Kids to Sue President-elect Donald Trump over Climate Change Once He Takes Office

Climate Change is the one lie perpetuated by Al Gore, his “greenie” followers, Hollyweirdo Kids are gearing up to take Trump to court over climate changeLeonardo DiCaprio, the Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah administration, and the left, socialist, communist, liberal progressive Democrats that just won’t die despite an overwhelming amount of scientific data, which satisfies the scientific method, proving otherwise.  With the website Climate Depot providing significant amounts of data indicating the idea of manmade climate change is false, those individuals who are slave to the “religion,” as well as scientists paid by the government, refuse to acknowledge the unaltered scientific data proving the farce.  However, it isn’t the future of children and grand-children that drive these individuals.  It is money and control — exacting money from the public to redistribute to other nations in the world and control over the American public.

In a not surprising twist, there are several “children” who have filed suit against the federal government over climate change infringing on “their constitutional rights to liberty and property,” which will include president-elect Donald Trump once he assumes office. 

According to the original source article at CNN:

A federal judge on Thursday denied the federal government’s motion to dismiss the “climate kids” case, meaning their lawsuit over climate change will go to trial in federal court in Oregon, likely next year.
The kid plaintiffs, ages 9 to 20, allege the federal government is doing far too little to keep dangerous global warming in check, and is actually creating warming by leasing federal property for fossil fuel extraction.
The basic idea is that politicians have failed to fix the climate crisis.
So the courts need to force them to do so.
Through the law firm “Our Children’s Trust,” led by attorney Julia Olson, these children are using the courts to force changes.  Olson  explained in an email to CNN the reason Donald Trump will become a defendant in the case when he assumes the office of the presidency.
“President-elect Donald Trump has asserted he will dismantle many of the executive actions taken by the Obama administration,” she said in an email. “Because President Obama implemented many climate change policies through executive action, Trump will have the power to water down President Obama’s climate change regulations and ignore the United States’ commitments under last year’s Paris climate agreement. Such steps will be disastrous for our country. These actions will place the youth of America, as well as future generations, at irreversible, severe risk to the most devastating consequences of global warming.

“Thus, it will be up to our courts, using the Constitution, to protect our posterity.”

It appears these children are worried about their future existence, which they claim climate change threatens.  Olson, speaking to CNN on Thursday, claimed the children have more to lose than adults when it comes to climate change.

The climate kids she represents will argue their constitutional rights to liberty and property are being violated by climate change, which threatens to submerge coastal cities, exacerbate drought and bring on mass extinction.
One of the group’s most interesting arguments is that kids have more to lose when it comes to global warming than adults do — because they will live longer. Yet they are unable to vote and have little if any voice in climate policy.
Interesting it is that a US District Court Judge named Ann Aiken believes the “kids should have their day in court.”
These  children are suing the federal government, including Obama then Trump, once he takes office, over damage to the nation because of climate change.
Where in the Constitution does it grant authority to the federal government over the environment or climate?  There is none.  Zip.  Zero.  Nada.
And, where in the Constitution does it grant the right to liberty and property ownership?  There is none.  Zip.  Zero.  Nada.
Right are bestowed by God upon individuals at birth, which are unalienable.  Those rights precede the federal government and include the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as others recognized and protected by the Constitution.  This self-evident truth is contained in the Declaration of Independence.
The Constitution limits government from infringing on individual, God-given unalienable rights.  The only way courts can use the Constitution to force “climate change” policy is through usurpation by inventing imagined authority and rights.
And, the united States of America is not contained in a bubble where unconstitutional, unlawful and illegal regulations governing climate change would vastly effect the lives of these children since global winds move across the entire planet.  Any action by government, including unlawful unconstitutional executive actions, involving the environment, specifically climate change, are a usurpation.
So, what kind of “relief” are these children expecting — regulations for an entire population of a republic based on false, inaccurate, manipulated data, money or both?
The farce of climate change, which used to be termed “global warming,” is based on the emission of a greenhouse gas known as carbon dioxide (CO2).  Carbon dioxide is exhaled by all humans and some animals and used by plants in photosynthesis.  The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is so small that it is considered a “trace gas,” like methane, another “gas” emitted by all humans and some animals.
The only definite outcomes that can be stated about any regulations against businesses to reduce CO2 emissions is increased electricity bills for the consumer, establishment of an unreliable power grid that would cripple the republic, and a redistribution of wealth, aka taking away more of taxpayer money to give away, that will further erode the economy.
While these dingbats are trying to “stick it” to humanity over a necessary trace gas emitted by all mankind and most animals, what are they going to do about volcanoes that send toxic fumes and particles into the atmosphere?  These naturally occurring eruptions can exact “climate change” more rapidly than any human activity should the massive increase in volcanic activity seen in the last few years continue.  Kilauea has been erupting consistently since 1985.  And, increased volcanic activity  is occurring with more frequency along the ring of fire.  A simple Google search of the internet will produce a plethora of articles discussing this increased ring of fire volcanic activity.
Should we care about our environment?  Absolutely, since forests and plants provide oxygen that humans and animals need to exist.  Forests and plants need the CO2 humans, animals, and earthly events release to survive.  Clean water is necessary for survival of mankind and all animal species.
While these kids focus so much on the “dangers of greenhouse gas emissions,” they have little problem with nuclear power plants that pose a great risk to humanity due to the potential for massive contamination of the Earth with radioactive particles.  Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima are three examples that have contaminated the environment causing untold devastation to humanity.  In fact, Fukushima will be contaminating the environment for quite some time since there is no way to clean up the area, contain the radioactive waste, and stop Japan from releasing contaminates into the Pacific Ocean.  Right now, Fukushima is much more of a concern than “climate change.”  Nuclear power plants, in general, are much more of a threat to humanity than CO2 emissions.
An even more astounding assertion by these “kids” is their inability to exact change because “they cannot vote.”  Children under the age of 18 have no business voting.  However, their parents vote which in turn represents these children until they are able to engage in the voting privilege at 18.  In fact, some even question the amendment allowing children to vote at age 18.
The big question is where are these kids’ parents?
Over the millions of years the Earth has existed, the climate has constantly changed, droughts have occurred, coastlines changed, continents moved about on the tectonic plates, mass extinctions have occurred, ice ages happened, and massive floods ravaged the land.  It is the ebb and flow, wax and wane of a living Earth constantly changing throughout the millennials like the ever changing chemistry of a living human being through the years.  It will continue to change until its demise.
In the meantime, no regulation, no amount of money, no type of treaty or agreement will stop the Earth from changing.  Climate change is a farce;  a ruse that has but one purpose — to part people from their money, redistribute wealth from first world nations to third world nations, and control the people through limiting of electricity by government.  The political elite, the wealthy and the entertainment clique will have their lifestyle maintained while the rest of the population will scrape by the best they can with certain death amongst the elderly and very young due to the exposure to extreme weather conditions — heat and cold — now negated by a reliable electrical grid.






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