the outcome through violence, intimidation, lawlessness and assault.  If these groups continue to engage in lawlessness, disruption of traffic and commerce, vandalism of businesses and private property, the police should be out in force to quell these riots.  Anything less is unacceptable.

While Sheriff Clarke called their actions “more frustration than anything else,” it is more than frustration — it is a delusional pattern of thinking that justifies commissions of crimes in response to disagreeing with the outcome of a lawful process.  In other words, these individuals claim an “imagined right” to engage in criminality because of being unhappy with a lawful process.  These same individuals declare that all others are bound to abide by the law.

As a reminder, the Second Amendment allows for individuals to keep and bear arms against a tyrannical government as well as for personal protection.  It is an individual God-given unalienable right to protect oneself, one’s family, and their property.  These “deplorables” should be reminded that many American citizens carry concealed with a permit.  And, one can defend one self according to the law.

Hussein Soetoro and Clinton both support this type of lawlessness and criminal behavior.  If they didn’t, both would be out in front of the cameras calling for order and the enforcement of laws.  Where are the continual interruptions in TV programming showing either Clinton, Hussein Soetoro, or both calling for an end to the criminal behavior?  Nowhere.  This is part of a bigger plan.

If police departments in these cities cannot contain these deplorable criminals, and States call forth the State and/or National Guard to help regain order, it is just one quick step to martial law.

For any individual who wants to know what deplorable looks like, take a look across the republic at the idiotic morons in the street committing crimes because they do not want to follow the rule of law or abide by the results of an election.  These “special snowflakes,” created and coddled by the Hussein Soetoro administration, do not want to relinquish their “special” status and their influence over policy.  To retain it, they are willing to go to any end to keep it, including getting martial law established.


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