What Happens to Hillary Clinton Now that Trump Has Won the Presidency

“The Donald” has won the election to be the 45th president of the united States.  In several speeches, he has vowed to prosecute/jail Hillary Clinton.  Yet, the FBI, under director James Comey, has declared, “yes, she violated the law,” but, there was no intent so the initial recommendation not to charge Clinton with a crime stands.  So, what will happen to Hillary Clinton now that Trump is the president-elect?

Is it possible that a pardon from Obama will be issued for Hillary Clinton?  Back in April, Obama was interviewed by Chris Wallace of Fox News.  In that interview, one could say he essentially already pardoned Hillary Clinton.   So, as we can see, Hillary Clinton is “off the hook” unofficially, but could receive an official pardon from Obama before Trump assumes office.

It would be beneficial for Obama to pardon Clinton.  Since the WikiLeaks email dumps on various players in the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Convention, Obama is guilty of committing some of the same crimes as Clinton.  Pardoning Clinton would remove any further attempts at a new investigation under Trump, which could implement Obama in criminal activity as well.  However, these two are not the only players in the game of corruption and criminal activity that could be netted with a Trump investigation of Hillary Clinton.

The additional players could include Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI director James Comey,  Clinton staffers, DNC officials and staffers, as well as others who basically participated in obstruction and/or a cover-up of impropriety and violation of law.  Because of the extent of this corruption and criminal behavior at all levels, Obama could be expected to formally pardon Clinton, any others involved, and himself.  Yes, he can pardon himself as the Constitution does not indicate that a president is prohibited from pardoning himself.  One can pretty much assume that Clinton will receive a pardon from Obama.

As an avid supporter of the Constitution, the ability of the president to “pardon” individuals of their crimes against the united States except in cases of impeachment is a bit of a sticky point.  While understanding the reason for its inclusion, the potential for abuse is egregiously high, especially when dealing with an individual like Obama.  The ability to pardon individuals, used properly, is absolutely needed especially when dealing with whistleblowers like Edward Snowden who had to expose classified information to show the extent of constitutional violations by the federal government or individuals who have been wrongly charged with crimes because of their political position.  But, when that pardon ability is used to keep political party cronies from prosecution and conviction, it is a part of the Constitution that becomes difficult to support.

The presidential pardon is not intended to be used for political purposes — protecting the political wealthy elite, like the Clintons or pardoning hardened criminals en masse, releasing them upon the streets of Anytown, USA.  Regardless of the status of any individual, those who break the law should be held accountable using the fullest extent of the law to prosecute them.  Extreme discretion should be applied by the president in the cases of whistleblowers.  However, pardoning for political reasons is corrupt, an act of cronyism, and intolerable.

It is egregious that Obama would even consider pardoning Hillary Clinton after the federal government held Oregon protestors, as well as those involved at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, as political prisoners over trumped up charges when these individuals were exercising their rights recognized and guaranteed under the First Amendment.

In this republic, all individuals are declared “equal” under the law.  However, this has not been the practice when it comes to the political elite in Washington, DC, nor any federal employee inside or outside the Beltway.  With the presidential pardon potentially in play for Hillary Clinton, it will cement the public’s disdain for political theater and inequality under the law.

Hopefully, the Trump administration will be able to find an alternate route to hold Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, Bill, Chelsea and anyone else involved in criminal activity in the crime family, accountable for their criminal activity.  While many may say a pardon should be issued in the name of “unity,” allowing any individual to skirt the law for any reason is immoral.  To even suggest a pardon based on a flimsy reason indicates a level of stupid almost unattainable unless one really works at it.



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