Maryland Files Paperwork to Ignore State Electoral College

And so it begins.  With this presidential election following eight years of an administration that ignores, dismisses and maligns the Constitution, the willingness of politicians and States to further engage in unconstitutional behavior, continuing a trend toward corrupt, tyrannical government, by continuing the trashing  the Twelfth Amendment and supporting the unconstitutional national popular vote while denying the will of the State’s voters.  According to NBC News, “Maryland officially became the first state on Tuesday to approve a plan to give its electoral votes for president to the winner of the national popular vote instead of the candidate chosen by state voters.”

As NBC News reports according to the Associated Press:

Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Democrat, signed the measure into law, one day after the state’s General Assembly adjourned.

The measure would award Maryland’s 10 electoral votes to the national popular vote winner. The plan would only take effect if states representing a majority of the nation’s 538 electoral votes decided to make the same change.

‘Spectator state’ insurrection
State Sen. Jamie Raskin, a law professor and sponsor of the idea, said Maryland is largely ignored by presidential candidates during campaigns, because they assume the Democratic state will vote for the Democratic candidate.

Raskin, a Democrat, said he hoped Maryland’s support for the idea will start a national discussion and “kick off an insurrection among spectator states – the states that are completely bypassed and sidelined” during presidential campaigns.

“Going by the national popular vote will reawaken politics in every part of the country,” Raskin said.

Other states are considering the change to avoid an election in which a candidate wins the national popular vote but loses in the Electoral College, as in 2000 when Democrat Al Gore lost to George W. Bush.

National Popular Vote, a group that supports the change, said there are legislative sponsors for the idea in 47 states. Ryan O’Donnell, a spokesman for the group, described O’Malley’s decision to sign the legislation as “an open invitation” for other states to join Maryland.

But not everyone is buying into the idea. North Dakota and Montana rejected it earlier this year. Opponents say the change would hurt small rural states, where the percentage of the national vote would be even smaller than the three electoral votes they each have in the overall Electoral College.

Under the current Electoral College system, voters decide to support slates of “electors,” who meet to choose the president. A candidate needs a majority of 270 out of 538 to be elected.

What is currently going on in this nation by the Democrat Party and some States is appalling, creating a constitutional crisis the likes this nation has never seen.  Because certain individuals are not willing to abide by the results of the national election for president, the “oligarch” is working overtime to change the rules in order to negate the current electoral college system, as flawed as it is, but still considered by the Constitution as the means to elect the president and vice-president.  The electoral college is not bound to abide by the national popular vote nor are they bound to abide by the will of the States’ voters.  If there is any doubt to this, read the Twelfth Amendment of the Constitution for the united States of America.

Going by the national popular vote is unconstitutional as the population was never intended to select the president or vice-president.  The NPV is a scheme to ensure the election of the president is secured by a few metropolitan areas across the nation.  States considering entering a compact to award their State’s electoral votes to the national popular vote winner is illegal since this violates the 12th Amendment;  and, States cannot lawfully enter into a compact that violates the Constitution.

An article at (EFT news) states:

Under the current Electoral College system, voters decide to support slates of “electors,” who meet to choose the president. A candidate needs a majority of 270 out of 538 to be elected.

 While votes are still being counted, Donald Trump has earned 290 electoral points while Hillary Clinton received 228. As you can clearly see, the election was not close. Trump won resoundingly and left nothing to be questioned.

While Maryland has become the first state to officially file the paperwork, many fear this trend will avalanche from state to state. Lawmakers from dozens of states have indicated they plan to file the paperwork prior to Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017.

Democrats ought to be very careful with their next move concerning the election. The United States operates and abides by the Constitution, and Donald Trump won a fair and Democratic election. The people have spoken, and if they push this issue from state to state, many argue a civil war will begin in this country.

We have operated under the Electoral College for a long time, and it would be very unwise for our tyrannical government to overrule a fair process and take something away from the people because they disagree with the outcome.

An overwhelming majority of this country voted to elect Donald Trump. If lawmakers attempt to suppress the people, we no longer will operate as a civil society. People will no longer abide by our government and their corruption.

While this republic has operated under the electoral college, the electoral college has not operated in accordance with the Twelfth Amendment.  It has bent to the will of political parties, unconstitutional mandates of the States, and the will of voters in the respective States.  In other words, the election of the president and vice-president has followed an unconstitutional process for quite some time.  Is it any wonder an extension of an unconstitutional process would follow?

Because people in this republic do not know what is contained in the Constitution, refuse to find out and understand it, and reject the framers’ intent stated in the Federalist Papers, the people are ignorant to government processes and support unconstitutional, corrupt and tyrannical government operations. It is long overdue for citizens to rid themselves of their willful ignorance and declaration of “lack of time” for learning and adhering to the Constitution.  If one has time to watch a football game, play a video game for hours, and go to the gym, one has time to learn the Constitution.  If one does not want to adhere to the Constitution, this country is still free for individuals to leave to find a country with a government more to their liking.

If the small group of individuals who seek to throw out the Constitution succeed in doing so, individuals and States who support the Constitution, are willing to adhere to it, and defend it should exercise their rightful duty to secede from the others and establish a new nation conceived in liberty and freedom.



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